The wait is finally over, because the third book in the “Signs of Our Times” series is LIVE on Amazon – and just in time for Christmas! Besides the Holy Bible, this is one of very few gifts you can give your loved ones that will keep on giving long after you’re gone!

While my first two books were primarily written for fellow believers, and were all about the signs heralding the Rapture in our generation, “The COMING Signs of Our Times” is all about what comes AFTER the world-changing event and was written for those who will be left behind.

It is subtitled “A Guide for Those Who Are Left Behind in the Generation of Tribulation,” because it will teach them about everything that is going to take place during the 7-year period of Hell on Earth. Obviously, it is not solely for them. It wouldn’t sell one copy if it was, simply because we have not yet been raptured and so there currently are no “left behind.”

It is also written for believers today (even unbelievers) who have always wanted to understand the Book of Revelation but have never quite been able to. Through countless hours of studying every word of the Book, and research of about a dozen Bible Prophecy teachers and books, I give a chapter by chapter and verse by verse commentary that is easy for anyone to understand.

There are tons of books on Revelation that concentrate on modern-day fantastical conspiracy theories like “Planet X” or “Reptilians.” This is not one of those books. This book examines what the Book of Revelation actually says, and comes to the best possible conclusion of what the text actually means. I walk you through the meaning of –

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Seven Seals

The 144,000 Sealed

The Seven Trumpets

The Antichrist

The False Prophet

The Mark of the Beast

The Third Temple

The Two Witnesses

The 7 Vials of 7 Plagues

Mystery Babylon the Great

The Battle of Armageddon

Christ’s Second Coming

A New Heaven and a New Earth

You can currently get the book in Paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon, and the Audiobook will be arriving before Christmas! Any of my paperbacks will make great stocking stuffers this Christmas, and especially this new one! I said that it has eternal benefits because it not only will guide your unsaved family and friends through the 7-year Tribulation, but it will hopefully lead them to salvation in our Lord!

Also, if you do not have any of my books yet, you can now buy ALL THREE UNDER ONE COVER in “The Trilogy“!

I hope that you will all enjoy this new book, and will leave a review on Amazon or wherever you purchase it soon. Please spread the word about the book on Social Media, as you all know that Facebook and Twitter suppress any posts about my books and this website. They can’t shadowban all of us!

Thank you all for the continued interest and support. May God bless you all with a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a blessed New Year. KEEP LOOKING UP!

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