This week marks a perfect time to share a preview from my Amazon Best Seller, The Signs of Our Times: 12 Biblical Reasons Why This Could Be the Generation of the Rapture, because once again the scourge of anti-semitism is rearing its ugly head in Palestine. While hatred of the Jewish State by the Palestinian Muslims is always rife, at least a few times a year that disdain for Israel’s Jews turns murderous.

As Israelis celebrated Jerusalem Day yesterday, which is the anniversary of the reunification of their ancient Holy Capital, Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza chose the day to begin an all-out assault on Israel. They rioted in Jerusalem, and even set fires on the Temple Mount (the holiest site in Judaism). They have also fired about 700 rockets into the Jewish State in less than 24 hours.

Innocent Israelis have already lost their lives in the attacks, which don’t appear to be ending anytime soon – especially since May 14th, which falls this week, is the anniversary of Israel’s Independence and rebirth. The savage Palestinian terrorists always time their most vicious annual attacks to coincide with the celebration. The total number of rockets fired into Israel could easily be in the thousands when this barbaric assault on the Jews comes to an end.

Islam is rooted in anti-semitism, which is hostility to or prejudice against the Jewish people. The founder of Islam, Muhammad, commanded his followers to “slay the Jew wherever you find them” (Quran 2:191-193 & Bukhari 52:177). Many liberals across the world will tell you that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is about “the land.” It is not. It is about what Palestine’s leading terror group, Hamas, says it’s about – driving all of the JEWS out of the Holy Land and into the Mediterranean Sea.

Just today, I saw a meme of Hitler floating around on Twitter by the Palestinians and their supporters. It was captioned, “Sorry my Palestinian brothers and sisters, I should have finished the job.” WOW. That blatant anti-semitism is what virtually every Palestinian child is raised with. They are not taught to hate Israel. They are taught to hate the JEW. Because without the Jews, there would be no Israel. It is their ancient God-given Homeland forever. If you rid the land of the Jew, then there would be no more Israel. Thankfully, the LORD has said that will never happen!

In this week’s preview of my first book, I will be sharing the first two pages of the Anti-Semitism chapter. In the chapter, I explained why the vile and repugnant hatred of the Jewish people has been around since the very beginning. It was born through Lucifer (Satan), as he has hated the chosen people of YHWH since he first appeared in the Garden of Eden. He has made war on the Jews ever since through ethnic groups, world leaders, and nations.

I go into great detail about who he has used and when he has used them throughout history, in his attempt to eradicate the Jews from the face of the earth. Whether it was Haman in the Book of Esther, Muhammad of Islam, Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime, or the Palestinians today, the chapter explains everything you need to know about the abomination that is anti-semitism. Enjoy this exclusive look into my book…

Next week, I’ll share the first two pages from the chapter about Christian Persecution. If you don’t wanna wait to read that preview, you can grab the book today on Amazon by clicking the image below. Or if you aren’t a fan of Amazon, you can also grab the book on Booksamillion, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and many other online retailers globally. It has also been popping up in more and more local mom and pop bookstores since its release 3 years ago. So, call your local bookshop and ask if they have it. If they don’t, request that they carry my books!

Remember to sign up for notifications of the coming weekly book previews by email at the bottom of this page. And until next week, God bless you, God bless His Jewish people, and God bless Israel. I support the Jewish State, and I stand with them, today and always. Because the enemies of our God are Israel’s enemies, and Israel’s enemies are GOD’s enemies! God loves the Jews, so we Christians had better be doing the exact same!

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