WAKE UP… YOU’RE BEING GROOMED: How the Dems Are Paving the Way for Mark of the Beast

Things are going to get very scary in the United States if the Democrats win the White House in November. If you’re not a conservative Christian like me, you may be asking why. Just look to my State of Michigan for a perfect example of how the Democrats are using the Coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to become dictators and use their emergency powers to “control” their citizens – especially those who disagree with them politically or ideologically.

The Governor of my state, Gretchen Whitmer, who has already been the most extreme abuser of power of all governors across the country during the COVID-19 crisis, signed an executive order today that shows just how easily the Antichrist could use a global crisis to institute his Mark of the Beast.

Today’s new order by Adolf Whitmer (as I like to refer to her) forces all Michigan residents to wear face masks when outside of their homes. Her order requires any business that is open to the public to REFUSE service to people refusing to wear face masks. Violation of her order carries a $500 fine and possibly a misdemeanor charge. She also encouraged her political fans to harass and report those not wearing face masks, or businesses not enforcing her new order. Her mask-police minions are to report their fellow citizens to the local police or the Attorney General’s office.

Michigan’s A.G. just so happens to be another Democrat, Dana Nessel, who has already used her office to make war on conservative Christians. Last year, Nessel announced that she was creating an Orwellian “database for hate and bias” in Michigan. Her database’s definition of “hate” is not the same as ours. She did not classify the KKK or Antifa as hate groups, but instead only Michigan groups that hold the Biblical worldview – meaning those who she considers anti-LGBT, anti-Islam, or anti-abortion.

So, this is the woman to whom Trump supporters and Christians who don’t feel comfortable with face masks will be reported to. Michigan is looking more and more like Nazi Germany everyday. Hitler murdered 6-million Jews. That is what the demonic dictator is most known for, and rightfully so; but a lot of people do not realize how he rose to power and held onto power for as long as he did. He “controlled” the people through intimidation and fear. He had his followers “report” fellow citizens who did not agree with his actions or who violated his anti-Semitic orders. Sound familiar?! Now you all know why I call her “Adolf” Whitmer.

While you’d think that Democrat-run states that are currently Coronavirus hotspots would be making such unconstitutional orders, that’s not the case. Since the start of the pandemic, Whitmer has been – by far – the most radical dictatorial governor in the United States. It has been her way or the highway.

Michigan is currently in good shape, so why the need for such a strict overreaching executive order? The number of deaths from COVID-19 in Michigan are far below the March and April numbers – far below. And the hospitals are nowhere near capacity. Not to mention, she recently allowed (and participated in) large mass #BlackLivesMatter protests with few masks and virtually no social distancing.

So, what then is the reasoning for such a divisive and controversial order like the one she made today? I believe it has to do with three things…


– Hatred of President Trump and her political enemies (his supporters).

– She and other Dems are using this crisis to groom Americans for a sinister agenda in the near future.

Think about it… her order is not that different from what a Mark of the Beast order will be from the Antichrist. She is basically telling Michiganders, if you do not wear this item on your face then you cannot buy or sell nor do any business of any kind. Sound familiar?

“No man may buy or sell, except he that had the mark…” – Revelation 13:17

Also, if she can mandate face masks, what’s stopping her from mandating that every Michigander be forced to take the coming COVID vaccine? A vaccine which, according to Bill Gates, could include either a microchip or invisible tattoo in your hand to “contact trace” – which will work through bioluminescence and the enzymes known as “LUCIFERASE.” Oh yeah, the patent from Microsoft for this just so happens to be #060606.

Did you catch the 6-6-6? So, this coming vaccine has the NAME of Satan and his NUMBER right in it, and it is inserted into our hands? No thank you! I’ve read that chapter of the Bible, and it doesn’t end well for those who accept the mark.

I do not believe that this coming vaccine will be the actual Mark of the Beast, but rather a forerunner and test-run by the wicked powers that be globally. I say that because Antichrist has not entered the world scene yet, and so much in the Book of Revelation takes place before the mark is given out. Right now, I think that the wicked leaders of the world want to see just how easily they can get the citizens of the world on board with a universal mark. Sadly, by the looks of things today – especially in liberal America – millions will follow like sheep.

That is why I am so against being forced to wear a mask. Because it won’t stop with a mask. It will always be something else that they will force on us next – in the name of “protecting others” or “saving lives.” If you don’t get the vaccine, you’ll kill your neighbor! Be ready to hear that from the Democrats and CNN real soon. How much of our personal lives will we allow them to violate and control before we say enough is enough?! If we don’t, then where will it end?

