THE REVIEWS ARE ROLLING IN: What People Are Saying About “Even More Signs of Our Times”

The reviews have been rolling in for my second book, “EVEN MORE Signs of Our Times: More Biblical Reasons Why This Could Be the Generation of the Rapture,” and so I thought I’d share what people are saying about it thusfar.

Thanks be to God, that like my first book, the Sequel has received mostly positive reviews. I’ve had some haters (who didn’t even buy the book) try to leave some negative reviews, but I’m working with Amazon to get them removed.

It’s a shame that they allow people who haven’t even read the book to leave reviews but I’ve seen it done to friends like the Benham Brothers and the Activist Mommy, so I knew that someone would try to sabotage my book reviews sooner or later. Thanks be to God that their attacks on me have backfired and that they have caused those who actually read the book to leave some great 5-Star reviews.

For anyone who has been debating on whether or not to buy the book, hopefully the reviews in this article will help you make the decision on whether or not to do so. Also, future reviews will be posted in this article as well. So, if you purchased the book and have not yet left a review on Amazon – Audible – iTunes – Goodreads – Barnes and Noble – Booksamillion or elsewhere, please do so.

Amazon ranks books, not just on sales, but on reviews as well. If you leave a review, you’ll help to keep the book ranked high where other believers have a better chance of seeing it. Soon after leaving your review, you will find it posted here. I appreciate all of your kind words and support friends. Take a look at the reviews up until now

I will also share reviews for my other new book, “The Signs of Our Times COLLECTION,” here as well. For the reviews of my first book, click the link in the opening paragraph of this article. Here are reviews for the Collection: Two Books in One –

Thanks to all of you, just like “The Signs of Our Times,” my new books became #1 Best Sellers on Amazon –

Don’t forget that you can also listen to both of my books on Audible on iTunes. Just click on the image below 👇

If any of you want to purchase copies of any of my books in bulk for your Church, family, or friends, then contact me at I offer close to a 50% off discount for buying in bulk. Please leave a review for any of my books that you buy and you will see them in their respective “Reviews” article on this website. Thanks for your continued support. Keep looking up!

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