Earlier this week, I joined my friend Isaac E. Cobb Jr. on his weekly podcast, “It’s a God Idea! Kingdom Talk_101.” It was a fun interview, and a great time of fellowship with some like minded believers. If you’re a new visitor to this website and want to know more about my backstory, or what my books are all about, this podcast is for you!

Isaac and his co-hosts asked some great questions, and opened the door for some deep Spirit-filled conversations. You can either listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Music (iTunes), Anchor, or most anywhere you look for podcasts. Since most of you follow my YouTube channel for the Signs of Our Times series and my Bible Studies, I’ve posted the full podcast interview there. I hope y’all enjoy it! If you do, go give brother Isaac’s podcast a follow on whatever platform you do your listening on.

You can listen to my Kingdom Talk interview right now by clicking on the video below…

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