4th Annual CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: “The Bros Are Back” – 21 Questions with the Benham Brothers

Each and every Christmas, I have tried to do something new and appealing for the followers of Biblical Signs in the Headlines. I’m thankful for the many famous faces who have taken the time to help me do that over the course of the past 3 years. This year, when brainstorming what or who this year’s Special would be about, the Holy Spirit kept saying to my heart “full circle.” I know exactly what He meant by that.

Those who have followed this website from the start know that my Inaugural Christmas Special in 2015 was an Interview with the Benham Brothers, Jason and David. To come full circle, this year, meant that it would be another Special all about the Bros.

So, while the look and the content may have changed a lot since the inception of Biblical Signs ITH, some things will always stay the same. Thankfully, the best thing that has never changed is the constant presence of Jason and David on this website since that first interview. I pray that they will always remain a mainstay on the website, because they will always be considered family here.

If you are new here, and are not familiar with the Bros (meaning you must live under a rock somewhere), you can get to know them in the “About” page and in the previous Christmas Specials. Also, they post a new article on the website every week, so definitely look into those as well. Now, 3 years later, it’s time to jump into another exclusive interview with the Benham Brothers. Enjoy!

Christmastime is here again, so why don’t we kick things off with some Christmas-themed questions? In the 2nd Christmas Special, you two shared your favorite Christmas memory and tradition. In last year’s Special, you shared what Jesus means to each of you. So, this time around, I’ve come up with seven new Christmas questions for you guys…

First off, I was wondering who hosts your annual Christmas get together? Is it David, Jason, your Dad, or other family? And, is there a tradition to celebrate at the same home every year, or do you guys switch it up?

BROS: Our parents have always hosted Christmas Eve with all of the family, until Mom went to be with Jesus. Now we rotate houses. There are tons of kids running around (15 in all), so it gets crazy!

You will be seeing your Mom again soon, as the whole point of this website is to alert the world that our Lord is coming back down to rapture us real soon. Speaking of our Lord, as Christ is being forced out of the Holy Days that are supposed to be all about His Birth and His Resurrection, in this day and age, I like to remind people Who the “Reason for the season” truly is.

How do you guys do that at Christmastime? Do you put out Nativity scenes? Do you spell out Jesus or Christ in outdoor lights? Do you get a birthday cake for Jesus? In what unique ways do each of you remind others as to what (and Who) Christmas is all about?

BROS: We have Nativity scenes prominently displayed in both our homes, and we also use Advent calendars (with chocolates for the kids each day) to teach the kids about the coming of Jesus. Of course, we also read all the various Bible passages about Christ’s birth during December evening devotional times. In today’s day and age, we have to work double time to keep Jesus at the forefront of our children’s minds.

Ain’t that the truth. The wicked world around us is doing all that they can to pull the youth away from Christ. I praise the Lord for the Godly examples that you two set for parents across this country and world. Next, I have a quick Christmas “lightning round” line of questioning for each of you. Starting with.. What is your Favorite Christmas Movie?

David: It’s a Wonderful Life (we watch it every Christmas Eve).

Jason: A Christmas Carol.

What is your Favorite Christmas Song?

David: Little Drummer Boy.

Jason: O Holy Night.

Favorite Food at Christmas Dinner?

David: Turkey and stuffing.

Jason: Ham and mashed potatoes.

Favorite Christmas Dessert?

David: Cookie Cake.

Jason: Cold M&M’s.

Favorite Christmas Bible verse or narrative?

David: Revelation 12 – the dragon tries to kill baby Jesus but fails.

Jason: Matthew 1 – the reason for Christ’s birth is for Him to take away the sin of the world.

Amen. Now, I want to talk about your books. You two have written three amazing books thus far (all of which I recommend that every Christian should own), and you are putting the finishing touches on a new book which is set to be released next year. In the 1st Christmas Special, you guys talked a bit about your first two books: “Whatever The Cost” and “Living Among Lions.” For any new visitors to this website, could you again briefly touch on what they both are about?

BROS: “Whatever the Cost” is about our story of standing for Jesus in today’s culture (w/ HGTV cancelling our show). “Living Among Lions” is to help your story of standing strong in today’s post-Christian culture.

Earlier this year, you released your third book, “Miracle In Shreveport.” I really think that you guys should be in talks with the Kendrick Brothers about making a movie out of it! The incredible true story revolves all around a prayer that you guys had prayed with your Dad (Flip) growing up. You write about the dream that your Dad had sparked inside both of you through that recurring prayer. Eventually the dream came true, in miraculous fashion, and in a way that only God could orchestrate.

Could you talk a bit about the book and explain what was so significant about a beat-up baseball stadium in Shreveport, Louisiana?

BROS: The stadium itself wasn’t as special to us as the shared dream we had with our father of playing there together as brothers one day. Every time we passed by that stadium while on vacation, and traveling to college, we cherished the thought of one day playing there – and we cherished the prayers we prayed even more. When it all came true it was one of the biggest miracles of our lives.

Looking back now, how has the experience of knowing that God was working behind the scenes in your lives – from childhood to adulthood – strengthened your faith and influenced decisions that you make today?

BROS: We’ve seen Romans 8:28 lived out in real time – “And we know that all things work together for good, to those that love God and are called according to His purpose.”

You talk about your Dad a lot in the book, and his Godly influence on you two growing up. He is a Pastor and a prominent spiritual leader in the Pro-Life movement. Your Father actually baptized “Jane Roe” of the infamous Roe V. Wade Supreme Court decision. Could you tell the readers a bit about “Flip” Benham?

