I’M DONE WITH POLITICS: Here’s Why Every Bible Believer Should Be

When I was a young man of voting age, I didn’t care one bit for politics. It wasn’t until I got saved and began governing my life by the Word of God that I became worried for the direction of my nation. It was definitely changing rapidly, and the changes that were being made did not favor someone who lives by the Holy Bible.

With the rise of Barack Hussein Obama and his radical far-left, Biblically-hostile, anti-Israel agenda in 2008, I started to take politics very seriously. You can tell by some of the early articles on this website, and from my social media during his two terms, that I was not going to let him radically transform our once-God-fearing nation without a fight. I was one of his administration’s most vocal critics. Sadly though, most Biblically-ignorant Americans (even Christians and Jews) went right along with his agenda. They thought that his kind of “change” would better our country, though I had warned them it would do the exact opposite.

I never had a shortage of God’s judgments to write about during the Obama years, as they were falling upon this nation left and right. Whether due to the legalization of Gay Marriage, allowing grown men into little girl’s restrooms and changing rooms because they “felt like women,” the increased funding and government support for abortion on demand, the forcefeeding of Islam and foreign religions into school curriculums (while forcing the God of Christianity and Judaism out of our schools), the mistreatment of our greatest ally Israel, or the persecution of Bible believers, Obama gave the LORD far too many reasons to curse the USA.

Then, in 2016, I was initially upset because Republicans chose a New York businessman over some staunch Conservative Christians to be the next President. Thankfully, Donald Trump pleasantly surprised me. Though I disagreed with some of his stances and his style over the years, I was generally happy with his Presidency. While he wasn’t perfect by any means, he treated Israel like our closest friend on the world stage again, stood up to our enemies that Obama coddled to, told Islamists that they could love America or leave it, was surprisingly one of the most Pro-Life presidents in American history, and signed Religious Freedom legislation to protect believers from the persecution and discrimination that we suffered under the Obama administration. Then, 2020 changed everything.

Using Coronavirus as an excuse, the Democrats forced universal mail-in voting into the Election rules. I knew from the start that Democrat-run states like mine would be able to fraudulently swing the Election for Joe Biden – and that is exactly what my State and other Dem states did. Of course, there could be no challenging the results with a Democrat Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General – and there wasn’t.

The spineless Republicans in my state did nothing significant to defend my vote that most likely fell off a truck. Meanwhile, truckloads of mail-in ballots arrived at counting locations at 3:00 in the morning (while the sitting President held a comfortable lead by hundreds of thousands of votes). In that same hour, after every single mail-in ballot that arrived on those trucks (over one-hundred-thousand of them) was counted for Biden, the state steal began. This also happened in Wisconsin and other states as well – all in the middle of the night, while everyone went to bed thinking Trump had won the Election.

Never had an Election been halted. Never. Yet, at 3 in the morning, all counting of votes stopped while Trump led handily and was heading to reelection. When counting restarted, Biden miraculously took the lead in every state he trailed. CNN and the lamestream media can parrot their “no evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 Election” lie all they want, but for weeks after Election night I documented hundreds of examples of fraud. There can be no denying that the Election was stolen by the Democrats and their Big Tech and Media allies in 2020. If you don’t believe that it was, then you just were not paying attention.

Even worse, after the fact, most Republicans (with the exception of about a half dozen – out of hundreds) just accepted the Democrat theft. They didn’t challenge it. Their inaction fired up a bunch of loonies in the Qanon movement and we all know what occurred on January 6th. From that day forward, anyone who dared to challenge the coup of President Trump by the Dems has been dubbed a conspiracy theorist or “dangerous.” I think everyone who knows me knows that I am neither. But I will go to my grave believing that the 2020 Election was stolen by the Democrat Party. I saw far too much evidence (with my own eyes) to ever believe that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won fair and square.

The Dems and the far-left powers that be in Hollywood, the news media, and Big Tech, wanted Trump gone by any means necessary. And they did everything in their power, no matter how illegal or unprecedented, to ensure that happened. They succeeded.

