“All the nations that forget God shall be turned into HELL.” – Psalm 9:17

The modern Democrat Party is the most Godless political party in the history of America. There is no nice way to say it. Their actions speak loudly, and their words about what they desire our once great Judeo-Christian Nation to be in the future speak even louder.

If you are one of those people who are being brainwashed by the lamestream media to believe that Donald Trump is too immoral to vote for this November, I’d like you to compare what he has said and done to what the Democrats have said and done – after you read the Holy Bible of course. If you read God’s Word, you will come to the conclusion that the Dems have collectively been far more immoral – and much more destructive to America’s Judeo-Christian fabric – then Donald Trump ever has or ever will be.

I will list the many reasons in this article why I have never voted for the Democrats, why I am not voting for Democrats in 2020, and why I most likely will NEVER vote for any Democrat as long as they stay on their current Godless course.

The 24-7 Biden Campaign Ad Network, known as CNN, will constantly scream that President Trump is “immoral – vile – crass – a racist – and a misogynist.” If that is the network that you watch to get your news, or MSNBC, then you have probably already been indoctrinated and this article won’t do much to change your mind. Trump is an imperfect poor sinner, just like me and just like YOU. If you say that you’re not a sinner, then you are calling God a liar (1st John 1:10).

I actually did not vote for him in 2016 because of things he said and did that bothered me as a Bible believer, and I was firmly “Never Trump” throughout that Presidential Election cycle. Go back and check my political articles on this website from 2016 and into early 2017. You will find that they were mostly all anti-Trump. Obviously, I did not vote for Hillary Clinton either, and I’ll give all of the reasons why at the end of this article. But is Trump really as bad as CNN wants you to believe? I don’t think so. Not even close.

He had a sinful past, and he may have been many of the things they accuse him of being today, but I don’t believe that he is an adulterer today – or a racist – or crass – or vile – or even immoral. In his old age, and with so many God-fearing Christians and Jews surrounding him the past 4 years, I think that he has come a long way from the man I disliked in 2016.

He may not thump the Holy Bible like me, but he has made clear that he respects it and fears our God. He has surprisingly been one of the most pro-life presidents in American history. He has been pro-Israel and done many amazing things for our greatest Ally, which past presidents have promised but never followed through on. And while I wish that he would be a little stronger in his stance against Gay Marriage and the radical LGBT agenda, he at least does not celebrate and forcefully ram that agenda down our throats like the Dems do.

As a Holy Bible believer, I don’t know how you can read the things that I just listed and think that Joe Biden would somehow be better for America. He would be Obama 2.0. Worse… with how far left his party has come in the past 4 years, his administration may even be more Biblically-hostile, anti-Christian, and anti-Israel, than Obama’s was – if that were possible.

As a Christian, I never felt more threatened by my government than I did under Barack Hussein Obama; and many of my brothers and sisters and Israelis say the same. To think that this country could move even further away from the LORD than it did under the previous president is unthinkable. Sadly, with how radical the new young breed of Dems are, it has become much more plausible – and damn near inevitable if Biden wins this November.

God help us.

So, you may be saying (if you’re not a firm believer in the Holy Bible like me), how are the Dems so bad? How are they as Godless as you say? For the answers, let’s compare what President Trump and the Republicans stand for and against with what the Dems are for and against…

The Republicans and TRUMP want to keep America “One Nation under God.” They want a country that fears and honors the LORD.

The Democrats and BIDEN want to make America a Secular Nation. They want all gods from every religion to be honored and forced upon the younger generation.

Republicans and TRUMP: Respect the Holy Bible. Believe our Laws should continue to be modeled after God’s Law.

Dems and BIDEN: Mock, attack, and even reject the Holy Bible. They believe that God’s Laws are archaic and “offensive” and that the Bible should be banned or “rewritten.”

Republicans and TRUMP: Protect and uphold Religious Liberty – meaning that the government cannot force believers to do anything that violates our conscience and deeply-held Faith.

Dems and BIDEN: Will continue the Obama administration’s war on Christians and Jews – forcing us to fund abortions, provide services to same-sex weddings, or to even wear things on our bodies (face masks) or take vaccines (Covid19) against our will (because these things could pave the way for Mark of the Beast).

