2015 HEADLINES: Year In Review


As 2015 comes to a close, it’s time to review all of the most Biblically Prophetical news of the Year. Some of these headlines dominated the news, while others were given little media attention or not reported on at all. Any of the events below that didn’t make the news were obviously ignored because they either didn’t fit the liberal narrative or they made Obama, Islam or the Palestinians look bad, and thus they didn’t fit the mainstream media “agenda”. In the media you will see and read many reviews of top news stories from 2015, which will include meaningless stories about Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, Tom Brady’s “Deflategate”, the boy band One Direction or Bruce Jenner’s radical transformation, but you will find none of that here! My 2015 Review does not include “worldly” pop culture news, but I have compiled the Year’s Biblical “Signs of the times”, which fulfill Prophecy of the Last Days and foreshadow the imminent Rapture and Return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Now, let’s take a look back…


JANUARY: (Mistreating Israel) In an unprecedented attack on America’s Greatest Ally, Israel, President Obama sends his Campaign “Army” to Israel to attempt to TOPPLE Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanYahu.

(National FALSE god Worship) Duke University announces it will sound Islamic call to prayer on Campus.

(Islamic Terrorism) ISIS continues to amp up their assault on Middle East Christians, which began in the Summer of last year.


FEBRUARY: (AntiChrist Actions) At National Prayer Breakfast, Obama DEFENDS Islam while arrogantly ATTACKING Christianity … Obama’s DHS (Dept. Of Homeland Security) designates Right-Wing Conservative CHRISTIANS as “Greater Threat than ISIS” … Obama keeps promise to “fundamentally transform” America as he FLOODS the U.S. with Islamic Refugees while DENYING ENTRY to Persecuted Mid-East Christians … Former Advisor to Obama, David Axelrod, admits Obama LIED about his beliefs (Gay Marriage, Israel, Abortion, etc.) in order to win votes of Christians and Jews.

(Islamic Terrorism) ISIS kidnaps nearly 100 Christians.

(Iranian Nuclear Threat) Islamic regime boldly shows world that Israel is not their only TARGET as Iranian Military BLOWS UP Replica UNITED STATES Navy Aircraft Carrier.

(Rare Unnatural Weather) Cold temps break records in 30+ States.


MARCH: (Islamic Terrorism) Top Islamic Leader in Saudi Arabia calls for ALL Churches in Arab Nations to be BURNED DOWN … ISIS terrorists DESTROY Ancient Christian Churches and Relics.

(Mistreatment of Israel) Obama and his fellow Democrats spit in Face of America’s Greatest Ally Israel by belittling and insulting Benjamin NetanYahu, following the Israeli Prime Minister’s Speech to U.S. Congress.

(National REBELLION Against God) Over 300 American Corporations push for Legalization of GAY MARRIAGE.

(Apostasy/Falling Away from the Faith) Presbyterian Church throws Holy Bible out the window, as they vote to allow GAY MARRIAGE, just one year after they voted to BOYCOTT Israel.

(Coming 3rd Holy Temple) The Holy Altar COMPLETED for prophesied 3rd Holy Temple, which will be rebuilt on Temple Mount in the Season of Christ’s RETURN.

(Signs in the Heavens) Extremely rare Solar Eclipse occurs, in First Month of BIBLICAL Calendar, and for the FIRST and LAST time In History.


APRIL: (Christian Persecution) In an example of why Religious Freedom Laws are desperately needed in America, a Christian-owned Pizzeria was forced to close after being bombarded with hundreds of THREATS and prank calls by Gay activists … Leftists and Gay Activists oppose Christian Freedom Bill, as U.S. Corporations call to boycott States of Indiana and Arkansas for passing Laws protecting Bible-believers … New York Times Column suggests Christians be FORCED to deny Faith and embrace Gay Marriage.

(Iranian Nuclear Threat) Iranian Regime’s Chief Negotiator in Nuclear Talks brazenly states publicly how Iran will BREACH Nuclear Deal with western powers.

(Islamic Terrorism) ISIS Terrorists Slaughter More Middle East Christians.

(Earthquakes) Devastating 7.8 magnitude Quake does major damage in Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Tibet.

(Lawlessness) Unruly rioters in Baltimore injure at least 7 Police Officers, rob businesses and burn buildings and cars.


MAY: (Earthquakes) Strong Quakes strike Japan, topped by powerful 7.8 Magnitude Quake … Powerful 7.3 magnitude Earthquake hits Nepal, just weeks after devastating 7.8 Quake … Extremely RARE 4.2 magnitude Quake rattled Michigan; It was Michigan’s 2nd Strongest earthquake on Record.

