We are just three days away from one of the (if not THE) most crucial and important elections of our lifetimes in this nation. America is on the verge of falling back into the dark days of the Obama/Biden years, or we will hopefully be blessed to continue living under a President who defends Christians, Jews, and Israel.

The left-wing lamestream media, along with corrupt Democrat state leaders, have done everything they possibly can to thwart Donald Trump winning a second term. Sadly, even if Trump wins, they may keep counting mail-in ballots until they come up with enough to declare Biden the victor. If President Trump loses to Joe Biden, there can be doubt that the Election was rigged.

I aim to do everything in my power to prevent that, and so I recently recorded my 2020 Election Special to show every Christian and Jew in this country how those who fear God should be voting on Tuesday. I break down and compare the platforms and ideologies of Trump and Republicans with those of Biden and the Dems. If you know a Bible believer who’s on the fence this Election season, share this informative video with them.

Also, please share the image below across social media, so that our fellow Americans have a clear picture of the differences between the presidential candidates and their parties.

Get out and vote for President Trump and VP Pence to be reelected, and vote RED up and down the ballot. Donald Trump may not be perfect, nor are many of the Republicans, but the alternative will send this nation straight to hell. Thus, there is no alternative! We have no other choice but #TRUMP2020.

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