AKA JANE ROE: From Pro-Choice Poster Child to Pro-Life Christian – The TRUE Story of Norma McCorvey

A new FX documentary-film about the woman behind the alias “Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade airs this weekend, and it is filled with half-truths and flat-out lies.

The perverted director, Nick Sweeney, conducted a series of interviews with Norma McCorvey (the real name of Jane Roe) during the final year of her life in 2017. Those who knew Norma personally, like my friends the Benham Brothers (Jason and David) and their father “Flip,” were disgusted when they saw how this nobody filmmaker twisted and manipulated her words to paint a false picture of who she really was.

Sweeney claims he received a “deathbed confession” from Norma that she was never really pro-life at all, and only joined the movement because “she was paid.” He floated his so-called “bombshell” to the liberal lamestream media, and they’ve eaten it up. CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, and so many other leftist news organizations, are all running headlines that say “Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) Only Supported Anti-Abortion Groups for the Money.”

Of course, those “unbiased” and “nonpartisan” news orgs did absolutely no fact-checking (as usual) on Sweeney’s erroneous claims. I, for one, will take the word of those who knew her for the last 20+ years of her life, as opposed to a headline-seeking failing director who knew her for less than a year.

Before I expose what a sick Godless loser this Nick Sweeney is, I want to share the TRUE STORY of the woman a.k.a. Jane Roe – through historical facts, consistent beliefs that she held throughout the last two decades of her life, direct quotes from the woman herself (not taken out of context), and through testimonies from those who knew her personally. Let me begin with…


After an early life of hardship, sexual confusion, and abuse, young Norma was going to be thrust into the spotlight as the central character in what has been one of the most polarizing debates of the past 50 years – abortion “rights.”

In 1970, McCorvey was five-months pregnant with her third child. Because she was not mature enough to be a mother at the time, she gave her first child to her mother and put the second up for adoption. When she sought to abort the third child, she was unable to do so because of Texas anti-abortion laws. She was put in touch with two left-wing lawyers who were desperately trying to build a case against the State’s laws banning abortion.

Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee were the two Dallas attorneys who propped her up in front of the tv cameras as “Jane Roe,” and her case eventually reached the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973. In the infamous Roe v. Wade decision, the court ruled 7-2 in her favor and essentially legalized abortion-on-demand nationwide. Here is what will shock many supporters of the Roe v. Wade decision…

Jane Roe NEVER aborted her baby.

She ended up having the child and putting it up for adoption. So the woman who became an overnight left-wing celebrity, as the poster child for the pro-choice movement, never had an abortion!

In the aftermath of the case, and because of her new reputation, Norma found work in women’s clinics (abortion mills) and speaking at pro-choice events for the next two decades. She was desperate for money and belonging, and they treated her like a legend. Yet, something was missing in her life…


Though she had acquired fame and recognition for being “Jane Roe,” deep down she needed something more. She needed to be loved, not praised. She needed to feel accepted and forgiven for her poor life choices – by her Creator.

At that time, the people that she had surrounded herself with could not provide either. Luckily, as is most always the case, God seeks us out before we ever begin seeking Him. In 1995, the Dallas Women’s Clinic that McCorvey was working at had gotten some new neighbors – Operation Rescue, a pro-life Christian group that ministered to women seeking abortions to prevent the murder of innocent children in the womb.

One of her new neighbors, specifically, would unquestionably be God’s tool to bring Norma out of the darkness and into the light of Christ. That man would be “Flip” Benham, who was National Director of Operation Rescue at the time. Though, one of his first notable confrontations with McCorvey was not a friendly one to say the least.

Before moving next door to her clinic, he had protested a book signing for her first autobiography, I AM ROE. He shouted loudly at her, “Norma McCorvey, your lie ushered in the wholesale slaughter of over 35-million baby boys and girls! You ought to be ashamed of yourself.” She said that it had crushed her, and he has said that he knew afterward that the statement grieved God’s heart. He hoped that someday he would have the chance to apologize. When Operation Rescue became Norma’s new neighbors, the Lord was going to give Flip that chance.

He recalls that, when walking to his office one morning, he saw Norma having one of her cigarette breaks on the bench in front of her clinic. He knew that he needed to apologize to her. So, he went and sat down next to her and said, “Miss Norma, Miss Norma, where do we go from here?” And, still mad at him, she responded, “I don’t know Flip.”

He then asked her to forgive him for his words that day at the book signing, and she did. She has since said that was a moment that won her heart. Immediately after their talk on the bench, she went back into the mill, shut her office door, turned off the lights, and she cried.

Flip says, from that day forward, Norma knew that those pro-life Christians in the building next to her truly cared for her. This had been the thing that she was long searching for, and that she was missing, in the pro-choice crowd – people that truly cared for Norma McCorvey, and not just her political alias. Flip has said that the pro-choice movement was always more concerned with the cause of “Jane Roe,” than they were with the person of “Norma McCorvey.”

A few short months after their confrontation on the bench, Norma gave her life to Christ and repented of her sins of abortion advocacy, homosexuality, and anything else in her life that God says is wrong. The news media was all over the story immediately. They could not believe that the Biblically-hostile “Roe” of Roe v. Wade had turned her back on the movement she was the poster child for, and had become the embodiment of everything that she had long stood against – a pro-life Christian. HalleluYah!

