PAVING THE WAY FOR ANTICHRIST: Liberals Push for Compulsory Coronavirus Vaccinations and Punishment for Those Who Refuse

I warned y’all that the unconstitutional Mask Mandates, which had begun in my State of Michigan and spread all across this country, were a slippery slope. I said that if they could get away with forcing us to put something on our bodies against our will, then they would soon force us to put something IN our bodies against our will. That’s exactly what they are planning to do.

I’ve said many times that all of this will pave the way for the Mark of the Beast in the not too distant future. Think about it… If you allow the government to force you to put something on your face (that covers the only two body parts you breathe through), and you then allow them to inject you with God knows what, what would stop them from forcing every citizen to get a mark or a microchip in their hands or foreheads?

By obeying a Mask Mandate, and possibly even a Vaccine Mandate, you are telling the powers that be that they have the right to do whatever they like with your body. They do not have that right! We are human beings. We are not objects. We are not guinea pigs for their experiments. If they can legally force us to do these things for the “greater good” (in their minds), then what is stopping them from forcing us to wear blindfolds while driving?

Many liberals advocate for “population control,” and blindfolded drivers would lead to many more car accidents and deaths. They believe that population control is needed for the “greater good” too. So, what’s stopping them from mandating blindfolds? The answer is NOTHING is stopping them if we don’t start standing up and fighting the tyrannical nonsense they’re trying to force on us – over a virus that has killed less than 1% of America’s population!

Meditate on that. CNN and the liberal lamestream media has had you all thinking it is the end of the world, and that you’re living in the Apocalypse. Meanwhile, this novel coronavirus hasn’t been much more harmful or deadly than common viruses – such as the Flu or Pneumonia.

The only difference between Covid-19 and other viruses is that CNN doesn’t post a case and death count on their screen all day long for the others. If they did, we would have to start shutting down the country over the seasonal flu, because the “startling” number of cases and deaths would scare the population.

That is what they want. They want you in FEAR. Because when you’re scared, you are more prone to giving up certain freedoms for guaranteed safety. That is what they are counting on with the coming vaccine. They want a majority of Americans to get it, and a majority will – through the fear that has been stoked. I have already told you why I’m steering clear of it, and will share that information again toward the close of this article.

Sadly, a majority of Americans isn’t enough for the Godless powers that be. They want ALL Americans to succumb to their agenda. That is why recent articles I’ve read have been floating the idea of COMPULSORY Coronavirus vaccinations.

On social media today, In the span of just a few hours, I came across two articles – by different authors – from two different news outlets – that were both saying the coming vaccine must be FORCED on all Americans. They also both said that there should be NO “religious exemptions,” and that the noncompliant in our population must be “punished.” WOW.

Talk about setting the stage for Antichrist and his global Mark of the Beast system! Their words could be straight from the script of an End Times Christian film like “Left Behind.” And, yet, people in positions of power are actually saying these things out in the open, for everyone to hear, as we speak. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a movie, with a majority of my fellow Americans behaving like sheep and believing and doing whatever the lamestream media tells them.

That is what happens when a nation falls away from the LORD. When you are not grounded in His Word, which is the Truth, you can be coerced to go along with just about anything and to follow just about anyone. That is why I believe the Antichrist could very well rise to power in this generation, because the current population of Earth would follow him without reservation.

The first article that I read, regarding mandatory vaccinations, was from USA Today and was written by three doctors (who are obviously not Bible believers). They started their piece by saying, “… Don’t allow religious or personal objections, and punish those who won’t be vaccinated. They are threatening the lives of others.” Really? The Antichrist would love these guys.

They went on to say, “The only answer is compulsory vaccination — for all of us. And while the measures that will be necessary to defeat the coronavirus will seem draconian, even anti-American to some, we believe that there is no alternative. Simply put, getting vaccinated is going to be our patriotic duty.” They literally told you that what they are calling for is draconian and anti-American. What else do you need to know?

They also said that businesses should refuse to employ those who are unvaccinated, schools should refuse unvaccinated students, and no one who refuses the vaccine should be allowed to use public transportation (planes, trains, and buses).

The other article that I read was titled, “States Have Authority to Fine or Jail People Who Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine.” Again… if you read your Holy Bible and Revelation, Chapter 13, this is exactly what Antichrist will do. He will imprison you, and even behead you, if you refuse to accept his mark in your right hand or forehead.

The author of the second article basically repeats the same talking points as the three doctors in the previous article, saying, “States should limit access to schools or services or jobs if people don’t get vaccinated. They could force them to pay a fine or even lock them up in jail.” Sadly, while they are only a few voices in the lamestream media now, I believe that we will soon be hearing the idiots on CNN calling for the exact same mandatory-vaccine measures.

People who haven’t read the Bible do not understand why Christians like myself speak out so strongly against mandatory mask-wearing and a mandatory vaccine. It is because it is literally the pages of the Book of Revelation coming to life before my eyes. Revelation 13:17 says that people will not be able to “buy or sell, except they that had the Mark (of the Beast).” Did you know that, in my State of Michigan, my tyrannical Governor has passed a mandate saying you cannot even enter a grocery store, pharmacy, gas station, or any other business, unless you have a mask on your face?

