BENHAM BROS: A Republic, But Can We Keep It?

(Via – Benjamin Franklin once said, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.”

Dr. Franklin was right. And the reason is because virtue – living by a moral standard – provides the boundaries necessary for people to interact together in freedom. Societies flourish when moral standards are in place.

But the rejection of moral standards results in the removal of individual freedom.

Traffic laws are an excellent example of this truth. At any given time in America, we have millions of drivers on the road, and yet we drive in total freedom, interacting together on the roads like a well-greased machine. An areal view of smooth-flowing traffic is pretty amazing to watch.

That’s because everyone in America, regardless of race, religion, worldview or political affiliation, operates under a uniform set of traffic standards. Of course, there are rogue drivers who deviate from the law and end up hurting people as a result, but our transportation system works because we have traffic laws – we have standards to keep us safe.

But what would happen if people rejected these laws en masse and drove however they wanted on our roads?

“Green means stop in my world.”

“I travel down the left side of the road.”

“School zones are offensive to me, so I speed through them.”

It would be total chaos. We’d lose our freedom to drive. It just wouldn’t be worth driving anymore.

Now take our society. We all come from various walks of life, have diverse political views and differing religions, but we function together in freedom because of our basic set of laws (written in our Constitution). These laws provide protection of our individual freedoms so that rogue leaders can’t just take them away and eliminate our ability to freely move about in society.

The reason we have freedom as U.S. citizens is because we have these laws to protect us (freedom of speech, religion, press, expression, etc.). These clear standards have upheld our society for over 200 years and allowed us to flourish. Unfortunately, things are changing today, and, as a result, our individual freedom hangs in the balance.

The moral revolution, fueled by the wholesale rejection of moral standards and our Constitution, is transforming the way we interact freely as Americans. Proponents of this revolution are, in essence, trying to change our “traffic laws.” But the problem is, when we eliminate traffic laws, the freedom to drive goes with it.

As Benjamin Franklin was once asked after leaving Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation at the Constitutional Convention in 1787, “Well Doctor, what have we got – a monarchy or a republic?” He responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

America is a nation of laws – we are a republic. And as such, we’ve enjoyed the abundant blessing of freedom for centuries. But this could all change if we don’t keep it. We’ve got to get in the game and fight to keep our moral standards in place so our children can flourish in freedom just like we have.

We don’t want our generation to lose the freedoms we’ve had for centuries to a tiny group of radical, moral revolutionaries who believe green means stop and red means go.

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