2018 HEADLINES: Year in Review

2018 is just about history, and so it’s time to look back at what I believe to be the biggest “Signs of our times” from the past year. This Review article will not focus on the biggest political or entertainment stories of the year, like most other News outlets, but only on the events of 2018 which are related to “Last Days” Biblical Prophecy.

If you want to read more about the news stories that I highlight, click on the headline’s title to locate the full article. If you want to review the entire year’s articles, month by month, you can do that by visiting the website’s “Archives” on the home page. 2018 was certainly an eventful year, with records broken and rare occurrences across the world. Without further ado, let’s take a quick trip through the year that was 2018…


Over 200-Million Christians Globally Experience “High-Level” Persecution

Christian persecution watchdog group, Open Doors USA, released its annual “World Watch List” and found that 1 out of every 12 Christians across the globe lives in an area where there is “high-level persecution.” The group tracks and monitors reports of Christian persecution across the world, and then ranks the 50 countries which are the biggest offenders. 2018’s report revealed that there are over 200 MILLION Christians living in areas of the world where Christianity is illegal, forbidden or punished.

New Study Reveals that “Generation Z” is the Least Christian Generation in American History

A 2-year research study by the Barna group revealed that teenagers today are the most NON-Christian generation in American history. Only 4 out of 100 teens hold a “Biblical worldview.” That is scary. Also, more teens than ever before identify as atheists. The study indicated that 35% of “Generation Z” teens considered themselves to be atheist, agnostic or not religiously affiliated. That is close to HALF of this young generation!

Google Home Knows Allah, Muhammad, Buddha, and Satan, but NOT Jesus Christ

Many Christians who use the smart device “Google Home,” which is similar to Amazon’s “Alexa,” recorded videos revealing what appeared to be blatant omission by Google programmers of our Lord Jesus Christ. The virtual assistant voice in the Google Home device (and some smart phones) gave a detailed biography of every “religious figure”, except for one… the Lord JESUS CHRIST.

Rare “Blue Super Blood Moon” Rose for the First Time in Over 150 Years

For the first time since March of 1866, an extremely rare “Blue Super Blood Moon” appeared in the heavens on January 31st.


Episcopal Church of Washington D.C. Votes to No Longer Acknowledge God as a Male

Governing delegates at the 123rd Diocesan Convention of the Episcopal Church of Washington, D.C., passed a Resolution to replace all traditional Biblical pronouns for God with “gender-neutral language.”

“Gog-Magog War” Fuse May Have Been Lit

Israel shot down an Iranian drone which flew deep into its airspace from Syria, and then launched a strike on the base from which it took off. Upon returning to Israel, the Jewish State’s F-16 jet was shot down by the Syrian army. In response, Israel launched a set of retaliatory strikes on 12 Syrian air defenses, including their bases known to be staffed with Iranian personnel.

This is the first time, in our generation, that Israeli and Iranian military forces have ever entered into close combat on the ground. This angered the closest allies of Iran, who are Russia and Turkey. Not long after the Syria incident, the three countries held a Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, in which they forged an unholy alliance. The 3 nations are the exact ones prophesied in the Holy Bible to make war on Israel in the Last Days.

Losing the Legend – Billy Graham 1918-2018

I was deeply saddened by the passing of the “Preacher of the Century,” Billy Graham. He would have turned 100 years old in November. Billy’s long life was a testament to his close relationship with God. Graham devoted over 70 of his 99 years to preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and I don’t believe that there has ever been anyone who did it any better.


Harvard College, and most of America’s largest Secular Universities, purged Christian Groups from Their Campuses in Name of “Inclusiveness”


China’s Crackdown on Christianity Continued, as the Holy Bible Was Pulled from All Online Retailers in the Communist Country

Chinese Christians were unable to find the Holy Bible listed on their country’s biggest online retailers, in what was proven to be a deliberate act by the Communist government to “ban the Bible.”

Record Cold in the United States Led to the “Coldest April” in Nearly 2 Centuries

What was already a record-cold Winter, across the USA, dragged out all the way into the first month of Spring.


Nearly 50,000 Palestinians, led by Hamas Terror Group in Gaza, Attempt to Breach Israel’s Border Fence During Israel’s 70th Anniversary Celebrations

For months, the Palestinians had amassed in five tent camps along the Israeli border – rolling burning tires, throwing grenades, molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, and large stones. They even flew burning kites over the border fence, hoping to set Israeli property on fire. On May 14th, they attempted to breach the border fence under the direction of Hamas but were unsuccessful. It was the biggest flare-up between Israel and Palestine in almost 5 years.

Another High School Mass Shooting Carried Out By A Demonic Young Gunman

Within months of a mass shooting at a High School in Florida, by a self-described “demon-possessed” 20-year-old, another teen allured by the demon world shot up a School in Texas.


“THE SIGNS OF OUR TIMES” Written, and Released in July

I put the finishing touches on my first book, “THE SIGNS OF OUR TIMES: 12 Biblical Reasons Why This Could Be the Generation of the Rapture,” throughout the month of June. It was officially released early in the next month.