(Forgetting God) Pew Research Study shows steep DROP in American Christian Population, and a significant RISE in Atheists and Muslims.

(False Prophet Actions) Pope Francis fulfilling role of Last Days FALSE PROPHET that Arises with the AntiChrist. In an ANTI-Israel move, Francis IGNORES the Holy Bible and signs a Treaty with Israel’s age-old enemy, the Islamic Terror State of Palestine (Philistia).

(AntiChrist Actions) Obama thinks he knows better than JESUS CHRIST. Obama Publicly Voiced disagreement with The Lord, DENYING Jesus’ Eternal Divine Perfect Knowledge. The president called Jesus Christ “CYNICAL”.

(Islam’s War on Christianity) Muslim Students file complaint with Washington D.C., saying CROSSES in a CHRISTIAN College are “Offensive” and must be REMOVED.


JUNE: (Abomination Nation) In one of the darkest days in American History, U.S. Supreme Court majority deemed LEGAL that which our Supreme GOD has deemed ILLEGAL and “Abomination”, by Legalizing GAY MARRIAGE … In another Godless Landmark Decision, Supreme Court rules AGAINST the Holy Bible and sides with Anti-Israel Obama by denying Israelis Born in Israel’s Eternal Capital to list JERUSALEM as Birthplace on Passports. Obama Desires to DIVIDE the Holy City Through International Pressure on Israel, and GIVE IT to the Palestinians, as the ANTICHRIST is Prophesied to DO.

(Forgetting God) In another blatant slap in The Face of God by America’s High Courts, Oklahoma Judges rule TEN COMMANDMENTS must come DOWN at State Capitol.

(Financial Woes) Stock Market sees worst losses in 2 Years (NOT coincidentally, on the FIRST business day following Godless Gay Marriage Ruling).

(Mistreatment of Israel) Obama makes veiled THREAT against our Greatest Ally, Israel, in TV interview.

(Signs in the Heavens) For the FIRST Time since Jesus Christ’s Birth over 2,000 Years Ago, the Star of Bethlehem, HIS SIGN, appeared in the night sky.


JULY: (Iran Nuclear Threat) Obama and World Powers capitulate through BAD DEAL to essentially give NUCLEAR BOMB To Terror State IRAN on a silver platter.

(Christian Persecution) Christian Bakery Owners who were ordered to pay $135,000 Fine for not catering Gay Wedding issued a GAG ORDER to silence them from bringing public attention to the Government persecution of their Business.

(Apostasy/Falling Away from the Faith) The Episcopal Church joins the Presbyterian Church in departing from the Christian Faith by allowing Gay Marriages.

(Satanic Worship) The Devil welcomed into DETROIT, Michigan as a Satanic Monument was unveiled in the City by local Church of Satan.


AUGUST: (Financial Woes) Global markets hammered as Dow plunges over 1,000 points.


SEPTEMBER: (Signs in the Heavens) 4th and FINAL Blood Moon of 2-Year Tetrad rises on another Biblical Feast Day, as did the past three. In an awesome culmination, the final Blood Moon was a rare SUPER MOON.

(Christian Persecution) Christian clerk in Kentucky, Kim Davis, JAILED for her Faith by refusing to sign her name to Gay Marriage licenses. Judge said he would not release her until she agreed to VIOLATE her Biblical beliefs.

(Earthquakes) Massive 8.3 magnitude Earthquake strikes Chile. Tsunami Alerts issued as far away as Hawaii.


OCTOBER: (Forgetting God) In an ABHORRENT sad day in American History, the Ten Commandments were REMOVED in the dark of night from Oklahoma State Capitol.

(Terror against Christians) 2nd Mass Shooting of the year targeting CHRISTIANS in America occurs just months after gunman entered a Church, murdering Pastor and Bible Study group. This time, a young murderer specifically targeted Christians at Oregon College. According to witnesses of the mass shooting, gunman asked victims their religion, and if they answered “Christian” then they were shot IN THE HEAD. If they answered anything else or didn’t answer at all, then they were just shot in the legs.

(Earthquakes) Magnitude 7.5 earthquake strikes the Hindu Kush region and causes 400 deaths in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.


NOVEMBER: (Palestinian Terror Against Israel) 21 year old Israeli woman dies of stab wounds by Palestinian, bringing death toll of Jews in the Palestinian wave of terror to 21. For 2 straight months (and even still going on TODAY in December), Palestinians have targeted Jews daily through stab attacks, car ramming or firebombs. The constant terror attacks on the Israelis have left well over 250 injured.

