CHRISTMAS IS COMING: Grab These Essential Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is just over two weeks away! I’m sure that many of you just panicked because you probably haven’t even started your Christmas shopping yet, but no need to worry because I’ve got you covered. If you order any of my books on Amazon, they guarantee that they will arrive before Christmas Day. And, even better news, my brand NEW book – The Essential Signs of our Times – just released last week!

Any of the books, but especially the new release, are essential stocking stuffers for your Bible-believing loved ones; and my previous book, The Coming Signs of Our Times, is the perfect gift for the unbelievers in your family whom you desperately want to see saved. Each book in the Signs of Our Times series is only $7 through the New Year, so they are definitely affordable gifts. You can also gift your loved ones and friends ebooks on Kindle for only $3 a piece. If you want to gift the most durable and attractive of all the books, you can grab the new hardcovers on Amazon for all of my books.

The new book is cheaper than most new releases, at under $15, and includes all of the signs of my first two books – plus the most intriguing chapters from my previous book. It also has up-to-date content in virtually every chapter, and is over 300 pages. If you want your loved ones, saved or unsaved, to be an expert on End Times Bible Prophecy, then be sure to gift them The Essential Signs of Our Times! It is also available in the hardcover format as well.

As I say every year, before you gift family or friends any of my books, give them the Holy Bible first. All of my books are based on the Word of God, so be sure that your loved ones possess the greatest book in history before any of mine. And if you’ve already completed your Christmas shopping, then treat yourself to a gift that will have eternal benefits and go grab my new book for yourself. You won’t regret it!

If you purchase any of the books this Holiday season, please take the time to leave a review on Amazon or wherever you purchase them. You can find them all at and also on Barnes and Noble, Booksamillion, Walmart, and many other online book retailers globally. If you are looking to buy the books in bulk for your church or a store, then contact me at for special bulk discounts.

I pray the Lord blesses you all with a happy, safe, and healthy Christmas season. As always, God bless, God speed, and keep looking up!

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  1. Thank you Holy Spirit for laying on this persons heart 💖 to make this available for human consumption thank you Aurtor God BLESS Keep on revealing God’s Word 🙏

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