FALSE PROPHETS: Are You Following One?

Today, there are more false prophets in Christianity than ever before in history. They also come in many different forms. You may be following one right now and not even realize it; either because you are new to the Faith, or because what they’re preaching really fits in with the views of the rest of the world. That second reason should be the first indicator that you are following a false prophet.

The Biblical worldview is antithetical to today’s prevailing liberal worldview. The Word of God and true Christians are hated by the world. So, if your preacher or teacher is embraced by the secular world and your church is an amphitheater, chances are good that you are following a seducer.

I named names of some very popular Christian leaders in my book, Even More Signs of Our Times, so check out a few pages from the chapter on “False Prophets” –

“Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.” – 2nd TIMOTHY 3:13

When Saint Paul referred to “seducers,” in 2nd Timothy 3:13, I believe that he meant “fake Christians.” There is no shortage of them in our generation. These are they who stand in front of a pulpit preaching their own ideas about what God wants for us – as opposed to what His Word actually says.

Many pastors today will get their theological degree, but do not personally know God. Therefore, they preach messages that are any and everything but Biblical. Dr. Jack Van Impe best described the false prophets of our day and age as having “a head knowledge of God but no heart knowledge.”

So-called pastors and priests, even the Pope, are preaching self-help sermons, get-rich quick messages, or pushing liberal agendas – all under the banner of “Christ.” Satan is loving every minute of it, as he employs counterfeit Christian leaders to drive souls away from eternal truth and into comfortable falsehoods.

Today, instead of the Church being all about God and what He did for our souls, the prevailing message of many Christian “teachers” is that it’s all about you and what God can do for your wallet. Instead of looking to the Cross for salvation, MegaChurch pastors have you looking to a heavenly money tree for satisfaction. These seducers are deceiving so many. At the same time, they themselves are being deceived by Satan.

Many of these pastors probably think that they are doing right by God, with their worldly prosperity preaching, and have no idea that Satan is sifting them (and their congregations) like wheat. The devil is not only leading the so-called shepherds astray, but their flocks in the process.

There are far too many false prophets in our world today, and they come in many different forms. First of all, I want to address the “prosperity” preachers, who get rich off of believers struggling financially. The followers of these popular preachers are already behind on bills. Yet, these preachers tell them that the more they bless their pastor, the more that they themselves will be blessed by God. They say that “God wants you to be rich and powerful,” but apparently you can only attain your worldly riches and power after you enrich them.

Understand, I’m all for tithing – just not to billionaire false prophets! Also, I take no pleasure in calling out or alienating other believers. I wish that we were all united around the happy hope that Jesus is coming back soon. Still, at the same time, I cannot remain silent when I see wolves in sheep’s clothing robbing my brothers and sisters in Christ blind. So, I intend to name names in this book.

First, I want to start with a name that even unbelievers across the world are familiar with: Joel Osteen. Joel refuses to preach on prophecy and the return of our Lord. He runs away from questions about moral issues of our day, such as abortion or homosexuality, and that is how he has amassed over 50,000 attendees per week at his church (Lakewood) in Houston, Texas.

He, like Rick Warren, knows that this backslidden generation doesn’t want to hear about sin, and so he only gives them messages that they want to hear – not the message that God wants them to hear. His type of ministry reminds me of a verse from Isaiah. In Chapter 30 and verse 10, worldly sinners say to the men of God: “Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits.” Another verse that comes to mind is 2nd Timothy 4:3 –

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.”

“Sound doctrine” refers to God’s Word – all of it. God says that, in the Last Days, men and women of the world will no longer want to hear what He has to say about right and wrong. They will only want to hear about His blessings, and never His judgments for refusing to repent of their sinful ways. So, Paul said that they would seek out Christian “teachers” who would tickle their ears with prosperity (lusts of the world) sermons.

Osteen is at the top of that list. His preaching is summed up by the title of his best-selling book, “Your Best Life Now.” Let’s break down the words of this book’s title and see how it lines up (or doesn’t) with the Bible, shall we? “Your”… If you took your time reading the previous chapter then you’d know that doctrine of “self” gratification and ambition is frowned upon by God.

Our Lord Jesus Himself laid out the selfless example we are to follow as believers. I previously explained that we are to love God first, then family, and then others. If we do this, then God will take care of us. When you focus solely on your needs and not on God, you will always be needy.

The next word Osteen used to attract readers is “Best.” Osteen thinks that you should strive to accumulate as much worldly riches, material things, fame, and glory, as you possibly can. He teaches that you should desire the best for yourself. This is opposed to what God’s Word teaches about humbling yourself in this world, and seeking God’s best for your life. We should be content with what we have, and with what the LORD provides for us. If God wants you to be financially rich, then you will be.

I, myself, am fully content with a roof over my head, a car to drive (even if it is 20+ years old), food and drink in my refrigerator and cupboards, and (above all) knowing that my loved ones are in good health and alive and well. Everything else that I have received, or ever will receive from the LORD, is just an extra blessing. In this wicked world, I don’t expect to sell a million copies of my books like the Joel Osteens of the world. I know that preaching God’s truth will not gain me a large fanbase. Preaching what people want to hear, like Osteen, certainly would.

I am called like God’s faithful prophets of old to preach His Word, in season and out of season, whether people like it or don’t like it – correcting, rebuking, and encouraging, with complete patience and doctrine (2nd Timothy 4:2). I do not seek fame, only Heavenly rewards for leading lost souls to God; nor do I seek glory, but only to bring God the glory that is due Him.

The next word Osteen uses is “Life.” He wants you to focus on this life, here and “Now.” So, these final two words are the antithesis of what the LORD desires for us. We are not to focus on the temporal things of this life, but on eternal things (2nd Corinthians 4:18). We should be concerned about our eternal lives and if we will be right with God in the hereafter – through Christ; not about enriching our present life, which could pull us away from God.

This may be hard for a lot of people to hear, but I am now writing my second book – am not going hungry – have a healthy family – and I am not lacking anything that I need in this life. God has provided for my every need, and is giving me the best days of my life now because I’m focused on eternity. Again, I may never be a world-acclaimed Best-Selling author – but I know that God is pleased with me, and that’s all that should matter to any believer.

Osteen, on the other hand, needs his yachts, jets, $10.5-million mansion, and $50-million net worth to validate his faith. Do you all remember how big Lord Jesus’ home was? Remember, He was God in the flesh. Oh yeah, that’s right… Jesus didn’t have a home! How about Saint Paul? Was he traveling from city to city in a golden chariot? Nope. The soles of his feet were covered in calluses from traveling the Middle East and beyond in a beat up pair of sandals. Were Paul and Jesus’ disciples living their “Best Lives Now”? Not by a longshot.

That’s it for this preview, but so you all know that I wasn’t just singling out Osteen, I go on to address a half dozen more well-known names in the Christian Faith today. Find out if someone you’re following made my list by getting the book HERE; and don’t forget that my NEW book, The Coming Signs of Our Times: A Guide for Those Who Are Left Behind in the Generation of Tribulation, releases in just over a month – on DECEMBER 7TH!

If you have never been able to understand the Book of Revelation, you will now! Do not be deceived by the many false prophets of our generation that are going to be responsible for many Christians being left behind. So, stay grounded in the Word! And if what you’re preacher, priest, rabbi, or pope, is teaching does not align with the Holy Bible, then FORGET IT. Because it is not worth remembering.


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