I have been warning since the idea for universal vote-by-mail was first floated that it would be a disaster and be ripe for widespread fraud. Well, now that we’re three days from Election Day, what we have witnessed regarding the mail-in votes has proved everything I’ve warned about to be true – especially in my home state of Michigan.

President Donald Trump was leading big on November 3rd in virtually every battleground state, but then millions and millions of mail-in ballots rolled in and never stopped (even after Election Day). The proof of the fraud is that the Election was literally halted in the middle of the night, and Democrat-run states (in which Trump was leading big) just stopped counting votes. I can never remember an Election in my lifetime where any state just flat-out stopped counting votes on Election night, let alone every state that mattered most in the end. It is unheard of.

That’s when I began to see clearly that the left-wing lamestream media like CNN, big tech (Facebook/Twitter/Google), and the Democrat Party were not going to allow Donald Trump to win reelection. I realized we were in the midst of a coup to overthrow the sitting President by any means necessary – and, in this case, it would be through rampant Election fraud.

The Dems are using the mail-in-voting as their tool to put Biden over the top in the end.

The Media will not report on any of the fraudulent activity and says it is all “conspiracy theories of the Right” – while calling Trump unhinged and a disgrace for even suggesting that the Election is being stolen from him (WHICH IT IS).

Big Tech censors the President like they have been doing for months, but this time more than ever. Over 50% of his tweets have been flagged and censored on Twitter since Election night, while NOT ONE of Joe Biden’s tweets have ever been censored.

Think about that… the sitting President and leader of the free world cannot speak to the American people because some liberal who runs a social media app doesn’t like him. What kind of country are we living in where some left-wing Silicon Valley nut job has more power over what we see and hear than the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America?!

This is insane.

The Facebook police have also been flagging any and every Election post that does not follow the Biden narrative or that is exposing the many cases of fraud across this country. I will highlight many of those later in this article.

First, I want to take you back to how this coup all began – back to November 3rd. I was so enthused that Trump was winning my state by a wide margin, because I knew that if he kept it up then there was no way that the Dems would be able to pull the shady fraud through mail-in ballots that I had long been warning about. Sadly, in the end, I would be 100% spot-on about what I initially expected them to do.

I live in a city in Michigan that went for Obama twice, but I was pleasantly surprised to see more and more Trump yard signs, flags, and enthusiasm for the President spreading like wildfire in my area. I believed that all of the polls about Michigan (and virtually every other state) were manufactured by the Left and just plain false. On Election night, I was proven right.

They were all off by leaps and bounds. Most polls had Trump losing by margins of 6-17 points. Yet, in just about every state, he either beat Biden or was behind Biden by 2 points or less. No one should believe the mainstream political polls ever again, because they weren’t just wrong, they were wrong by a longshot.

To give you an idea of just how wrong they were, the polls had Trump down (on average) in the battleground states between 5-10 points (at least). They had him down in every major poll parroted by the lamestream media. Yet, on Election night, President Trump actually LED Joe Biden by 4 in Wisconsin, 6 in Georgia, 9 in Michigan, and 14 in Pennsylvania! So, that means that every major poll was off by double digits in the states that mattered most. And I believe that they were intentionally wrong, in order to help the Democrat Party by discouraging Trump voters from showing up on Election Day.

Thank God, their obvious bias for the Dems just fired up conservatives like me to walk over hot coals or through a blizzard to vote for President Trump on Tuesday. I was surely not alone given the record Election Day turnout for Republicans. Our turnout was so much higher than 2016, when Trump defeated Clinton in a landslide, and it was looking like we had another massive Trump sweep of the nation happening on Election night. Sadly, the Democrats saw we had one coming too. So, what did they do? In the middle of the night, with 65-90% of the votes in for the battleground states that would determine the Presidency, they STOPPED COUNTING THE VOTES.

Just stopped. No explanation. I would later find out why they did, and it would be the most important part of their scheme to overthrow the President. Trump was obviously not happy, and came out to address the nation in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. He knew Dems were up to no good, and he said, “Millions and millions of people voted for us tonight. And a very sad group of people is trying to disenfranchise that group of people. And we won’t stand for it.”

Bear in mind, that at this time of the night, Trump was leading by 105,000 votes in Wisconsin, 300,000 in Michigan, and 700,000 in Pennsylvania. These were the states that he flipped from Clinton in 2016 that led to his surprise victory. He appeared to be on course to do the same thing with Biden. Yet, instead of calling the states for Trump, the lamestream media halted the Election. I was so angry and stressed that I finally went to bed around 3 in the morning.

When I woke up about noon on Wednesday, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Somehow, when the counting started back up again, Trump went from leading by 300,000 votes in my home state to actually losing to Biden by about 50,000! What in the world was going on?! How does Biden gain 350,000 votes and Trump gains virtually none? Something was definitely fishy. I soon found out the reason for Biden’s surge.

