NO COMPARISON: Stop Equating Treatment of Illegals and Muslims in America With the Holocaust of the Jews

I’m sick and tired of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and many other ignorant Democrats comparing the treatment of ILLEGAL immigrants and Muslims in America to the Holocaust of the Jewish people. There is absolutely no comparison.

Equating the treatment of people entering our country illegally, or members of a religion that breeds anti-Semitism and terrorism, with the systematic murder of 6,000,000 Jews is disgusting and shameful. Like the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum suggested this week, freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other ignorant radical Democrats need a serious history lesson.

Cortez (whom I will refer to as AOC) said this week that immigrants at our southern border are being housed in “concentration camps.” This was obviously another veiled Holocaust reference, of which AOC has made many, to push a political agenda of the Dems. Her, and many of her colleagues, have shamelessly used the most tragic event in history to paint their political adversaries as “Nazis” or President Donald Trump as “Hitler.” AOC, Omar, and other young Dems have obviously never been educated on the facts or horrors of the Holocaust in their liberal colleges.

This is sadly not surprising because, as I pointed out in my book The Signs of Our Times, a recent study revealed a deeply disturbing 50% rise in anti-Semitism on American college campuses. The number one contributor to the rise of Jew-hatred in U.S. colleges has been the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement – which AOC and Ilhan Omar have both openly expressed support for.

The Islamic-inspired BDS campaign against Israel has led to Nazi swastikas on the doors of Jewish students, along with messages like “Hitler did nothing wrong.” Faculty members make anti-Semitic gestures in classrooms. Stars of David with an “X” scratched into them appear on walls, windows, and doors.

BDS supporters hand out materials at rallies that DENY the Holocaust and promote attacks against “Jews” and “Jew lovers.” BDS’ers protest, silence, harass and disrupt pro-Israel speakers, and sometimes even prevent their lectures altogether.

Though muslim hatred of Israel and the Jews dates back over 1,500 years, the current BDS movement was started in 2005 by Omar Barghouti. Barghouti has made clear that “the destruction of Israel” (another Holocaust of the Jews) is the direct goal of the BDS. People today don’t realize that Islamic nations were some of Hitler’s greatest allies in his quest to exterminate the Jews.

So, when you do the math, it makes sense why AOC and Omar do not respect the memory of the 6,000,000 Jewish lives lost in the Holocaust. The movement that they support and endorse not only denies the nightmarish event, but openly calls for it to be repeated against the over 6-million Jews dwelling in Israel today.

This is why it is so easy for Cortez to so loosely use terms, exclusive to the Holocaust, to describe treatment of illegal immigrants in U.S. detention centers or when claiming that her radical pal Omar and American muslims are being “targeted” by the Trump administration.

AOC has tried to defend her recent “concentration camps” remarks by saying that they have been used elsewhere in the world and not just in Nazi territories. No. They haven’t. Concentration camps were exclusive to Hitler’s territory. There are, and have been, “labor camps” around the world – like in North Korea and other nations led by Godless dictators. But no matter how gruesome those camps may be, they are incomparable to the “concentration camps” of Hitler’s Nazi regime.

To say that the treatment of illegals in American detention centers is equivalent to Holocaust concentration camps is utterly ridiculous. Immigrants detained and held in those centers are breaking the law by entering our country illegally. It is just like when an American citizen breaks the law – they are put in jails or prisons. The Democrats seem to ignore the fact that the immigrants being held on our southern border are criminals. So they should not receive 5-star treatment in luxury hotels or resorts. They are fed, clothed, and given medical care. Then, most are deported back to their countries of origin.

The complete opposite happened to the Jews in concentration camps. They were not detained for entering Germany or any of Hitler’s territories illegally. They were legal citizens, whose only “crime” in Hitler’s sight was that they were born Jewish. They were not fleeing to Germany for asylum or to find better lives like the immigrants at America’s southern border do today. No, they already had good lives, and some even had very prosperous lives. They had homes in Hitler’s territories before he devised his “final solution” to exterminate them from his land.

He decided that he no longer wanted the Jews to live among “his people” and so his regime went to the home of every Jew, dragged them out of their homes (women, children, and the elderly included), seized all of their property, and sent them to CONCENTRATION CAMPS – where they were enslaved, starved, beaten, raped, tortured, and eventually murdered when the camps became known as “death camps.” The Jews who were not killed in the camps were transported via overly-packed trains to gas chambers to be murdered en masse.

Today, there are tens of millions of Hispanic immigrants living legally in America; so being detained on the U.S.-Mexican border has nothing to do with race. It had everything to do with being detained in Hitler’s day.

Previous Democrat Presidents, even Barack Obama, put illegal immigrants in detention centers on our southern border. So, President Donald Trump is in no way comparable to Adolf Hitler by having illegals held in those centers. Though, Cortez, Omar, and many Dems love to try to paint the current President as a type of “Hitler.”

No one leader today – not even Barack Hussein Obama whom I loathed with a passion, or Vladimir Putin, or even Kim Jong Un, can be compared to Adolf Hitler. He was a demonic madman who wanted to wipe out the Jewish population from off the face of the earth.

While many dictators today are cruel to certain citizens in their nations, none of them hold a candle to Hitler. He was the closest thing to the embodiment of the Biblical AntiChrist that we have seen to date. Donald Trump is no Hitler. The man has Jewish children and grandchildren for God’s sake! The comparison makes no sense whatsoever!

Finally, to AOC and Omar comparing the treatment of Muslims in America to the Jews of the Holocaust… really? I mean, REALLY?!

American Muslims, who come from a religion that espouses anti-Semitism and terrorism globally, are still allowed to live among us and worship freely. They are not being detained. They are not being snatched from their homes and having their property seized, like Hitler’s regime did to the Jews.

Most muslim immigrants in this nation are more well off than I am, a natural born citizen. They drive fancy cars, some have large homes, own businesses, and others who are not well off are receiving plenty of free benefits from our government – currently run by Donald Trump I might add. They are also not being murdered for being muslims.

So, how in the world can they be compared to the Jews living under Adolf Hitler? They absolutely can not, and should not. No race or religious group today should ever be compared to the Holocaust Jews, especially not a religious group that promotes hate and violence against the Jews!

The Holocaust needs to stop being referenced regarding any political issue of our day. Of the 9 million Jews who resided in Europe before the Holocaust, approximately TWO-THIRDS of them were murdered for simply BEING JEWISH. Nothing has been comparable to that, and nothing ever will be comparable to the horrors and catastrophe of the Holocaust. Nothing. EVER.

So, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and the rest of you ignoramus politicians need to just STOP IT. Now that you all know what the Holocaust was all about… NEVER FORGET.

Read more about the Holocaust and anti-Semitism in my previous article about the event and in my books 👇

“A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple, and knoweth nothing.” – Proverbs 9:13

“Jesus said, They shall put you out of the synagogues: Yea, the time comes, that whosoever KILLS YOU (Jews) will think that he does God service. And these things will they do unto you, because they (anti-Semites) have NOT KNOWN The Father, NOR ME.” – John 16:2-3

“.. SATAN stood up AGAINST Israel.” – 1st Chronicles 21:1

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