The Longest Blood Moon of the Century Rose

The longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century rose, and the next Lunar Eclipse of such a length will not appear again until 2123.


The Largest Wildfire In California’s History

Numerous Wildfires broke out across California, including the “Largest in State History.”


The Kavanaugh Controversy

In the hopes of preventing another appointment to the Supreme Court by President Donald Trump before the 2018 Midterm Elections, the Democrats and the Liberal Mainstream Media sunk to new lows. They rolled out uncorroborated accuser after accuser against him, not at all concerned with destroying his name or his family. Thankfully the Dems did not succeed, but it was one of the most disgusting things that I have ever witnessed in politics – and that is saying something.


Historic Hurricane Michael Devastates the Florida Panhandle

Hurricane Michael was the most powerful hurricane on record to ever strike that specific area of the Gulf Coast. Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida, with winds of 155 mph and wind gusts up to 175 mph. That is just 2 mph short of Category 5 status! It was the third most-intense storm on record to ever hit the United States. It was also the strongest hurricane in half-a-century.

Mass Shooting by Anti-Semite in Pennsylvania Left 11 Jews Dead

The cold-blooded murder of 11 Jews at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was the deadliest attack on American Jews in our nation’s history.


2018 Was the “Most Destructive” Wildfire Season in California’s History

The past year was the most destructive Wildfire Season on record in California, with over 7,500 fires burning an area of around 2-million acres. That is the largest amount of burned acreage recorded in a fire season, according to Cal Fire. The fires caused about 3 billion dollars in damage. The “Camp Fire” was the deadliest” and also the most destructive wildfire in California’s history.

Alaska’s Most Populated City Rocked by Powerful Earthquake

Both the ground and residents of Alaska were rattled by a powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The major temblor violently shook homes and buildings, damaged roads, and knocked out power in the State’s most populated city of Anchorage. The quake was reportedly felt up to 400 miles outside of the city.


Transgender Activists Threaten the Lives of Those Who Refuse to Embrace Their Radical Ideology

Radical transgender activists threatened the life of a professor in England because she refused to embrace their ideology. BBC News reported that the University of Reading Professor, Rosa Freedman, had received telephone “threats of murder and rape.” She also said that she had been enduring constant online abuse, and that her office door was “covered in urine.”

Now that I have shared, what I believe to be, the biggest Signs in our headlines of the year 2018, take a look at the Top 10 Most-Read articles of the past year…

Top 10 Most-Read Articles of 2018

1. HOLY LAND ON HIGH ALERT: Hundreds of Thousands of Palestinians Plan To Besiege Israel

2. BENHAM BROS: Mind-Boggling Arrest of Christian At Abortion Clinic

3. HOLY FIRE: “Largest Wildfire in California History” May Be Long-Overdue Judgment Upon the Godless State

4. DISGRACEFUL: Republican Congress And President Fully Fund Planned Parenthood.. AGAIN

5. ALLIED AGAINST ISRAEL: Is The Gog-Magog War At the Door?

6. TRACKING THE TROPICS: Pay Close Attention to Biblically-Named Hurricanes

7. HURRICANE MICHAEL: The Storm I Have Long Warned About Has Arrived, And It Is Making History

8. ONCE IN A BLUE SUPER BLOOD MOON: Rare Heavenly Event Has Not Occurred In Over 150 Years

9. GENDER-NEUTRAL NONSENSE: Episcopal Church of D.C. Will No Longer Acknowledge GOD As Masculine

10. HELL ON EARTH: “Paradise Destroyed” In California As Wildfires Once Again Rage Across Godless State

I said last year that I believed 2018 would be another big year for prophetical events across the world, and it definitely was. The U.S. Embassy was finally moved to the Eternal Capital of Israel – Jerusalem, as the Jewish State celebrated the 70th Year since their rebirth as a Nation! I also said to expect a bigger and better year for BiblicalSigns.com, with more articles from myself and the Benham Brothers. I think that we delivered.

Finally, the LORD put it on my heart in early 2018 to pen my first book, and it was released in July. THE SIGNS OF OUR TIMES was a labor of love, and I’m so glad that it can be in the hands of all of you. A few months ago, I would not have believed that 2019 could be a better year for my endeavors. Leave it to the LORD to exceed my expectations once again!

In February of 2019, you can look for “The Signs of Our Times” Audiobook and, in March, I will be releasing my second book, “EVEN MORE Signs of Our Times”! I’m really looking forward to the big things that God has planned in 2019.

I hope you all enjoyed my content throughout 2018, as well as from the Benham Bros, and my 2nd Christmas Special Interview with them. I promise even better content in 2019! Thank you all for your continued support. May our Good Lord bless you all with a happy and healthy New Year and, as always, keep looking up!

“Jesus said.. When these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” – Luke 21:28

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  1. Very interesting Michael how you highlight events by the month. We certainly are in the last of the last days as we see evil increasing rapidly. Thank you for your diligence in informing us of current events in relationship to Bible prophecy. Happy New Year to you! Isaiah 43:19 Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

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