In the dead of the night, a Michigan poll watcher reported a truckload of mail-in votes arriving in the Detroit ballot-counting center at 4:00 am in the morning. About an hour after the count in Michigan was halted. Sean Davis reported on Twitter that over 138,000 mail-in ballots are what had arrived, and magically EVERY SINGLE ONE was a vote for Biden-Harris. Every last one!

If it were a drop of 10 votes. I wouldn’t question it. If it were 50 votes, I still wouldn’t question it. If it were 100 votes “all for Biden,” then I would start to question it. But nearly 140,000 votes were added to the vote count at one time in my state – ALL FOR BIDEN. That is mathematically and statistically impossible. Especially given the widespread support for Trump all across Michigan.

Trump didn’t even get 10,000 of that 140,000? He didn’t even get 1,000 out of 140,000? He didn’t even get 100 out of 140,000? He didn’t get ONE VOTE out of 140,000! At the same exact time, Wisconsin added about 65,000 mail-in ballots to the count, and NONE for Donald Trump. This was obvious fraud. No one can dispute this fact.

As I’ve already said, I warned for months that governor Whitmer, her Democrat AG, and Democrat SOS, had an emergency plan in place if Trump was leading big on Election night. I said they would keep counting mail-in ballots until Biden won. This is exactly what they did. This is why my state and the other Dem-run states all stopped counting. They literally had to figure out how many ballots they needed for Biden to catch up and eventually pull ahead in the vote count. My state of Michigan was STOLEN from President Trump, as well as Wisconsin, and most likely Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

Reports started to surface, after the 140,000 Biden vote dump, that Republican poll watchers (including members of Trump’s Campaign team) were either being thrown out of the counting location or not allowed entry. The Democrat poll watchers were never thrown out and never denied entry. On top of that, Democrat officials at the location began to cover the windows (that allow citizens to watch the vote counting from a designated area to report fraud) so that no one could see inside. This was completely illegal and obvious proof that something nefarious was taking place in Detroit.

I have no doubt that my Trump-hating governor, Adolf Whitmer, was behind it all. She loathes the man. This led to the Trump Campaign suing the State of Michigan on Wednesday afternoon for blocking his watchers (not only in Detroit, but across the state) from vote-counting locations. In a statement, Campaign manager Bill Stepien said, “As votes in Michigan continue to be counted, the presidential race in the state remains extremely tight as we always knew it would be. President Trump’s Campaign has not been provided with meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process, as guaranteed by Michigan law.”

Whitmer and her goons in Michigan did exactly what I said they would. They saw Trump had too big of a lead for Biden to overcome late on Election night, and so they manifested hundreds of thousands of Democrat mail-in ballots out of thin air to give the state over to Joe Biden. This led me to proclaim that this is the most fraudulent and corrupt Election in the history of my state and this nation.

Sadly, there was even more fraud taking place in my state. St. Clair County, a fairly conservative area of Michigan where I grew up as a kid, votes in favor of Trump and Republicans 2-1. A State Representative, Shane Hernandez, contacted his County Clerk when he saw reports of President Trump winning 0 absentee votes in the County. The Clerk, Jay Deboyer, told Hernandez that it was a mistake because he had “hit the wrong button.” The count has since been corrected, but it makes you wonder where else these “mistakes” happened in Michigan and across the United States.

In Antrim County, a “software glitch” incorrectly directed votes to Biden that were meant for Trump. Biden originally led there by about 3,000 votes. When the mistake was fixed, Trump won the county by around 2,500 votes. 47 other counties in Michigan use this same software, and 30 other states! So, how many other counties stole thousands of votes from Trump?

On top of that, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas posted a video on social media of a USPS whistleblower in Traverse City, Michigan, detailing a directive from his superiors at the Post Office to “back-date late mail-in ballots as received November 3rd so that they can be counted.” Any ballots not dated November 3rd are invalid in Michigan. So this directive by the USPS is a crime.

This is not the only USPS whistleblower that O’Keefe has spoken with. There is one from Erie, Pennsylvania, who was also ordered by his “anti-Trump” postmaster to back-date ballots. And there is another from Nevada who was caught on tape telling a man that he could give him a stack of mail-in ballots that were sent to addresses where the targeted voters had moved. O’Keefe says that he continues to receive reports by whistleblowers in the USPS in the major battleground states and will continue to post his conversations with them on social media. Just search for “James O’Keefe” on Facebook and Twitter. I have also shared these videos on my social media accounts.

That’s not all in my state of Michigan though. Over 500 mail-in ballots for Trump were reportedly found dumped in the trash at the Marysville Voting Precinct. And voters in “Republican areas” of Michigan, as well as in Arizona, were given Sharpie markers to fill out their ballots. I always vote in person, and it specifically says in the voting instructions to only use black or blue ink pens. If you use anything else, even for mail-in ballots, then your ballot is declared invalid and thrown out. Also, the voting machines will not properly read ballots marked with Sharpies.

Yet, according to one Michigan voter, she was told by the poll workers that the markers got approved by the governor because the “pen made it hard to fully fill the circles.” I, personally, believe that I witnessed voter fraud at my voting location in Wayne County.