Now, like most people who voted for Trump, I was angry about the Election outcome. But not angry enough to storm the Capitol like the Qanon wackadoos. That is the problem with cults. They never end well. Sadly, I feel like all of the political parties today have turned cultish.

I have historically sided with the Republican Party because they have (at least in word – not always in deed) shared my values, but this past Election woke me up to the fact that all politicians are the same. For me, that was the most refreshing quality about Trump – He wasn’t a politician. No matter how off the rails he was sometimes, at least he was being real. He told you what he was thinking at all times, and didn’t talk like everything he said was scripted. I appreciated that he was straightforward, whether I agreed with him or not. The rest of the politicians, like Biden, may “act” Presidential but that’s exactly what it is – an ACT.

99% of the politicians in Washington are just a bunch of actors. They latch onto an issue like abortion or immigration, collectively form their talking points, and then go on CNN, FOX, or the Sunday Morning talk shows, and rile up their base. The Republicans and Democrats both do this. Then, we, their bases, repeat the talking points in our arguments with our ideological rivals on social media. Politics has divided Christians more than anything else in this world. It is such a shame.

I believe that if you truly read your Bible front to back, then you would share my stances on the hot-button issues of abortion, Gay Marriage, the Transgender insanity, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But, unfortunately, some Christians and Jews who don’t know the Word of God as well as I do can be easily deceived by the Democrat Party to believe the exact opposite of me. They will pick one or two Biblical verses out of context, and then float them out there as the reason why Christians and Jews should support “equality” or “freedom of choice.”

Equality and freedom in God’s Word mean completely different things than the Dems want you to think they do today. They use these sweet-sounding words to get you to embrace sins against God. Then, if that doesn’t work, they simply label the Republicans as “racists.” Most of the Christians that they deceive to vote for them truly believe that every GOP politician is some kind of racist. As someone who has supported the Republicans for over a decade, I can promise you that is a lie.

The Democrat Party is built on lies, but I’ve come to find that the GOP isn’t the party of purity that they paint themselves as. They lie and deceive too. Not nearly as much, but they do. Each party has their own agendas, and they will do or say anything to get you to further them. What bothers me most about the Republicans is that, on paper in their platforms, they appear to be very aligned with my belief system, but when it comes time to act on the promises they run on they most always fail to deliver.

Take Planned Parenthood for example… Since 2008, they have been running on defunding Planned Parenthood. 13 years later, our government is still funding the abortion giant. How about the radical LGBT agenda? They once said that they strongly opposed Gay Marriage, but now say “it’s the law of the land” and we should move on. Then there’s the Transgender bathroom bills or Trans men in girls High School sports… Sure, they may speak out against it on FOX News, but do they advance legislation to stop it? Do they fight hard against the bills passed by Dems in favor of these things? Nope. They just pivot to immigration or fiscal issues. At the end of the day, the Republicans and so-called conservatives speak a really big game on Twitter to garner lots of followers, likes, and retweets, but when it comes time to put their money where their mouth is… crickets.

I’ve had it with them. I’ve had it with all politicians. I’m done with all of them. Politics does nothing but divide and turn people (even families) against each other. The Lord does not delight in his children at each other’s throats every Election season. He desires for his people to stand on His Word in season and out of season, and not to compromise in order to fall in line with whatever their political party stands for.

I have learned in 2021 that no political party represents me anymore and that the views I hold are not uniquely Republican or Democrat, nor are they influenced by FOX News or CNN. Every stance that I take is based solely on the Holy Bible. Period. No wiggle room. I only stand on the LORD’s side and firmly on His Word until He takes me home. Thus, I have no home in any worldly political party. Sadly, many of my brothers and sisters do. And so I penned this article as a wake-up call to them.