(Satanic Worship) Church of Lucifer opens in Texas.

(Iranian Nuclear Threat) Islamic Regime breaching Nuclear Deal every which way they can. IAEA report reveals Obama’s statements that Iran’s uranium stockpile was “being reduced” is FALSE; Not only has the Islamic Terror Regime’s uranium enrichment not been scaled back, but rather their uranium stockpile has actually GROWN.

(Mistreatment of Israel) Obama voices approval of ANTI-Israel EU (European Union) Plan to remove “Made in ISRAEL” from products manufactured in the Jewish State’s God-given Biblical Cities, namely Judea and the Capital of Israel JERUSALEM. Obama desires this Jewish Holy Land to be given to the Islamists in Palestine through his “Land for peace” Plan. The Holy Bible prophesies that the Division of Israeli Land by the AntiChrist will bring God’s WRATH upon the nations, and will spark Armageddon.

(Forgetting God) The CHRIST of Christmas being REMOVED, as more Nativity Scenes were BANNED and ordered to be removed by government, as the WAR on God and His Son, our Saviour, raged on this year.

(Islamic Terrorism) ISIS carries out large scale Terror Attack in Paris, France, murdering 130.


DECEMBER: (Islamic Indoctrination) Among many reports of Islam being forced on school children this year, a Virginia School District came under fire by concerned parents who said that Islam was being FORCED on their children. The most recent complaints were over a classroom assignment that required students practicing Calligraphy to write the Muslim statement of faith, that “There is no god but Allah,” and that “Mohammed is his messenger.” This is known in Islam as the Shahada, the most important declaration in Islam, which places the Muslim faith ABOVE Christianity and Judaism. If that weren’t disgusting enough, the same School District taught the students about the “dresscode of muslims”, and students were invited to try on a hijab (scarf which covers heads of muslim women) as a part of an interactive lesson about the “Islamic concept” of modest dress. But you will never see them being invited to try on Rosaries or a Jewish Kippah. Sadly as our God is being forced OUT of Schools, Islam’s god is somehow allowed to be FORCED IN.

(Forgetting God) Kentucky School District orders School to cut out the most important part of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” Play because it contains verses from the HOLY BIBLE … President Obama made a televised speech about Christmas, and revealed what he believes is the “TRUE MEANING” of Christmas – “On this holiday we celebrate peace on Earth and goodwill toward all.” – Obama failed to mention the Name of JESUS in the speech, and made no reference to the TRUE Reason for the Season. He instead took another Biblical verse out of context, which specifically related to our Savior’s Birth, and used it in a much broader sense, thus eliminating Christ from the equation altogether.

(Rare Unnatural Weather) Since Christmas Eve, many headlines read “Rare Weather Turns Winter Upside-down Across the United States”. The Northeast experienced record warm temps for the Christmas season, while the South endured an onslaught of rare December Tornado outbreaks. And a historic blizzard hit Texas. Over 25 tornadoes struck the Southern States in just 3 days. The Detroit News reported that Michigan’s rare tornado was the FIRST recorded tornado in the State for the month of December.

(Iranian Nuclear Threat) The Obama Administration announced there would be no change in it’s plans to LIFT SANCTIONS against Iran, even though the Islamic Regime has already violated the Nuclear Deal numerous times.

(Islamic Terrorism) Islamic terrorist couple in San Bernadino, California shoot up a Christmas Party, murdering and injuring many.

There you have it.. what I believe to be the biggest SIGNS in the headlines for 2015. Sadly, not many of them were good, only a select few, but they do bring GOOD NEWS soon, and that is the Rapture of the faithful and long-awaited return of our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. What Biblical Prophecies will we see fulfilled in 2016? If 2015 was any indicator, the answer is MANY. Plus 2016 in the Hebrew Calendar will be the year 5777. For those of you who don’t already know, 777 represents the Name of GOD, YaHWeH, our Father in Heaven. So with the Signs all around us, could The LORD finally send His Son back down in the Year that bears His Most Holy Name?! One things for sure, with the year being 5777, our 2016 is going to be BIBLICALLY significant. Keep looking up! Marana tha Yeshua.


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“And JESUS said, When THESE THINGS begin to come to pass, then LOOK UP, and lift up your heads; for your redemption DRAWETH NEAR.” ~ Luke 21:28

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