COMBATING SOCIAL MEDIA SUPPRESSION: Here’s What The Tech Giants Never Let You See

Over the course of the past seven years, I’m sure someone has heard me complain about suppression on the big Social Media platforms. If you are a Bible-thumping Christian and are Conservative-minded politically, chances are very good that you’ve been suppressed too, shadowbanned, or flat-out blocked from most of your friends and followers. This has been my neverending story on Farce-book and Twitter.

It doesn’t matter how many friends I add, how many pages or groups I have, or how many new followers I get, only 1% of you are actually shown my book or website content. You read that right… ONE PERCENT.

So, though I may have over 2,000 like-minded friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter, only about 20 of you – on a good day – actually see my content that I share. Out of over 2,000! That makes it very difficult to spread the word about new articles y’all would be interested in, or to make you aware that I’ve written not one, not two, but now THREE books on Bible Prophecy.

I guarantee that 90% of my friends and followers would be interested in reading the books, but most of you are unaware that they are even out there. That is because the liberal powers that be from the 2 Social Media giants don’t want you to know. My views and beliefs run completely counter to what they want you to believe.

If you are a Bible-preaching believer on Social Media, it is impossible to not notice their agenda to indoctrinate Americans with a Biblically-hostile, left-wing, liberal worldview. If you run counter to that worldview, you will be shut down from reaching your followers as I have. I wrote about their agenda in my second book, Even More Signs of Our Times.

They want to squash the Biblical worldview and reshape the nation to their liking. You are all viewed as sheep who must be reprogrammed from your traditional Judeo-Christian mindsets. If you don’t follow the Shepherd, Lord Jesus, then you are going to ultimately be deceived to follow the devil.

I’ve tried many methods to get my content seen by those who would be interested, and some strategies have worked a little bit but not significant enough to move the dial in my favor. If I share a photo with my kitty or family, Facebook lets you see that. Those photos get hundreds of views.

If I share a quick message on the platform about my day, hundreds of you see it in your newsfeeds. But, God forbid, I actually try to share a link to any of my books with y’all or an advertisement for them to those who would be interested… 99% percent of you will NOT see it.

Though 1% of you see these articles, because my website has been virtually blacklisted on Farce-book and Twitter, at least more of you will be made aware that my books have indeed been released and are out there. Not only are they on Amazon, but also on Barnes and Noble, Booksamillion, Wal-Mart, Audible, iTunes, and many other big online book retailers across the world.

Below, you will find picture links to the books in the biggest online stores that I mentioned above. Just click on the images to be taken to those stores.

If you grab any of them, please be sure to leave reviews wherever you do. It helps keep them ranked high enough where others searching can easily find them. First, the best place to find them all in every format – paperback, ebook, and audiobook – is Amazon. Click on the images below to be taken there.

You can listen to all 3 on Audible

Or on iTunes

Find them on Barnes & Noble

Or on Booksamillion

Even on Wal-Mart‘s website –

Want the best price? Search Google

Buying internationally? Here are some sites outside of the U.S. –







You can buy them all right here on this website as well –

Don’t see your favorite book retailer listed? Just search “MICHAEL SAWDY” wherever you shop. If you don’t see my books on a large bookstore’s website, contact them and ask them to carry my series. Also, if you find my book on a website not listed here, let me know where so I can add the site here.

I hope that more of you now know my books are out and available, and that you will share this article to spread the word. Thanks for your interest and support and God bless!