Republicans and TRUMP: Support and defend Israel.

Dems and BIDEN: Support Palestine and defend Israel’s enemies. They oppose Israeli sovereignty on their own God-given Land, and have open anti-Semites in their party (Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib) who call for the destruction of Israel.

Republicans and TRUMP: Fight to end abortion and defund Plannd Parenthood.

Dems and BIDEN: Promote abortion, and now even infanticide, while pushing for more funding of the baby-murdering organization known as Planned Parenthood.

Republicans and TRUMP: Defend the Biblical worldview by protecting and preserving age-old family values and by reaffirming traditional marriage.

Dems and BIDEN: Promote Islam and foreign religions, while calling the Biblical worldview “offensive” and “harmful.” They fight to let grown men use the same restrooms as little girls. They celebrate LGBT lifestyles and same-sex marriage.

Republicans and TRUMP: Seek safe borders, and legal immigration for those who share our values.

Dems and BIDEN: Seek open borders, and mass immigration for whoever whenever – even if they are dangerous or hate what our country stands for.

Republicans and TRUMP: Defend our 2nd Amendment right to bear firearms.

Dems and BIDEN: Want to take your guns away.

Republicans and TRUMP: Support the Police and seek to preserve law and order.

Dems and BIDEN: Want to defund the police, and support violent protests and riots.

There you have it. If you call yourself a Christian or Jew who fears God, then I do not understand how you can read all of the above comparisons and not vote for Donald Trump. You may not like his brash style, but he is running on a pro-God platform. You may like Joe Biden, but he is running on a radical anti-God platform. You cannot disassociate the Candidate from the Party. They go hand in hand.

So, while I’m not Donald Trump’s biggest fan, I’m also not a Trump-hater. He has done many great things for Christians, Jews, and Israel in his first term – and I expect more of the same if he is granted four more years. If Biden wins, prepare for more judgments of God befalling this nation even worse than Coronavirus. Prepare for more rioting and looting and violence in the streets of your city. Prepare for a society even more radical and Biblically-hostile than we saw under Obama.

While Biden himself isn’t worse than Obama, his party that will control him most certainly is. Not to mention, he is incoherent and can barely complete a sentence that isn’t scripted for him. Yet, he should be leader of the free world? And, oh yeah, he’s kinda creepy too.

Now, I’m not trying to fear monger, saying, “if you don’t vote for this guy, then this country is doomed.” I’m simply telling you to look at what each party and candidate is telling you their vision for America is, and then seriously think about what that would look like in reality. We truly are in a battle for the soul of this nation, and unless Trump wins reelection, America’s soul may be sold. And I will give you one guess as to who the buyer will be – his name starts with an “S,” and ends with “ATAN.”

Now, to anyone saying, “Keep your religion out of my politics”… that is impossible. True believers in God cannot separate our beliefs and values from our politics. Heck, our political system and government were created by Bible-believing men. So, why don’t you God-haters keep your anti-religion out of my politics!

Speaking to you so-called Christians and God-fearing Jews who vote Democrat… How in the world, after reading the comparisons above, can you continue to justify voting for politicians who hate, belittle, mock, blaspheme, attack, rebel against, ban, and even flat-out reject God’s Word? Your Faith should guide your politics – not the other way around! WAKE UP.

If you can’t vote for Donald Trump, like I plan on doing, then at least don’t vote for the Democrats and Joe Biden. Vote for Kanye.

I truly believe that President Trump was right on the mark when he said at a rally last year, “You may not like me, but you have NO CHOICE but to vote for me.”

When you look at the alternative, he was absolutely right. We have no other choice. #TRUMP2020

(Here’s a chart of the comparisons to share on Social Media)

“BLESSED is the Nation whose God is the LORD.” – Psalm 33:12


  1. Amen.. I agree, and will vote.
    I only wish they would all stick to their claims, and not be swayed.
    If the other party wins I believe he will only sign papers, and read from a prompter. I believe there is much happening behind the scenes. The media and virus is a distraction.
    Proverbs 29:12

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