A young girl, no older than 18 or 19, walked in and gave her personal information to the poll worker. I overheard them tell her that she was “already registered to vote-by-mail,” so they couldn’t allow her to vote in person too. She began to give them the story that she never received it, and they were looking into what they could do for her. A few minutes later, her story changed. She then started to say that she really wanted to vote but that her “parents took her ballot.” Before I left, I witnessed them allowing the girl to vote in person. So, this girl had potentially voted twice.

I wonder how many young anti-Trump teens across the U.S. tried this same thing at their local polls? I also wonder if they were told to (or even paid to) by Democrat operatives. I sure wouldn’t doubt it for one second. It appears as if the Dems covered all bases in their plot to unseat the President. My state of Michigan is far from alone in the fraud department.

Both Philadelphia and Las Vegas had also barred Republican observers from their counting locations, while Democrat watchers were allowed. Fulton County Republican observers in Georgia were told to go home on Wednesday morning because they were halting the count and would start again later in the day. When the Republicans left, they continued to count the ballots in secret.

Also in Georgia, earlier today Trump led by 13,000 votes. CNN said that there were 7,000 invalid ballots in one particular county and that the “voter intent was not clear.” This means that the ballots cannot be counted. Yet, the CNN reporter said, “of those 7,000, there are 12,000 that will be fixed and added to the count.” WAIT… WHAT?! 12,000 of 7,000? That is sure some fuzzy math!

Dems knew that they needed 13,000 votes to gain on Trump, so they manufactured 12,000 out of invaid ballots?! On top of that, they manifested 5,000 extra ballots out of thin air?! CNN had basically highlighted voter fraud in Georgia on live television. Unbelievable.

But that’s not all! Poll workers in Philadelphia were caught on camera wearing Biden-Harris facemasks. It is against the law, even for citizens, to wear campaign gear to a polling location – and especially for actual poll workers! There are also many videos of vote-counters (which I’ve shared on my social media accounts) in virtually every battleground state ripping up ballots, filling out ballots themselves, and even one man angrily flipping off ballots before throwing them in the trash.

These were obviously not conservatives. We do not behave that way, and no matter how much we dislike the other party we could never cheat or steal – as it is against God’s Law. Many of the Democrats don’t even believe in God anymore, and so they are willing to do anything to help their cause and achieve victory for their side – even if that means committing fraud. Some of them would murder their own family in exchange for having Trump out of office. They hate the man that much.

They have even called on “the dead” to help them get rid of this President. Judicial Watch found nearly 2-Million “Ghost Voters” across 30 States. 14,000 deceased Michiganders voted in Wayne County alone.

The Dems created a fake pandemic, fake polls, and now fake votes to seat their FAKE PRESIDENT. There is no possible way that a man who could not even draw a crowd of more than 20 supporters at his rallies won the “largest Popular Vote in American history.” The only way he ever could is if the Democrats, with the help of their media and big tech allies, stole the Election. And that, my friends, is exactly what they have done.

We cannot let them get away with this crime of the century – if not the biggest crime in the history of our nation. There MUST be recounts in every state that Trump led big in on Election night but has since “lost.” Counts must be done by non-partisan Americans who did not vote for either candidate in 2020. This will prove that the President has been reelected and that the Dems are beyond guilty of fraud! If the President and his team do not want to hold mass recounts, or if they are not allowed to by the states, then we must hold another Election in the traditional way. Vote in person or not at all. Otherwise, Democrats may succeed in stealing the White House.

I know that this Election is stressful, disconcerting, and disappointing, because of all the shady illegal stuff being done by the Dems, but in this late hour of the Election we cannot give up or give in. We are truly in the battle for the Judeo-Christian soul of our nation. We have done our part and cast our votes, and now it is our duty to PRAY.

The LORD can and will intervene and expose the fraud, but He won’t just do it. He expects us to do our part and do the work He has given us to do. He expects us to fight for our country. He is always listening, so we must all be praying. He will hear.

This Election is not over. No matter how many “news” networks proclaim that Joe Biden has won the Presidency. He hasn’t. His party STOLE this Election. That is a fact.

Pray without ceasing my friends, because we cannot surrender to the enemy. Perhaps Trump may still win. But given the neverending mail-in votes pouring in for Biden, it doesn’t seem like the left-wing media is going to allow that to happen. They will keep counting until their guy wins, but we know who really won.

At the end of the day, lawsuits have been filed in multiple states and this may end in the Supreme Court. This Election may be the reason why God let Trump appoint three conservative Justices during his first term as President – to ensure a SECOND TERM. Lord willing. So, don’t give up hope my friends. We will weather this storm, and eventually all of the dirty deeds that the Dems have done in the dark will be brought to light.

Until then, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

May God bless President Trump and Vice President Pence with 4 more years in Lord Jesus Christ’s most holy name and for the LORD’s greater glory, AMEN.

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