REAL “FAKE NEWS”: As Palestinians Terrorized Israel, Lamestream News Media Portrayed Them As “VICTIMS”

As always, and as I had predicted in my previous articles, the global mainstream media completely ignored the facts on the ground this week when reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Not only did they ignore reality, but they altogether created their own alternate reality.

In my last article, I reported on what Hamas and the radical Palestinians in Gaza were planning for Israel’s 70th Anniversary celebrations. Through their own words, they made clear that they would not be engaging in “peaceful protests” on Israel’s border, but rather an attempted violent INVASION of the Jewish State.

I said I believed, as is always the case when Israeli forces clash with the bloodthirsty Palestinian Islamists, that the lamestream liberal media was going to demonize Israel. I said that they would attempt to sway their viewers and readers to believe that Israel is the “bad guy”, and that the Palestinians are the “victims”. As predictable as they are in their anti-Israel bias, the world’s media did exactly as I said they would.

Here are some of the most egregious, incomplete, one-sided, extremely biased, and utterly distorted headlines that I came across –

“Over 50 Palestinians In Massive Protest Are KILLED By Israeli Military” – ABC News (May 15th, 2018)

“Palestinians KILLED in Gaza-Israel Border Clashes” – BBC News (May 14th, 2018)

“Israeli Military Shoot And KILL Palestinian Protesters In Gaza” – CBC News (May 15th, 2018)

“Israeli Forces KILL Dozens Of Palestinians” – CNBC (May 14th, 2018)

“US Opens Embassy As Dozens KILLED In Gaza” – CNN (May 14th, 2018)

“Israel Forces KILL At Least 41 People In Gaza Protests” – Financial Times (May 14th, 2018)

“Palestinians KILLED As US Opens Embassy In Jerusalem” – The Guardian (May 14th, 2018)

“Dozens KILLED In Gaza As US Moves Embassy To Jerusalem” – NBC News (May 14th, 2018)

“Israel KILLS Dozens Of Unarmed Protesters In Gaza” – The New Yorker (May 14th, 2018)

“As US Embassy Moves, Dozens DIE In Gaza” – New York Times (May 14th, 2018)

“52 KILLED In Gaza Protest As US Moves Embassy To Jerusalem” – Reuters (May 14th, 2018)

“Gaza Counts Its DEAD As Embassy Opens” – Sky News (May 14th, 2018)

“Gaza BURNS As US Embassy Opens In Jerusalem” – Sky News (May 14th, 2018)

“58 DEAD In Gaza Protests As Israel Fetes US Embassy Move” – Sun Sentinel (May 14th, 2018)

I was appalled (but not at all surprised) by these so-called “reputable” news organizations’ misleading headlines regarding the conflict which Hamas terrorists had orchestrated. It was as if these outlets were all mouthpieces for the Islamic terror group and for anti-semites across the world. There were so many more inaccurate headlines I found this week, but I think the ones I’ve listed get the point across.

All of the news organizations above are globally considered the most “trustworthy”. NOT IN MY HOUSE they are not. If they truly are the most “trusted” news outlets in this country and world, then who knows how much “fake news” is being peddled to ignorant observers everyday. How can we believe anything that they report as truth, if they are willfully printing and distributing proven lies to the world?

I’m sure many, who do not follow the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as closely as I and most Holy Bible believers do, will say “Palestinians really did get killed, so how are the headlines lies?” The headlines are false because they completely misrepresent the truth on the ground.

These news outlets paint the picture that Israel was killing random Palestinian “civilians” at will. They also would lead you to believe that the Palestinian were simply “protesting” the US Jerusalem Embassy opening. Any bystander uneducated in Middle East affairs would read the above headlines and be inclined to criticize, denounce, decry, and even hate Israel; while at the same time expressing sympathy for the Palestinians.

That was exactly Hamas’ goal from the start, and the mainstream liberal media aided and abetted the terror group in achieving that goal.

I reported in my previous article what was REALLY going on at Israel’s border with Gaza, and it was anything but “peaceful protests”. I accurately described the situation on the border for what it really was – rioting, terrorist activity, besieging, and attempted invasion of Israel.

