LOOK INSIDE: Take A Peek Into “EVEN MORE Signs of Our Times”

First off, thanks to all those who have bought my first book, my new book, or both! I truly believe that they were inspired and written by the Holy Spirit. I simply put the words on paper. I believe that my books are meant to be the WAKE-UP CALL that the Church today desperately needs.

I pull no punches on the “controversial topics” of our day, laying out what the Holy Bible says about things. Too many so-called pastors today dont have the backbone to preach the truth, so I figured that it was up to me to tell it like God says it is in a world gone mad.

Like with my first book, “The Signs of Our Times,” I wanted to give you all a peek into the new book, “EVEN MORE Signs of Our Times.” Below you will find the first page of each Chapter in the book. Hopefully, it will inspire those of you who have not yet read it to go and grab a copy. For those of you who have read it, please share this with others to bring their attention to the book. Enjoy this preview

If you want to read the entire chapters, you gotta go grab the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers. Also, please take the time to leave a review online wherever you purchased it! Doing so helps keep the book ranked high enough to be visible to likeminded believers searching for Biblical truth in a world full of Satan’s lies.

Finally, the Audiobook for “EVEN MORE Signs” is arriving right around Passover and Easter! Stay tuned to Biblical Signs ITH Social Media accounts for the official release date announcement.

In the meantime, go grab “The Signs of Our Times” Audiobook for FREE with an Audible trial HERE. Thanks for all of the support and interest in my books. It has been a labour of love! God bless y’all.

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