While it is not THE Mark of the Beast, it is the same premise. Unless you put what the government tells you on your body, you cannot buy or sell! They are now making the same argument for the mandatory vaccine – you cannot buy, sell, travel, go to school, or even work at your job to earn a living, unless you put what they tell you IN your body. It is Revelation 13 language plain as day.

Sadly, there are a whole lot of Christians today who don’t seem to know their Holy Bible. If they did, there would be a much greater backlash against the Mask Mandates nationally and much more than 1/3 of Americans refusing the vaccine.

Bill Gates has been pushing a vaccine that would include either a microchip or an invisible tattoo in your hand to “contact trace” you – which would work through bioluminescence and the enzymes known as “LUCIFERASE.” The patent from his company, Microsoft, for the vaccine just so happens to be #060606.

Did you catch the 6-6-6? So, the coming vaccine could have the NAME of Satan and his NUMBER right in it, and it is inserted into your hand! Could God be any more clear to His children in the United States that we need to steer clear of Gates’ vaccine?

As I’ve previously stated, I do not believe the coming vaccine will be THE Mark of the Beast, but rather a forerunner and test-run by the wicked powers that be globally. I say that because Antichrist has not appeared on the world scene yet, and so much in the Book of Revelation takes place before the Mark is actually given out. Still, by the looks of things today, millions of Americans will follow like sheep and do whatever they are told.

The questions that we all should be asking ourselves are: How much personal freedom will I give up before they go too far? When will I say enough is enough? I, personally, have already answered those questions. And they have already gone too far in my book!

Speaking of “my book,” I wrote about how easily Antichrist could deceive billions of people to take his Mark in my latest book, The Coming Signs of Our Times. Keep in mind that I wrote the book last year – before Coronavirus, Mask Mandates, or Compulsory Vaccine talk had ever existed. Read this excerpt from the book to see just how much what I said about the Mark of the Beast mirrors what the powers that be are doing today –

Satan’s mark will bear the name of the Beast, or his number. I also suspect, since John mentioned the name and number apart from the mark itself, there may be an actual symbol (antithetical to the Cross) like a pentagram – serpent – or even an upside down cross. In the world of Bible Prophecy, there are a few widely held theories as to what this mark could be.

#1 – a barcode tattooed on the body, containing 6-6-6 in it.

#2 – an implantable microchip placed inside of the body that bears the name or number of the Beast. This is why I emphasize the word “in” whenever speaking of where the mark will be, regarding the forehead or right hand.

The King James version, regarded as one of the most accurate renderings of the Word of God on the planet, specifically uses the word “in” (Revelation 13:16). It never reads as “on” the hand or forehead. This sounds like a microchip that will be implanted underneath the skin. Given that we’re already putting microchips in pets and are using biometrics at our jobs, on our smartphones, or in security systems for our homes, this scenario for the mark seems to be the most plausible. It would be the easiest one to get everyday average secular people on board with.

All that Antichrist and False Prophet would have to do is say that the implanted mark protects children so that they will never be lost – that it detects or prevents disease, eliminating the need for vaccines and shots – that it is a safeguard against terrorism – and that it makes lives easier by eliminating credit cards, cash, and dozens of membership cards. I’m sure that every important piece of information in someone’s life would be in the chip – health, financial, location, and more. Most people will probably love this for the convenience aspect alone. Don’t you fall for it!

Did you catch where I said they would say the Mark “prevents disease”? They are telling us today that we MUST wear the masks because they prevent the spread of disease. They are saying the vaccine MUST be mandatory, because it will prevent the spread of disease through “herd immunity.” The only herd they are creating through these tyrannical mandates is a herd of SHEEP that will follow after the Antichrist, and I will not be a part of that crowd! I pray that you won’t either.

There are many liberals who will say that the powers of the State during a pandemic trump our 14th Amendment rights, because it is “a matter of public health.” They say that your “personal rights” do not trump the rights and health of “the many.” No matter what they say, the 14th Amendment is clear: “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, LIBERTY, or property, without due process of law.”

The definition of Liberty is “being free within society from OPPRESSIVE restrictions imposed by authority on one’s WAY OF LIFE, behavior, or political views.” You can’t read this and argue that the government has absolute power over your body and that they can force you to do anything to it. They cannot. No matter what any liberal scholar of law may tell you to the contrary.

God has given us life. He is the Creator of our bodies. He has given us wisdom and His Word. He has given us free will. America was built on these beliefs. So, if anyone tells you that they have the right to force you to do anything to your body, tell them that you serve a much Higher Power than them – and He has said that you DO NOT have to comply.

They will try to force this coming vaccine on us, just like they did the masks. If you are truly a Christian or God-fearing Jew, then you must SAY NO. They can’t fine and imprison us all. But if enough of you don’t speak up, and take a stand, then many of your brothers and sisters are going to endure severe persecution for their Faith in the near future – and YOU will be to blame! #JustSayNo


  1. This is so shocking to hear but this is the reality and so many children of God in South Africa don’t know what is waiting for them. May God have mercy upon us and open our eyes that we should realize the truth of what is coming. Love to you and God bless.

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