The United States Ambassador to the United Nations rightfully said that “NO nation would allow what was happening in Israel to occur on THEIR borders”. She said this in response to another Muslim-led denunciation and attack on the Jewish State at the crooked United Nations. I could go on and on about the anti-Israel bias at the UN, but I’ve done so in many past articles, and this article is solely focusing on the crimes of the mainstream news media.

The media which always portrays Israel as an “aggressor”, and the Palestinians as “peaceful, poor and defenseless”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Let me educate you all now, as I did a month ago, on how this conflict started, who was involved, and what it was really all about.

Highlighting their disrespect for Jewish and Christian Holy Days, during Passover and Good Friday, the Hamas terror group in Palestine organized mass marches on Israel’s border with Gaza. They told the western media that these were “peaceful” marches protesting the nation of Israel, and US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital. Meanwhile, Hamas was telling the Palestinians something completely different.

They told the Gazans that the protests declared “the beginning” of the CAPTURING “all of ISRAEL”. How can leading a violent surge to “capture” another nation’s land ever be viewed as “peaceful”. It cannot. The spokesman for Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, reiterated Hamas’ real reason for organizing the violent marches, saying, “The message of the Palestinian people is clear, the ‘occupation’ will be REMOVED”.

So, while Hamas and the leaders of Palestine announce organizing “peaceful protests” to the international media, at the same time they call for their people to “CAPTURE” and “REMOVE” Israel.

The initial demonstrations, which began last month, drew tens of thousands of riotous Palestinians. As always, the worst and most violent residents of Gaza dominated the large crowds. Hamas called the Palestinians to protest every Friday until May 15th, known as “Nakba Day” in Palestine, an annual day of violent uprising and terror attacks against the nation of Israel.

For six straight weeks, large groups of Palestinians stormed Israel’s border, rioted, threw large stones, bricks and axes, burned tires, and some brandished guns to fire on Israel’s military.

During one “protest”, Hamas’ leader, Ismail Haniyeh, arrived at the border of Gaza and Israel with a human shield in the form of a BABY. He was surrounded by other Hamas operatives and Gazans who were hurling molotov cocktails and rocks at the Israel Defense Forces.

Omri Ceren, a director of Washington D.C.’s “Israel Project”, said that Hamas planned to use the manufactured civilian protests as “cover for a massive military operation” that could launch another Israel-Hamas war. “Hamas is trying to trigger a war, and the U.N. seems eager to help them,” Ceren said.

He added that, “Hamas is preparing thousands of civilians to rush Israel’s border, tear down the defensive fence, and provide cover as Hamas fighters flood into Israel.” So, while the media was portraying the marches on Israel’s border as “peaceful protests”, in reality it was a planned siege on Israel with the desired outcome being the “destruction” of the Jewish State.

Throughout the violent marches, Israeli troops responded with live fire on Hamas terrorists brandishing guns and axes. The IDF also fired tear gas and rubber pellets to disperse the unruly civilian protesters. Many Israelis were living in fear that the Palestinians would become so emboldened as to flood over Israel’s fences and walls in numbers too great for the IDF to confront.

Major General Eyal Zamir, head of the IDF’s Southern Command, said that his troops had identified “attempts to carry out terror attacks under the camouflage of the riots.” He condemned Hamas for “cynically exploiting women and children, sending them to the security fence and endangering their lives.”

In one incident, of course not reported in the mainstream media, Hamas sent a 7-year-old girl to the Gaza security fence during deadly exchanges between the IDF and armed protesters. According to the army, the young girl was spotted by soldiers as she approached the security fence. The Israeli troops met the girl as she reached the fence, picked her up, and made sure that she was out of harm’s way until she could get back to her parents safely.

Isn’t it interesting that CNN, ABC, NBC, the New York Times and the rest, missed the opportunity to report on that heartwarming story? It would have ruined their “Israel is the bad guy” narrative. Hamas is more than willing to sacrifice Palestinian women and children in order to trigger negative PR against Israel in the media.

