THE SIGNS OF OUR TIMES: Christian Persecution

Every day in 2020, 13 Christians were murdered for their faith, and at least a dozen churches or Christian buildings were attacked. Over 300-million believers in Christ were living in places with very high or extreme levels of Christian persecution.

These startling statistics are just a snippet of what Open Doors USA’s annual World Watch List highlights every new year. The report ranks the Top 50 worst countries for believers to live in. While persecution has historically been understood as violence against a particular group (especially Bible believers), throughout the course of the past decade, Christians have been experiencing many different forms of persecution.

Our brothers and sisters in foreign countries (especially Islamic and Asian nations) have been terrorized and murdered for professing faith in Christ Jesus. Christian women have been kidnapped and raped.

In China and North Korea, believers have seen the Bible banned, churches bulldozed, as well as pastors detained, imprisoned, and even tortured. China jails believers who dare to put their God over the communist government, and they are even running harsh re-education camps to force Christians to renounce their faith. Even India has become very hostile toward believers in recent years.

During the height of Coronavirus, Canada’s strict burdens upon churches led to the arrest and imprisonment of pastors who dared defy the government. America also saw many of our churches forced to close and pay fines for even the smallest gathering (even while following CDC protocols). Police would be called in to forcibly shut down services and remove congregants.

And we all know how hostile the American left-wing lamestream media and society has become toward anyone who preaches the Word of God. We are outcast and looked upon as the dregs of society. We are viewed as the enemies of “progress.” Well, what this world sees as “progress,” our LORD sees as moral decay. The current moral decay and Biblical hostility will sadly only lead to worse persecution of Christians in this nation year after year, and will continue to pave the way for the Antichrist to rise in the not too distant future.

I penned a long and informative chapter about the pressure and persecution that Bible believers have been facing all around this world in my first book, The Signs of Our Times: 12 Biblical Reasons Why This Could Be the Generation of the Rapture. So, in continuing my weekly exclusive previews from the book, enjoy the first two pages from the chapter entitled “Christian Persecution”…

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And if you’re a Bible believer, understand that things will most likely get worse for our kind in this world as the years pass. But believe it or not, that’s actually good news! Because when persecution of Christians ramps up to unprecedented levels, Jesus said that would mean that He is at the gates and ready to make His descent to rapture and rescue us from this wicked world. HalleluYah! So stand firm in the Faith, and keep looking up my friends.

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