EVEN MORE SIGNS OF OUR TIMES: What to Expect in the New Book

A little over a month ago, I announced that I was writing the Sequel to my 5-Star Best-Selling book – “THE SIGNS OF OUR TIMES: 12 Biblical Reasons Why This Could Be the Generation of the Rapture.” In that article, I gave a preview of the Introduction and what signs I would be addressing in the new book – “EVEN MORE Signs of Our Times: More Biblical Reasons Why This Could Be the Generation of the Rapture.” I said to keep tuned in to BiblicalSigns.com and Social Media for updates on the timing of the release.

I’m excited to be able to say that a release date has been set, and that the book is complete and currently in the editing process. The new book will be released on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and most of the largest online book retailers, on MARCH 7th, 2019. So, just a little over a month away!

If you want to stay up to date on how many more days to go until the release, I have placed a Countdown counter on the bottom of the main page of the website for you to follow.

In the previous article announcing the new book, I said that I was still finalizing the Chapter layout, and told you about only the chapters that were set in stone. Now, I can finally tell you about all of the chapters that are going to be contained in the book –

  • INTRODUCTION: The Rapture

If you enjoyed the first book, then you will love the Sequel. As I mentioned previously, I have gotten goosebumps upon discovering evidence of God’s Hand in our modern-day events. I have no doubt that you will too. As I did with the previous book, I want to offer the followers of this website an exclusive sneak peek into “EVEN MORE SIGNS OF OUR TIMES.”

I have selected brief passages from each chapter to give you a taste of what to expect. Here they are, from each chapter, in the order that I listed them above

Introduction: The reason that Jesus said no one would know the specific day or hour of His Second Coming is because days and hours are different across the globe. While it is 2:00 am in Israel, it can be 7:00 pm in the northeastern United States, 6:00 pm in parts of the southern U.S., 4:00 pm in the western U.S., and 12 noon in Britain. Because of different time zones all around the world, the days and hours are never the same.

So, there is no way that anyone could ever predict the exact date and time of Christ’s return. They would have to give multiple days and hours in order to fit the prophecy into all time zones. That is why Jesus commanded us to be ready at all times, especially when the signs that He gave begin to occur – and they have undoubtedly begun. This is why I believe that the Holy Spirit called me to write these books – because the time of our redemption draweth near, and sleeping Christians need a wake-up call.

Chapter One: Michael formed in the Caribbean as “Tropical Depression #14” on October 6th. In my research, I discovered that a God-provoking Supreme Court decision occurred on the exact same date. On October 6th, 2014, the Obama administration’s left-leaning SCOTUS paved the way for nationwide legalization of Gay Marriage (coming 9 months later, in June 2015).

Exactly 4 years to the day of Michael’s formation, the Court declined to hear appeals from States seeking to uphold their bans on same-sex marriage. The SCOTUS slamming the door on those cases, and all other future appeals, cleared the way for Gay Marriage to expand to over 30 States – and ultimately, all 50 by the next year. Michael forming on the anniversary of that decision from 2014, and being the 14th Tropical Depression was no coincidence.

Chapter Two: Under the new law, even non-physicians and midwives can perform abortions in New York. Also, protections for babies who survive an abortion procedure (“born alive”) are removed. This means that they can legally be “left to die” after birth. The New York Democrats and their pro-choice supporters expressed absolutely no remorse. The day that the law was signed by the Governor, they actually “celebrated” the legalization of murdering children.

I warned in my previous book that California was at the top of the list for coming judgments from the LORD for many reasons, and later in this book you will read how those judgments have already begun to fall. Now, mark my words, New York is also at the top of God’s list for imminent judgments. You cannot shed innocent blood on the earth, let alone “celebrate” shedding innocent blood, and expect to escape the ramifications of provoking the LORD.

Chapter Three: Political points of view are all that we ever seem to hear in debates and discussions about mass shootings. Very rarely do we hear a Biblical perspective. I intend to change that. If you are a Democrat, you most likely believe that mass shootings have increased under President Donald Trump and that the solution is gun control. If you are a Republican, you believe that the tragic events began to increase under former President Barack Obama and that more guns are the answer – not less. You both are wrong.