I wrote about how easily the Antichrist could deceive billions of people to take his mark in my new book, the Coming Signs of Our Times. Keep in mind that I wrote the book last year – before the Coronavirus and the mandatory-mask orders and microchip-vaccine talk ever existed. Read this excerpt to see just how much what I said in the book mirrors what Whitmer, the Dems, Bill Gates, CNN, and the United Nations, are doing or trying to do today –

Satan’s mark will bear the name of the Beast, or his number. I also suspect, since John mentioned the name and number apart from the mark itself, there may be an actual symbol (antithetical to the Cross) like a pentagram – serpent – or even an upside down cross. In the world of Bible Prophecy, there are a few widely held theories as to what this mark could be. #1 – a barcode tattooed on the body, containing 6-6-6 in it. #2 – an implantable microchip placed inside of the body that bears the name or number of the Beast. This is why I emphasize the word “in” whenever speaking of where the mark will be, regarding the forehead or right hand.

The King James version, regarded as one of the most accurate renderings of the Word of God on the planet, specifically uses the word “in” (Revelation 13:16). It never reads as “on” the hand or forehead. This sounds like a microchip that will be implanted underneath the skin. Given that we’re already putting microchips in pets and are using biometrics at our jobs, on our smartphones, or in security systems for our homes, this scenario for the mark seems to be the most plausible. It would be the easiest one to get everyday average secular people on board with.

All that Antichrist and False Prophet would have to do is say that the implanted mark protects children so that they will never be lost – that it detects or prevents disease, eliminating the need for vaccines and shots – that it is a safeguard against terrorism – and that it makes lives easier by eliminating credit cards, cash, and dozens of membership cards. I’m sure that every important piece of information in someone’s life would be in the chip – health, financial, location, and more. Most people will probably love this for the convenience aspect alone. Don’t you fall for it!

I sure won’t fall for it. Read more about the mark, and why theory #3 is associated with Islam, in the book. Get it by clicking on the book image below.

To anyone who wonders why it is so hard for conservative Christians to get on board with the mandatory mask-wearing… Forgive me that I don’t like being forced to do anything by someone who represents and advocates for pretty much everything that I stand against in this life. If Godless CNN, the Democrat Party, and Michigan’s dictator Governor are all pushing strongly for Americans to do something, then I tend to not be inclined to do whatever that something is!

I don’t trust people who are hostile to the Holy Bible, mock my God, or demonize and attack His followers.

It is clear that those on the Left are using this virus to groom us for something sinister in the future, and I sure do not wanna find out what that something is. I will not be forced to take any vaccine, because I do not trust the people pushing it one bit. Not one bit. You shouldn’t either. WAKE UP!

You can read more about the Mark of the Beast in The Coming Signs of Our Times


  1. Yeah where I live in Oklahoma they are doing that in Tulsa. Making everyone wear masks if they are out. And they also do it for the KATS bus too here. And at Costco and I hear that was Walmart is going to follow suit and make everyone wear masks to get in and shop. Don’t know if it will come to Okmulgee where I live it not. I hope not.

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  2. Wow, some groups want mandatory vaccines when they become available, and to override exemptions. Michigan has the highest number of people who reject vaxing their children. Even though there are exemptions in 48 states, I have read stories of parents having their children taken by DCF for medical neglect when they refuse.


  3. It should also be noted that Michigan enacted a law allowing employers to microchip their employees. As well, this governor is a thug. When one of the originators of the REPEAL 1945 law was getting great support for his petition to repeal the 1945 law that Whitmer used to initiate dictator powers, her thugs went out to sabotage supporter signatures by using erroneous names to slow him down, as well. Whitmer’s thugs did a great deal of damage to his business. Another citizen was opposing Whitmer and this person had just about every branch of Michigan government come after him with charges brought on this man, all lies, costing him thousands of dollars for lawyer charges to defend himself against numerous charges. NOBODY should ever have to be subjected to that, and Governor Adolf Whitmer should be held accountable.

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  4. Effective 10/02/2020: Michigan Supreme Court ruled against Adolf Whitmer. All her EOs, shutdown for 7+ months, wearing masks everywhere, all declared illegal! Null and void. A violation of Michigan constitution. Now she is using her unelected health department director in an attempt to still tyrannically rule those who reside in Michigan.

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