When Trump lost the Election, I witnessed many so-called Christians fall into deep depression and it seemed as if they lost all hope. Their “savior” and their “messiah” was taken down. He was gone. What were they to do? Their fearless leader was not on their Twitter feed anymore or holding a rally on their television every night. Now, don’t get me wrong, I liked Trump. But when he lost, I personally was not defeated. Because my hope was never in Donald Trump, but only in my God and Lord. Trump was a great President, but Jesus is a greater King. Too many of my fellow Christians put too much hope in Trump. So, when he lost, THEY WERE LOST.

Our Lord is always on the throne, no matter who the President may be. Too many believers forgot that fact during the Trump years. Just like many Democrat Christians did during the Obama years. That is why I referred to Trump as their “messiah” and “savior,” because too many Christians viewed him as such just like the Dems viewed Barack Obama. No matter how cool, or hip, or popular, they may be… they are mere MEN. And I have always said that when you put your faith and hope in MEN, you will always end up disappointed. But when you put your faith and hope in the LORD of Heaven and Earth, you will NEVER be disappointed!

At the end of the day, the Democrats have seized power and will more than likely ram through their Obama 2.0 Godless agenda; and America will be judged for it. But if you are on the Lord’s side and sigh and cry over all of the abominations that are done in your midst, God will pass over you when His wrath comes down upon this nation (Ezekiel 9:4/Exodus 12). The Lord knows those who are His (2nd Timothy 2:19).

So, we God-fearing Christians and Jews need to stop trusting in politicians to “save us” or to stop the abominations being forced into our nation’s laws and society. They obviously have not and they are not. And you may ask, but what then are we to do when they pass abominable laws that go against our God’s Law? My answer is simple and short… DO NOT OBEY (Acts 5:29). Are they really going to throw every Christian and Jew in America into prisons? There would be no America left if they did that.

So, do not fear. Stand strong. Be courageous. Act like the warriors of God that we were called to be in this wicked world. Any laws that our leaders pass which go against the laws of the LORD must be null and void in our lives. End of story. Don’t entertain them for one second.

The Holy Spirit has put it on my heart that God wants US to begin to do the work that the politicians have not and will not do. It is time for every believer to start living out our Faith boldly every day. If someone asks where you stand on hot-button issues of our day, do not shy away from telling them or from explaining why you hold the views you do according to God’s Word. Preach the truth to any soul who will listen about what you know to be holy, righteous, and just, according to the Bible.

For years, conservative Christians like myself have spent so much time trying to change the nation in vain. How in the world can we “save America” if we can’t even save our own state, city, township, or even block?! I believe that God wants us to forget about politics and to focus solely on preaching His Word alone. No more parroting lines of Republicans or Democrats in order to get a rise out of our adversaries.

To my brothers and sisters in the Faith, I say, do you want hope? Do you want change? Then get out of the politics and get into your Bible! For every hour you would spend watching FOX or CNN, read God’s Word. For every minute you would spend arguing with a troll on social media, spend it praying to God and seeking His Will for your life. The divisive hate-filled politics need to end, or at least us Christians and Jews need to stop engaging in it! Because no political party will ever save America, only JESUS CHRIST can do that; and no one man can ever make America great, for only our GOD can do that.

Until we seek Him, and His Will over our own, America will only be headed to Hell in a handbasket. If the politicians you have supported are not in power, or are and just aren’t fighting for your values to be represented in this nation, then fight for those values yourself! Represent them daily in your own life! Because if we ever want this country to become One Nation under God once again, then it is “we the people” who are going to make that happen – NOT the politicians. So, let’s get to work!

“Blessed is the Nation whose God is the LORD.” – Psalm 33:12

“All the nations that forget God shall be turned into HELL.” – Psalm 9:17

“If my people, which are called by my Name, shall HUMBLE themselves, and PRAY, and SEEK my face, and TURN from their wicked ways; then will I HEAR from Heaven, and will FORGIVE their sin, and will HEAL their land, saith The LORD God.” – 2nd Chronicles 7:14

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