THE SIGNS OF OUR TIMES: Faithless Generation

Since the inception of this website 6 years ago, I have written extensively about the growing lack of Biblical faith amongst Americans. It seems that this depressing trend began in the early 2000’s, and ramped up under the presidency of Barack Obama. In each generation, we have witnessed a decline in those who call themselves Christians or observant Jews. This decline has been the most alarming in Generation Z. I wrote a great deal about this in my first book, The Signs of Our Times: 12 Biblical Reasons Why This Could Be the Generation of the Rapture.

I wrote that book in 2018, and didn’t think that things could get much worse than they were when I penned the chapter on a “Faithless Generation.” At that time, only 4% of the younger generation held the Biblical worldview. Last year, the Cultural Research Center released its “American Worldview Inventory”; and the results were just as alarming as the Gen-Z study I spoke about in the book. The Inventory study found that only 6% of Americans hold the Biblical worldview, and less than 10% of professing Christians do! How in the world can you call yourself a Christian if you don’t believe the Holy Bible?! It is unbelievable.

While those who view the world through the Biblical Lens have been becoming a much smaller segment of the population than they have been historically, atheists and agnostics have become the fastest-growing segment in our nation. God help us. They currently represent nearly 25% of America! Not only did the Lord say that there would come a great falling away from the Faith in the days leading up to His imminent return, but the Bible also tells us that the world will be filled with unbelievers. In the Book of Revelation, they become so brash against the LORD that they habitually blaspheme His Name and even CURSE Him.

Gen-Z will no doubt be the Tribulation generation of Revelation. Read some of the reasons why I believe this in this week’s final preview from my first book. Here are the first two pages of the chapter about a Faithless Generation…

That’ll do it for this week’s peek into the book. Next week, I’ll begin sharing previews from every chapter of my second book: EVEN MORE Signs of Our Times. To read both of these books, and my new book about the Book of Revelation, head over to Amazon by clicking on the image below; or you can grab the book on Booksamillion, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Target, and at many other online retailers globally.

The fact that nearly one-quarter of the most Christian nation in the entire world does not believe in God today means that we are drawing nearer to the seven-year Tribulation every single day. The only good news to come out of this heartbreaking development is that Christ comes down to rapture His Church before it begins! So keep looking up my friends, because the King is coming!

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