Mass shootings in America actually became more frequent, and more deadly over time, starting in 1999. I think it is very interesting that the year includes 6-6-6 upside down. That just so happened to be the year of the infamous Columbine High School shooting. The perpetrators of that attack on a Colorado school were two armed students, who were inspired by Adolf Hitler.

Chapter Four: Our God in Heaven is colorblind. As His children, we are called to be too. The LORD looks on the hearts of men, and not on the shade of their skin. From the Beginning, God has only viewed the human race in two ways – believer or unbeliever. Either you choose to honor and serve the true God of Heaven and earth, or you dishonor Him by choosing to follow after false gods. You do one or the other. When you do the first, it does not matter if you are white, black, brown, red, or yellow – God knows you, and you are His child.

If you do the latter, then being light-skinned or dark-skinned doesn’t matter in the slightest to the LORD – God doesn’t know you, and you are a stranger to Him. All that matters to God is obedience to His Word and Will for your life. If you are defiant, and don’t accept the sacrifice of His Son on your behalf – as atonement for your disobedience – then being born white or black cannot save you. You are going to Hell. Plain and simple.

Chapter Five: Does anyone else notice the correlation between the years that America turned away from God (more than ever before) and the years that the wildfires got worse? Much like the other historic disasters that have recently devastated America, you can directly connect the time period of America’s falling away from God to the worst wildfires in our nation’s history. As much as the Godless liberals would like you to believe, it is not “Climate Change” friends. It is God’s judgment.

It is the consequence of rejecting God’s Word, forgetting His Laws, and of unchecked widespread blasphemy. 2017 and 2018 both greatly eclipsed this decade’s average of 6-million acres burned per year. Both years saw roughly 10-million acres burned across America, and over 3-million acres of land were burned in California alone.

Chapter Six: Another huge threat is bio-terror. A genetically engineered virus is easier to make than a suicide bomb, and could kill far more people than a bomb, guns, or even a nuclear weapon. ISIS and Al-Qaeda, both Islamic terror groups who live and breathe the desire to “destroy America,” have made clear their intentions to use bio-terror against the United States. Instead of a suicide vest, or running into military complexes with guns-a-blazing, an Islamic terrorist could weaponize a disease like Ebola for a suicide bio-terror attack by simply exposing himself to the virus.

All that the terrorist would have to do is enter a crowded airport, subway, sports arena, or heavily populated building, and touch any and everyone that he possibly can. This form of terrorism would kill more people than any suicide attack, as the perpetrator would claim far more victims once the disease is spread. This has to be one of the most disturbing pictures of a global pandemic spreading that I can think of. Yet, sadly, it is the most probable.

Chapter Seven: Besides Russia and Iran, the Israelis could much sooner see more wars with the Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip of Palestine, and with the Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon. In the 2014 war with Hamas, 5,000 rockets were fired into Israel; and in the 2006 war with Hezbollah, the terror group launched 4,000 into the Jewish State. For more about the many threats that Israel has faced, is facing, and will face in the future, read my previous book.

Now, I cannot write about “rumours of wars” and not mention North Korea. As of the writing of this book, the country’s dictator, Kim Jong-Un, has been playing nice. Since his 2018 Summit with U.S. President, Donald Trump, many believe that he is genuine in his pledges to destroy his nuclear weapons in exchange for peace and security for his country. Given the history of North Korea, and its leaders, I’m not buying it.

Chapter Eight: If only these worldly pastors knew that the same Paul, whose teachings they preach to steer clear of Bible Prophecy every Sunday, actually started the doctrine of the Rapture! He wrote extensively about the Last Days, in detail, and they would know that if they would read past Acts and Romans. Paul revealed “the mystery” of the Rapture, which would precede the Great Tribulation and Christ’s Second Coming, in 1st Corinthians 15:51-53 and 1st Thessalonians 4:16-17.

In both letters to Timothy, Paul laid out specific signs that would be occurring in the Last Days. In 1st Timothy, Chapter 4, and in 2nd Timothy, Chapter 3. In the latter, he gave us 22 signs. That is even more signs than Lord Jesus gave in Matthew 24. So, do you think that Paul wanted us to be preaching the return of the Lord? You betcha!