This is the story that the FX documentary should have been about.

“When I think about Norma, one of her yearnings in life was to be good. Being the poster child of the pro-choice movement — she got to be a hero, she got to meet celebrities, she got to have applause and give speeches. But with the Christians, they told her she was finally GOOD.” – Charlotte Taft (Dallas abortion provider)

Before her decision to give her life to Lord Jesus, Flip would have his secretary and her daughters make Norma cookies; and he’d even invited McCorvey and her lesbian partner, Connie, over to his home for dinner on multiple occasions.

Following her conversion, when it came time for her to be baptized, she called Flip and asked him to do the honors. He gladly obliged. When asked about the sincerity of her newfound Faith and Biblical worldview in television interviews, she would say, “I’m a Jesus freak.”

To top it all off, she moved from her office in the abortion clinic to Operation Rescue next door. If this isn’t the type of feel-good story that movies are made of, then I don’t know what is. She actually started her own pro-life outreach group, known as Roe No More.

Norma McCorvey went home to be with the Lord on February 18th, 2017, at 69-years-old.

After hearing about the nature of this new FX documentary, and how the director plays soundbites of Norma out of context in order to make her say what he wanted her to say to push his pro-choice agenda, Flip Benham put out this press release –

“Anyone can gather facts, grab statements and twist them to tell a lie. This is what happened to my dying friend, Miss Norma McCorvey.

Having only seen the Trailer of the “AKA Jane Roe” documentary, I looked up the guy who did the documentary (Nick Sweeney) and found that he is involved in some very odd stuff, like Transgender Robots and all things sexual revolution. I had no idea (even when he interviewed me).

Without knowing Christ, it would be impossible for Mr. Sweeney to understand the real Norma McCorvey and the transformation Jesus did in her life. Sweeney knew her for a few months – I knew her for more than three decades.

Norma was outrageously playful. Outrageously silly. Outrageously in love with a God whose outrageous love for her knew no bounds. No matter how deep the pit she would get herself into, she found that Jesus was deeper still.

We never paid Miss Norma a penny. We certainly helped Miss Norma and Miss Connie Gonzales (her lesbian partner at the time) to get back on their feet after Jasbur Ahluwalia, the owner and abortionist at “A Choice for Women,” fired them. They had no source of income. Many in our group would donate to help them get along. But we did this for all the abortion mill employees who quit their jobs and trusted Jesus. We would help them find work, find church homes, take care of their kids, whatever we could do for them we did.

We also did this for abortion minded mothers who desperately needed help. We took care of them. This is what Christians do—we still do this today.

“AKA Jane Roe” in no way reflects the real history and miracle of faith that transformed both Miss Norma and Miss Connie. It is, unfortunately, Nick Sweeney’s attempt to rewrite history and shoehorn statements from a dying, hurting woman into his truncated and perverted view of life.

I saw that he got Miss Norma on tape saying some pretty outrageous things. Again, I have not seen the full video, but that was just Norma being Norma. Those who knew her best, know this. She was, indeed, utterly unfiltered and a whole lot of fun. Yet, she could also be very fickle and hard-headed (just like me!) And she said many things that were simply not true at times, only to come back and set the record straight. This was simply part of her maturing walk with Jesus.

Yet in her dying days, this FX documentary has sought to redefine the life-changing legacy of Jesus Christ for over three decades in Norma McCorvey’s life…all with a few, flippant statements. Sad.

And now she no longer can come back and set the record straight. This is simply how the media works these days – manipulate as many facts and soundbites as possible to tell a lie. Even worse, to manipulate the emotions of a sickly, dying woman to push your narrative.

My boys spoke with Miss Norma before her death…and they were just as shocked as me to see this new story. David simply said, “Dad, isn’t it convenient to release this when she’s dead, because I know Norma well enough that she’d come right back and demand these people set the record straight.”

A Scripture that came to my mind after seeing these reports sums up what I believe about “AKA Jane Roe”— “You intended to harm me. But God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Genesis 50:20

His well known sons, David and Jason, put out this statement on Facebook –

“Our Dad actually was filmed by the crew, but he had no idea what their true agenda behind this was – to invalidate the power of the Gospel in such a polarizing individual’s life. He was shocked when he saw the trailer.

The producer of this film got Ms. Norma to say exactly what he wanted her to say and conveniently released this after her death. That’s nice.

You can get all the soundbites and facts you want…and then manipulate them to tell a lie. Isn’t that how media works these days?”

If anyone is wondering why I called this Nick Sweeney loser a “perverted director” to open this article, just take a look at the names of some of his past documentaries






This sicko seems to have an obsession with transgender children and sex robots. Dude has some serious issues. Is he really someone whose word you can trust? Rather than men who fear God, and who believe that lying and false witness are sins against the LORD of Heaven and Earth?

I’ll believe the men that I have long known to be honest and trustworthy. I’ll believe the men that have known Norma McCorvey for decades. And on top of all this, I’ll believe NORMA…

“I’m 100 percent pro-life. I don’t believe in abortion even in an extreme situation. If the woman is impregnated by a rapist, it’s still a child. You’re not to act as your own God.” – Norma McCorvey (Associated Press 1998)

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