The wait is almost over. THIS Saturday, the third book in the Signs of Our Times series will arrive. While the first two books in the series were about signs heralding the Rapture of Christ’s Church, THE COMING Signs of Our Times will be about what comes AFTER the world-changing event. It will be a guide for all those who are left behind to endure the 7-Year Tribulation.

It will also be a Chapter-by-Chapter, verse-by-verse, study of much of the Book of Revelation for those who have always had a hard time understanding it. It is the most mysterious and misunderstood Book in the entire Holy Bible. There are so many false teachers out there today who try to twist it to mean whatever they want it to mean, or who allegorize the text to make it more “believable” today. I actually examine what the text really says and present the best possible explanation.

You will not read about any of the fantastical “Planet X” or “Reptilian” conspiracy theories in my book. You will read about what the Book of Revelation actually says and teaches, without any influence of modern-day fringe beliefs inserted into the text.

There is one subject in particular in the Book which will always remain a “mystery” until the Lord reveals the identity of the figure. So, you will hear endless speculation across Bible Prophecy websites or on YouTube about who or what it could be. I cannot promise that my assumptions about who or what it is are 100% accurate, because we won’t know for certain until the Tribulation Hour is actually here. And thank God, us Bible-believing Christians will not be here to find out! The figure that I’m speaking of is known as “MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT.”

After studying dozens of books on the figure, by many great Bible teachers, I came to the best possible conclusion that I could. I lay out my strong case for the identity of this mysterious woman in the longest chapter of the book. So, I wanted to share a preview of that portion of the book for this final sneak peek into THE COMING Signs of Our Times

Chapter 11: Babylon the Great is Fallen

“I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.” – REVELATION 17:3-5

Throughout this book, you have heard me speak of Babylon a great deal. That is because it is an essential piece of the Great Tribulation. It is the only city, besides Jerusalem, that is mentioned numerous times in the Book of Revelation. Babylon receiving its long overdue judgment from God is so important that the LORD did not confine it to one sentence, one verse, one paragraph, or to even one Chapter; but He took two Chapters and over 40 verses to describe the fall of Babylon in great detail. This is because, from the earliest times of humanity on the earth, it has always been both the geographical and spiritual home of all that stands in opposition to the true God of Heaven and Earth.

I believe that Mystery, Babylon the Great and the great city of Babylon, mentioned in chapters 17 and 18 of Revelation represent both a spiritual city and a literal city. The first Babylon will be a false religious system, and the second will be the city in which that religion is headquartered. I also believe that literal Babylon itself, in the Middle East, will serve as the headquarters for the Antichrist. I know this is a lot to digest, and it may even be confusing to some, but I will lay out my arguments for these theories in great detail.

To begin, I want to present a brief history of the city that has given birth to all that has ever been anti-God in this world. It will explain why the LORD uses the name Babylon to describe the false religion that will eventually become the One-World-Religion of the Antichrist, and why He also uses the name to describe the city that the religion calls home. There are about 300 references to Babylon throughout the Holy Bible – and none of them are good. Babylon has always been representative of sin and rebellion against the God of gods – YHWH.

It was the Capital of Earth’s first Godless world dictator – Nimrod; and I suspect that it will also be the Capital of the final world dictator – the Antichrist. Nimrod’s name means “rebel” and the correct translation of Genesis 10:9 reads, “Nimrod the mighty hunter in defiance of the Lord.” Babylon is the location where Nimrod gathered the peoples of the earth together to build the Tower of Babel. All of the world’s false religions have stemmed forth from Babylon, along with all pagan occultic practices that have been ignorantly or willfully inserted into most religions of the world. Also, sexual immorality was widespread in the city.

The name Babylon actually means “the Gate of the gods.” I believe this title implies that it is a supernatural hot spot for the coming and going of demonic spirits (who are the false gods of the world – Allah/Baal, Bel, Molech, etc.). The Scriptures back up my theory, as we read in Revelation (Chapter 9) that the demons were loosed from “the great river Euphrates.” Babylon was built as a port town on the Euphrates. This is where I believe that Satan’s seat (worldly throne) is located, and where he will set it up literally and visibly when Antichrist rebuilds the city to be the Capital of his kingdom.

For the above reasons, it makes perfect sense that all religions of the world worshipping deities other than the LORD would have originated in Babylon. The One-World-Religion, which is brought into existence by the False Prophet, will likely be birthed through Mystery Babylon. Believe it or not, this spiritual Babylon will originally be rooted in Christianity but will turn its back on the true God. It will then unite all religions of the world together to worship the Antichrist as God. That is why we are going to find that this mysterious woman is referred to as a “whore” and a “harlot,” symbolizing spiritual infidelity.

So, who is this woman exactly? Will she always remain a mystery? Is there any way that we can know her identity today? I believe that we can. After closely examining all that John reveals about her in Chapter 17 (and I will break it all down for you verse-by-verse), it is hard to deny that she sounds a lot like the most powerful global church in all of Christianity today – the Roman Catholic Church.

Before I go any further, I want to be clear about a few things. #1: We will not know for certain just who she is until the rise of the Antichrist and his False Prophet during the Great Tribulation. Until that time, any theory that I or any other Bible Prophecy teacher present is mere speculation. #2: I am not anti-Catholic, and this is not an attack on those who practice Catholicism. Many in my own family are Catholics today, and I was a practicing Catholic for over two decades of my life.

Also, whenever I say that the Roman Catholic Church is “Mystery Babylon,” understand that I am referring to the power structure of the Church itself – the Holy See, the Vatican, and the corrupt and power-hungry top brass of the Church. I am not referring to local churches, priests, or parishioners. I have had friends who are Catholic priests and deacons. I don’t believe that they have the slightest idea about the kinds of shameful things that the leaders of their Church have done, are doing, or will do, which I am going to lay out in this chapter.

I think that most practicing Catholics and their small-town priests are Christ-loving Christians, just like myself, but they are ignorant to what the Holy See and the Vatican are really all about. They have been deceived to take part in some practices that are pagan in nature, and that are associated with Babylonian false gods of old. I believe that these fellow Christians don’t know any better. Hopefully, after reading this compelling chapter, they will.

To read the full 20-page chapter about all of the reasons why I believe that Mystery Babylon is the Church of Rome, and Babylon the Great is the City of Rome, grab the book on DECEMBER 7TH!

Also, like with the Collection (my first two books combined under one cover), you will be able to buy the TRILOGY (the entire Signs of Our Times series under one cover). It will make a great Christmas gift! In the meantime, if you haven’t read the first two books yet, you can get The Signs of Our Times and Even More Signs of Our Times in paperback, ebook, or audiobook formats TODAY by clicking the image below.

Follow the countdown to the new book with the ticker on the main page of this website, and also on Biblical Signs social media accounts. Thanks for the continued interest and support. I hope that you enjoy the new book, and will leave reviews on Amazon or wherever you purchase it.

Do you know someone who will be left behind? Make sure that you leave this book in their hands, because after we are raptured very soon… EVERYTHING IS ABOUT TO CHANGE.

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