“He gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.” – Revelation 16:16

This week, I’m going to talk about the final battle between God and Satan and good and evil on the earth – the Battle of Armageddon. What I came to discover in my studies is that there is really very little battle at all, when it comes to Antichrist versus Lord Jesus. A battle involves two parties fighting. But when Jesus shows up, He doesn’t even need to lift a finger against Antichrist. He simply defeats him with the words of His mouth. How demoralizing it will be for old Lucifer.

In this 13th installment of my 14-week series on the Book of Revelation, you’ll read a few pages from the chapter about Armageddon and the return of Christ from my book, THE COMING SIGNS OF OUR TIMES: A Guide for Those Who Are Left Behind in the Generation of Tribulation. Enjoy…

Armageddon is the one word synonymous with the End Times that is known to believers and unbelievers alike. What took me by surprise, in my research, is there’s far more to the Battle of Armageddon than I originally thought. I always assumed that the nations would gather in Megiddo when they come against Israel, and ultimately against Almighty God. Then, they’d be destroyed by our Lord in that place. It turns out that the war to end all wars is fought in multiple locations! This came as a big surprise to me. Sites of the battle between Antichrist’s armies and armies of our Lord are Babylon, Jerusalem, Bozrah in Jordan, and Megiddo.

I have come to discover that the least amount of confrontation between Jesus and the Antichrist will take place in Megiddo, and it serves as more of a staging area for the coalition of nations that take up arms alongside Antichrist. Armageddon stems from “Har Megiddo” (Hebrew), and means Mount Megiddo. It is a relatively small mountainous area in the Jezreel Valley, southeast of Haifa.

Taking a look back at Chapter 16, where Armageddon is first mentioned, we find that demonic spirits are sent forth from the mouths of the Satanic trinity – the dragon (Satan), the Antichrist (son of Satan), and the False Prophet (religious leader) – unto the kings “of the whole world.” These spirits will influence the world leaders to gather together at Megiddo for “the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” What message could have been sent to the kings that would lead them all to come against the Jewish State?

I believe the Two Witnesses being resurrected, and taken into Heaven in the sight of the whole world, will be a major blow to the kingdom of Antichrist. We read in Chapter 11 that the Jews of Jerusalem who survived the great earthquake, which followed the ascension of the Witnesses, gave glory to YHWH. This will cause Jews to finally see Antichrist for what he truly is: a false messiah representing Satan. As they preach this truth unto fellow Jews of Israel, who’d easily believe after witnessing the Beast commit the abomination of desolation inside their Temple’s Holy of Holies, the Beast will set out to destroy them. Thus, the message that will be sent out to the nations of the world will be an anti-Semitic one.

It will sound reminiscent of a speech by Hitler. Through the demonic spirits, the devil will speak the lie that the Jewish people are the reason for all catastrophes that befell Earth throughout the course of the past seven years. Antichrist might say it is because they continue to worship “the false god” (referring to YHWH and Lord Jesus Christ) why the world’s been plagued with the sores, darkness, great earthquakes, cosmic chaos, and historic disasters. To restore peace, calm, and normalcy to Planet Earth, he will say that the Jews and their Nation must be dealt with swiftly; and the kings of Earth will buy into his lies. Once the nations are gathered in Megiddo, Antichrist and his armies will meet them there.

Now, remember when I said that I thought the literal Babylon of the Mideast will be the headquarters of the Antichrist, and that it would fall in the near future? It is at this time that I foresee this prophecy being fulfilled. Due to the Beast taking all his firepower and military defenses out of his home base to make war on Jews in Israel, it will leave the door wide open for his enemies to come and destroy Babylon as Isaiah and Jeremiah prophesied long-ago. The prophecies of Babylon’s destruction “in the Day of the Lord” are found in Isaiah – Chapters 13 and 14, and Jeremiah – Chapters 50 and 51. These prophecies align with another about Antichrist in Daniel – Chapter 11:40-45.

I recommend that you read all of these Chapters and verses in one sitting, with Chapters 16 and 19 of Revelation, in order to see the complete picture of what God has planned for the Beast and his kingdom in the end. The aforementioned prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah say Jews in Israel will rejoice over the destruction of the global seat of the Antichrist. If the Beast didn’t loathe them before, he will have nothing but bloodthirsty murderous thoughts toward them now. This leads to the next phase of Armageddon. In his anger, Antichrist leads the armies of the world from Megiddo into the Holy City of Jerusalem to utterly destroy it.

When prophesying to His disciples about what would occur during the Great Tribulation, Lord Jesus said, “When ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh, Then let them which are in Judaea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto” (Luke 21:20-21, Matthew 24:16, and Mark 13:14). Through a thorough study of the Old Testament, I suspect that “the mountains” which the Jews flee to are in Jordan – specifically Bozrah (also known as Petra). It is a mountainous region filled with caves where they can hide themselves from the armies of Antichrist.

Israelis who do not heed that command of our Lord, to flee Jerusalem, will fall victim to Antichrist’s violent siege of the City. Zechariah 14:2 says “the city shall be taken, houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity.” During his campaign against Jerusalem, Antichrist sends some of his army to destroy the remnant of the Jews that fled to Bozrah. When he is finished with the Holy City, he too will head to Jordan to finish off the Jews that fled; but, to his dismay, he is going to find that Someone else had already beat him there.

Yes, just when Satan thinks he is finally victorious over God’s people, after destroying much of their God-given Holy Land, the second greatest event in history occurs – the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!

That’s it for this week’s preview from the book. To read more about the final battle, head on over to Amazon and grab the book today (click on the image below). You can also grab all of my books on Barnes and Noble, Booksamillion, Walmart, or at many other online book retailers globally.

Next week, I finally close out this series on Revelation with a study on the NEW HEAVEN AND NEW EARTH. If you’ve ever wondered just how amazing God’s Holy Heaven is, next week I will give you a glimpse from the Word of God. Don’t miss it! Until then, keep looking up friends; because our Lord is en route to take His faithful servants up there ALIVE in the Rapture real soon! HalleluYah.

“And the Lord shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one Lord, and his name one.” – Zechariah 14:9

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