BROS: In the Church we are one body, many parts. Our dad is the knuckle on the clinched fist of God that fights evil. He is a warrior, unflinching in the face of threats and intimidation, and he cannot be bought. No amount of fame or fortune can compromise his desire to speak the truth in love. He is our hero.

Amen. Flip is the man! I liken your Dad to a modern-day Saint Paul. He has been thrown in jail, more than once, simply for preaching the Word of God. Has his bold stance for the truth had an effect on how you two live out your faith without compromise?

BROS: Some things are caught better than taught. No amount of teaching can forge courage in your children, but a life lived courageously sure can.

Agreed. Your kids will have no shortage of courage in their futures. You announced not too long ago that you would be releasing your fourth book in 2019. Can you tell us anything about it? Like – What will the title be? Do you have a tentative or specific release month? And, while the 1st book was “your story” – the 2nd book was “our story” (as believers) – and the 3rd book was your testimony – what is the theme of your 4th book?

BROS: Our next book releases in February, 2019. It’s titled, “Bold & Broken – Becoming a Bridge that Connects Heaven to Earth.” Jesus taught us to pray that His will and kingdom would come and be done “on earth as it is in heaven.” We, as the church, are part of the answer to that prayer. So God wants to use us to become that bridge for people so He can touch them in real ways. But it requires boldness and brokenness to do it.

I can’t wait to add it to the collection! Now, let’s talk movies. I thought it was pretty cool that you guys made an appearance in the film, “War Room.” I have always wondered if the Kendrick Brothers named the two kids in the opening scene after you guys. Can you confirm that, or was it just coincidence?

BROS: They are good friends, and yes, they named those kids after us 🙂

I always thought so, but that’s too cool to know now that they actually did. You also both star in a coming film with Kevin Sorbo and Julia Denton, “the Reliant.” What exactly are your roles in the movie? Any idea when we expect to see it in Theaters? And, have you guys been in any other movies or are you working on any?

BROS: We enjoyed acting in that movie. Our good friend, Doc Johnson, wrote and produced it. He’s currently negotiating a release with theaters now. We aren’t sure when it will release. At this point, we aren’t doing any other movies, although we’ve been asked to do some others.

Keep us posted. So, many of my readers primarily know you guys as the Christian twins who got fired from HGTV for refusing to stay silent about your beliefs (which is a great thing to be known for, and I love ya’ for it!), but some don’t realize that you have been bold Christians your entire lives, whether in baseball or in business. Your HGTV show, “Flip it Forward,” was actually based on your Real Estate Business. Can you tell us a bit about how your faith played a role in your MLB careers and in your Real Estate Companies?

BROS: As believers in Jesus, in everything we do we are ministers of God on mission for Him, and our work is worship. Whether swinging a bat or pushing a broom, God calls us to be faithful for Him and to usher others into His presence no matter where we are. So, in baseball and in real estate, this paradigm has led us to try and be salt & light to the best of our ability.

You’re doing a great job, and I’m sure that our Lord is pleased with both of you. You recently announced a brand new Christ-centered business venture, Redwood United. Can you explain what it is all about?

BROS: We are starting a new real estate company that is geared toward discipleship by helping real estate agents thrive in every area of life. We seek not only to develop good agents but also Godly Christians who understand that their work is worship.

What a great idea. Also, I want to let everyone reading know that you can catch weekly Holy Bible studies with the Bros on the Redwood United Facebook page! Like the page on FB to find out how and when. If you don’t have Facebook, then download the Benham Brothers App on your phone or tablet to listen to every Bible Study or News Study that the Bros have ever recorded! You’ll love it friends…

Now, I have a question for you guys that you haven’t been asked (and probably won’t be) anywhere else. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my cat Jacob. He is like my son. So, I was wondering, do you guys have pets? If so, cats or dogs (or both)? If so, what are their names? If not, are you a cat or a dog guy (or both)?

David: We have a dog named Winnie. She’s a minnie aussie and is adorable. Not a cat fan.

Jason: We don’t have pets. My youngest son, Jake, is the closest thing for us 🙂

Ha! Speaking of your kids.. between the two of you, I believe that you guys have a total of 9 children altogether. For any Christian parents reading this, do you have any advice or tips on how to raise Godly kids in what I believe to be the most immoral and Godless generation in our nation’s history?

BROS: We have no clue and are in the middle of raising them now, so we’ll circle back up in 10 years or so. But honestly, we are keeping our families in God’s Word all throughout the week – it’s our only hope to keep truth alive in our homes.

Besides your upcoming book and the Redwood venture, do you guys have anything else in the works that you would like to share?

BROS: Just raising our kids to love Jesus as best we can!

You are doing a great job at that Bros. Finally, what is your Christmas message this year – first, for fellow believers – and second, for the unbelieving world?

BROS: Keep Christ in your vocabulary, often. Don’t forget the ROOT WORD of this season we are celebrating.

Amen. We must remind the whole world that Christ-mas begins with “CHRIST.” That is a perfect note to end on. Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule again, this year, David and Jason. You two are appreciated more than you know. Who knows what next year’s Special holds in the cards, but I’m hoping that you guys will continue to be an integral part of the annual Christmas tradition. God bless you two for all that you do.

Merry Christmas Benham Bros! Merry Christmas to everyone reading this, and may our Good Lord bless you all with a happy and healthy 2019!

Pre-order the NEW BOOK by the Benham Brothers today 👇


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