Chapter Nine: Instead of looking to the Cross for salvation, MegaChurch pastors have you looking to a heavenly money tree for satisfaction. These “seducers” are deceiving so many. At the same time, they themselves are being deceived by Satan. Many pastors probably think that they are doing right by God, with their “worldly” prosperity preaching, and have no idea that Satan is sifting them (and their congregations) like wheat.

The devil is not only leading the so-called shepherds astray, but most of their flocks in the process. There are far too many false prophets in our world today, and they come in many different forms. First, I want to address the “prosperity” preachers, who get rich off of believers struggling financially. The followers of these popular preachers are already behind on bills, yet these preachers tell them that the more they bless their pastor – the more that they themselves will be blessed by God.

Chapter Ten: The powers that be in Facebook, Twitter, Google, TIME, Newsweek, the Huffington Post, CNN, NBC, ABC, and countless others in the mainstream media, aim to shape your worldview. The absolute last worldview that they want you to hold is a Biblical one. Since they cannot stop you from picking up a Holy Bible at home, or from attending Church, they must force-feed you beliefs and opinion contrary to your Faith. They are dead set on reprogramming your mind to think like they do. One man they want you to hate is the current President.

While I’ve never been a big fan of Donald Trump, I don’t hate him either. I’m neutral when it comes to the 45th President. He has done some fine things for Christians and Israel, and for that he has earned my respect. I bring him up because it is no secret that the media loathes him with a passion; and yet, the same so-called “unbiased” media praised Barack Hussein Obama. You never saw a negative story about the former President ever aired on CNN. Today, they are anti-Trump 24-7. It is too often nauseating to watch.

Chapter Eleven: I cannot remember a time in history where God has been so openly blasphemed. This leads me to believe that the Rapture is nearer than ever before, because it appears that the Book of Revelation’s Tribulation Hour is just around the corner. In Chapter 16 of that Book, the inhabitants of earth actually blaspheme God three times when the vials of His wrath are poured out.

This is the ultimate blasphemy; because, in this case, men blaspheme all three members of the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Just two decades ago, it was impossible to think that a majority of the human race could blaspheme God with one accord. Today, it appears much more plausible. Thank God that we believers will not be here when they do. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Chapter Twelve: There are so many arguments over baptism, Sabbath-keeping, healing, tithing, grace, prophecy, pre-Trib or post-Trib Rapture, is the Holy Bible literal or allegorical, etc. It is healthy to have disputes, especially in the Church; because truth is revealed when wise and learned men of God, who are filled with the Holy Spirit, come together and reason with one another. What is not healthy, is when believers get puffed up in their own pride and shout down other believers who dare disagree with their opinion on the Word.

We see so much of this today. It is a shame. It is nothing new for believers to disagree. What is new, and extremely sad, is how much so-called Christians can flat-out hate each other. My brothers and sisters, this should not be so! We must realize what the first two Christian denominations had realized – that we have one very important thing that unites us all… JESUS CHRIST.

– That was just a small taste of what you can expect in “EVEN MORE SIGNS OF OUR TIMES.” It has been another labor of love, and I cannot wait to share with you all of the captivating information and many new revelations that I’ve compiled in the book.

Continue to follow the website and Biblical Signs ITH on Social Media for more updates and sneak previews. Continue to pray that the finished product is everything that the LORD desires it to be; and that it may bring many believers into a stronger faith, and bring countless unsaved to Christ.

I also have one other big piece of news to announce, which I am very excited about. The Audiobook for “THE SIGNS OF OUR TIMES” is currently being recorded by a seasoned narrator, and will be released in FEBRUARY just before the release of the 2nd book!

There is a lot to look forward to in the coming months. I hope that you all are as excited as I have been about these coming releases. Be sure to follow my Social Media accounts for a specific release date on the Audiobook.

If you haven’t got your copy of my first book yet, you can get it HERE. Thanks again friends for all of your interest, faithfulness, and continued support. Please share this article with anyone you know who may be interested in the coming book. May God continue to bless you all as you Keep looking up!

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