“In their pride the wicked men do not seek Him; in all their thoughts there is no room for God.” – Psalm 10:4

PRIDE… It was the sin that caused Lucifer to fall. Today, he has influenced an entire generation to celebrate it. And he isn’t just getting them to celebrate pride, but pride in the sin of homosexuality. How could anyone with any Biblical knowledge believe that God is okay with this? As a man of God, it is my job to tell you that He is not. I may be deemed a hater and bigoted for doing so, but someone has to. So, it might as well be me. As I said about abortion in last week’s article, Christians need to start viewing the issues of this world through a Biblical Lens. Until we all collectively do, this nation will remain in a sinful mess.

Too many so-called Bible believers today are supporting the LGBT Pride movement. They have allowed their own minds and morality to trump the mind of God and the morals laid out throughout His Word. But I’m here to give all of you sleeping Christians and God-fearing Jews a wake-up call. I want you to seriously think about this… what other sin, mentioned in God’s Word, is celebrated by our society?

Is blasphemy celebrated? What about dishonoring parents? Theft? Murder? Coveting? Lust? Adultery? Gossip? Lying? Drunkenness? The answer is NO to all the above. Not one of these sins is celebrated in our society, because they are recognized for what they are: SIN. Why is homosexuality treated differently from all other sins mentioned in the Bible? I am pretty sure there are far more liars, gossipers, drunkards, adulterers, and thieves in the world than homosexuals. Why not celebrate them?

If you don’t think that it is right to do so, and you believe it is inherently wrong for those sinners to be proud of their lifestyles, then why would you support Gay Pride? Why wouldn’t you stand with the other sinners in their trespasses against God too? If you are going to say one sin is okay, then you might as well support them all. Otherwise, you are a hypocrite.

What exactly are gays so “proud” of in the first place? Have any of you ever pondered that? Are they proud of being what the LORD dubs “a sinner”? It sure seems like it. They don’t want to repent of an abominable lifestyle, because they don’t see anything wrong with it. They could care less what Almighty God thinks. They believe that He needs to “get with the times,” because they refuse to change their ways. Sodom and Gomorrah had thought the same way. How did they turn out?

The Pride movement today flaunts their debaucherous sin in the same way as the inhabitants of the depraved cities of old. They’ve even gone so far as to take God’s ancient symbol of His Covenant with mankind, the rainbow, and make it a symbol for rebellion against Him!

The Bible has been dubbed by much of the homosexual community as an outdated book, with archaic laws, that needs to be revised. They say that God needs to “evolve” into the 21st century. What they fail to realize is that God is “the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Malachi 3:6 & Hebrews 13:8). And I wrote a whole chapter about what He has said – and still says today – about LGBT “Pride” in my first book, The Signs of Our Times: 12 Biblical Reasons Why This Could Be the Generation of the Rapture. In today’s exclusive preview from the book, I’m sharing the first two pages of that chapter…

That’s all for this week’s sneak peek into my book. Next week, I’ll be addressing apostasy in the Church today. To read the entire chapter on LGBT Pride, head over to Amazon by clicking on the image below; or you can grab the book on Booksamillion, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Target, and at many other online retailers globally.

Friends, I have gay relatives and co-workers just like all of you. But I’ve also known every other kind of sinner you could think of. Just like with the other sinners, when a homoesexual asks me if what they’re doing is a sin, I’m honest with them. I don’t beat around the bush. I tell them that they need to repent every day just like I do, and just like every other sinner on the block. If you lie to them, and tell them they are “all good” or that “God loves them just the way they are,” then you’re partly responsible for them ending up in Hell at the end of the road.

You may think that you’re loving them by not telling them the truth, and that I’m hating them by not lying to them. At the end of the day, which of us is really doing God’s Will? Our Lord is coming back down soon, so we need to start telling ALL SINNERS the truth… before it’s too late.

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