BENHAM BROS: Want God’s Blessings? Then Heed God’s Boundaries

(Via – We’ve said for years now that God’s blessings are found within God’s boundaries; when those boundaries are removed, the blessings are replaced with burdens. It’s not hateful or bigoted to talk about boundaries – it’s actually loving.

Imagine fire in a fireplace. It warms your home, heats your food and provides great ambiance for dinner! Yet if one of the burning logs falls into your living room the blessing of fire quickly becomes a burden of force – one that must be dealt with lest anyone get hurt.

Outside the boundary of a fireplace fire can be deadly. The same is true with sex.

So when we heard about a federally funded school program being taught in our home state of North Carolina called “Shifting Boundaries,” we knew our state was playing with fire.

Last week, ABC News Channel 11 reported: “Parent upset after school survey asks 11-year-olds about sexual orientation”

It turns out, under the “Shifting Boundaries” program middle school students were given a survey discussing date rape and sexual abuse, and the sixth question asked, “What is your sexual orientation?” Underneath it listed 10 possible options: Bisexual, Gay, Fluid, Heterosexual, Lesbian, Pansexual, Queer, Questioning, Prefer not to disclose, and Self-identify.

Now, if you were anything like us at age 11, you probably had no clue what most of the options on that list meant (Jason’s still wondering how the whole pansexual thing works). But one thing we are clued into is that boundaries are shifting today – moral boundaries that bring God’s blessing.

If federal programs want to stop date rape and sexual abuse, they should teach our kids the sexual boundaries Jesus described in Matthew 19 about eliminating lust in the heart. They should encourage boys to heed Paul’s boundary to Timothy by treating girls as sisters, with absolute purity. These are boundaries that will certainly reduce date rape and sexual abuse.

Why, instead, do we have to “shift” those boundaries and provide them a host of choices that absolutely will not bring God’s blessing?

In our second book Living Among Lions, we discussed three blessings moral boundaries bring. Perhaps we could develop a federal program based on some of these bad boys:

Dr. James Dobson tells the story of how, in the early days of progressive education, the decision was made to remove the chain-link fence that surrounded a preschool playground. The educator theorized that children would feel more freedom if there were no boundaries around them. But to the contrary, when the fence was removed, all the boys and girls stayed closer together, playing only near the center of the area. Not only did they not venture out; they wouldn’t even go near the boundary where the fence had been originally. The elimination of a physical boundary only restricted freedom. …

Boundaries bring three very important things:

1. Freedom: Inside our boundaries we find safety and certainty – blessings, not burdens. Like the train that finds both its clearest path and fastest speed only on the tracks, so we find our lives inside God’s clearly drawn lines. ‘The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me.’ – Psalm 16:6

2. Framework: Like the fence on the playground or the railing on the balcony, boundaries provide a clear-cut framework in which we may be free to pursue the powerful life to which God has called us. ‘You have ordained Your precepts, that we should keep them diligently. Oh that my ways may be established to keep Your statutes! Then I shall not be ashamed when I look upon all Your commandments.’ – Psalm 119:4–6

3. Fruit: Like a well-protected and well-managed garden, our lives cultivated within God’s boundaries will thrive and glorify God by producing life in others. After all, fruit is not for the tree to enjoy, but for those who pick from its branches. ‘Walk as children of Light (for the fruit of the Light consists in all goodness and righteousness and truth).’ – Ephesians 5:8–9

Today, many people demand there be no boundaries because they have rejected any thought of a Boundary Giver. But if we want to bring freedom, framework, and fruit to our hearts, homes, and culture, we must commit to Him and submit to His boundaries.

If we want to be blessed today and thrive we must submit to God and seek to live within His boundaries – because only then will we have His blessings.

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