FOX NEWS GOES “PC”: Host Condemned and Suspended by Network For Criticizing Ilhan Omar

It’s official… FOX News has finally joined the rest of the liberal mainstream media in going alI-out “PC” when it come to bowing to Islam. It makes sense, being that Saudi Arabian royalty owns a stake in Twenty-First Century Fox, the parent corporation of Fox News. That explains why Glenn Beck got the axe years ago, and why Sean Hannity has become more of a “fiscal conservative” as opposed to an outspoken “social” one (like he used to be).

I stopped watching FOX years ago, because it became obvious that the network appeared to be departing from their “conservative” ideals. Whether it be propping up “pro-choicers” like Tomi Lahren, or bringing more “pro-LGBT” faces on board – such as Shepard Smith, Guy Benson, and Richard Grenell – FOX has obviously been trying to shed their old “conservative Christian” image for a more “libertarian millennial” one.

In 2016, when they did all that they could to prevent Ted Cruz from becoming the Republican nominee for President, their distaste for true conservatism was on full display. They were trying to push every other moderate nominee to the forefront of the pack, and eventually they succeeded in defeating Ted with Donald Trump.

Thus far, though he’s not a “social conservative” like Cruz, thank God that Trump has disappointed the “moderate” powers that be at FOX many times. Though the network has been his stalwart cheerleader since he was elected President, he is never afraid to call them out when they are in the wrong; and I’m really glad that he spoke out against them concerning their most recent appeasement of Islam.

Last Saturday, during the “Opening Statement” of Judge Jeanine Pirro (on her “Justice with Judge Jeanine” program), the network’s popular host took to task Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party for allowing the rise of anti-semitism in their ranks – specifically through incoming freshman congresswoman, Ilhan Omar.

She highlighted Omar’s many anti-Israel comments, and the outspoken muslim’s many anti-semitic tropes. She pointed out how Omar does nothing but criticize America’s Judeo-Christian roots, and our longstanding love and support for God’s Chosen Nation of Israel. Pirro also rightly connected Omar’s bias against Israel to her religion of Islam, and exposed how the muslim world – from which Ilhan came – hates the Jewish State with a passion.

You can see Judge Jeanine’s full comments HERE.

After watching the video, you can see that everything Pirro said is 100% truth, that she took a stand against anti-Semitism, and that her comments would only be offensive to people who hate the Jewish people – hate Israel – hate the American way of life and our values – and to those who desire to see the terror-state of Palestine viewed as an equal to the Nation of Israel.

If FOX News were truly the “conservative” network that they portray themselves to be, the powers that be at the network would be playing her comments around the clock. That is not what they are doing though. The executives at FOX have instead “condemned” Judge Jeanine’s comments, and they went so far as to pull her show off the air this past weekend.

There has been a huge uproar from fans of the show, and from conservatives like me, so they may not get away with pulling her show off the air altogether. She is currently suspended, and who knows how much longer they will even get away with doing that. Other liberal news outlets are calling her comments “Islamophobic.”

What a joke. If her comments were Islamophobic, then I can only imagine what Pirro’s critics would have to say about the chapter on Islamic Terrorism in my book THE SIGNS OF OUR TIMES.” Even though FOX has long been becoming more moderate and less conservative, I had always thought that their network was the only safe place to rightfully criticize the many evils of Islam, and anti-Semites like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Linda Sarsour. Apparently, I was wrong.

There is now no safe place for free speech against Islam on TV. The American Media has bowed to the religion that has long hated us with a passion. Why is it ok for people like Omar, Tlaib, Sarsour, and liberal talking heads on other news networks, to speak out against Israel, Jews, Christians, and our beliefs? But speaking out against who they support, and what they believe, is OFF-LIMITS?

There is an obvious pro-Islam agenda, that has long been prevalent in the mainstream media, which has now infiltrated FOX News. I’m no fan of Judge Jeanine. In a past article about “fake conservatives” of CPAC, I explained why. Still, I support everything that she said in her statement. And I stand with her against anyone criticizing her.

That is why I’m speaking out against FOX for condemning her, and for suspending her. I don’t agree with Pirro on all of the issues; but when I see someone shut down for speaking the truth, I will always come rushing to their defense. If they can shut down someone as popular as Judge Jeanine, how easily can they shut down someone like me without such a huge platform?

Write or call FOX News and tell them to reinstate Judge Jeanine Pirro, and her show, without delay. Also, request that they make a public apology for throwing one of their most popular hosts under the bus in order to appease Islam. The powers that be at FOX should be ashamed, and should BE SHAMED until they do what’s right. If this can happen at a network like FOX, then none of us are safe. God help us.

Christians, conservatives, and all human beings who value freedom of speech, need to take a stand. Even if Pirro’s comments were Islamophobic (which they were not), as long as a member of the United States Congress like Omar can be openly Israelophobic, Judaiophobic, and Christianophobic, anyone in this nation should be able to be as Islamophobic as their heart desires. I, for one, will always hate a religion whose creed is to “destroy Israel, the Jews, and Christians.” To Hell with Islam.


  1. Return Judge Jeanine I have noticed in the past year how fox attitude and character has been changing soon there will be no conservative news casters on TV.
    Judge Jeanine was right I agree with her and I am sure there are many many More who agree with her. I am sick of the Democrats and And foxes new conservative views. I haven’t been watching too much fox lately because of this and if Judge Jeanine is not returned and apologized to him there will be many more not watching Fox News I am sure. This country is being taken over it’s obvious .

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    1. I totally agree that the suspension of Judge Jeanine was an assinine move by Fox News and many many of us are willing to get our news elsewhere if Judge Pirro is not returned. This is the United States of America and truthfulness should always be upheld. The liberals and fake news makers seem to dominate. Wake up America, lets keep the values upon which this Great Nation was founded. I served for 23 years defending the constitution and would do it again in a heart beat. I ask all others who support our constitution to join in and let it be known that we will not tolerate radicalism regardless of its source.


  2. This is sickening to me! I thought we could count on Fox for a conservative viewpoint. If Fox doesn’t re-instate Judge Jeanine, I will boycott them and their continuing sponsors! I’m sick of the way the liberals are supporting Islam against our country!

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  3. Evil promotes evil while they smile; if they do not repent & turn from their evil ways & evil fake news media & their fake reporters too, they will not be smiling in hell.


  4. I fully support Judge Jeanine and I’m so tired of those who are asleep or totally unaware of what the growing presence of radical muslims in our country is working on accomplishing…total anihilation of the Amercian people. Yes we have some wonderful muslims in our communities that are our neighbors and who we do business with. Radical muslims need to barred from immigrating to the US.

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  5. Thank you for staying true to the conservative and godly point of view my Micheal. That was the last straw for me with Fox News. There are other sources on YouTube and such as like yourself who will give us “truth” news.

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