On May 14th and 15th, Hamas attempted to do just that. These days, coinciding with Israel’s 70th Anniversary of Rebirth and the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, were what the terror group dubbed the “culmination” of the six weeks of violent marches on Israel’s border fence.

Since the marches began on March 30th, they reportedly drew up to 40,000 Palestinians in a single day, split between 5 locations on the Israeli border. Hamas’ leaders threatened to “unleash the mother of all marches” on May 14th, as they urged “hundreds of thousands” of Palestinians to rush the border fence in an effort to break through into the Jewish State.

During the May 14th marches, the Palestinians amassed in their five tent camps along the border, and rolled burning tires, threw grenades, molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, and large stones. They even flew kites with burning rags attached, hoping to set Israeli property on fire.

A young Palestinian was interviewed on NPR, and had a kite with nazi swastikas on it. He said he intended to set it on fire and fly it over the Israeli border, saying, “The Jews go crazy for Hitler when they see it. This is actually what we want them to know, that we want to BURN them”. Oh, how “peaceful” these Palestinians are.

Some of the rioters had burned a fuel complex and a conveyor belt on Gaza’s main cargo crossing with Israel TWICE, causing more than $9 million in damages and disrupting import of fuel and building materials.

Israel used tear gas and rubber bullets to dispense those attempting to infiltrate the border fence, but when the Palestinians rushed the border fence with wire cutters, and brandishing weapons, Israel’s military had to use live fire against the terrorist invaders.

These are those who were “killed” in the so-called “protests”. Israel had dropped leaflets down onto the Palestinian camps along the border, WARNING them not to approach the border fence, or else they would be treated as suspected terrorists and shot on sight. Some of the Palestinians did not heed Israel’s fair warning.

So, while you read the headlines I shared, reporting “Palestinians killed by Israeli Military” or “hundreds injured”, there are not “innocent civilians” losing their lives. Though the media doesn’t feel the need to tell you that. Here are just a few images from the so-called “peaceful protests”, and you can see that Israeli forces are not shooting innocent women and children.

Israel was shooting terrorists. That is not just my opinion, that is a fact confirmed by a senior member of Hamas. During a TV interview yesterday, Salah Al-Bardaweel said that at least 50 of the “protesters” killed by Israeli soldiers in Gaza were members of Hamas.

He was quoted as saying, “In the last round [of demonstrations] 62 people were martyred; 50 of them are from Hamas and 12 from the people. I am telling you, these are official numbers”. Straight from the devil that is Hamas’ mouth. He added, that taking place in the marches were all “military factions of Gaza” (terrorist groups), including “the Qassem Brigade, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and all other factions”.

I find it rather interesting that the lamestream liberal media are comfortable describing terrorists as “protesters” these days. That is why I started this website in the first place, because I was sick and tired of a biased, immoral, and Godless news media.

Now, to anyone (and if social media is any indicator, there are alot of you) who is criticizing Israel for using force to protect its citizens and border, I ask… would you expect America to sit back and allow violent terrorists from Mexico to infiltrate our border in the name of “protest”? I don’t think so.

So, why then is the tiny nation of Israel expected to sit back and hold their fire while Islamic terrorists storm their border? They should never be expected to. No nation should. I applaud Nikki Haley for reminding the anti-Israel United Nations of that. If any nation on earth allowed that, they wouldn’t remain a nation for long.

Protests are one thing, but threatening lives of innocent Israelis is a whole ‘nother ball game. The Palestinians who were killed by Israel’s military were attempting to do the latter, and they deserved to die. Period.

If I had children who were playing in my backyard, and my neighbor was climbing over my fence brandishing a weapon, should I let him enter my yard? Or should I shoot him? What would YOU do? My guess is that ALL of you would do exactly as Israel did in that situation.

So, to everyone who has criticized Israel’s actions of self-defense, put yourself in their shoes. To all of the mainstream media news outlets who have been reporting falsehoods regarding the recent conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, I have correctly edited your headlines to more accurately describe the facts on the ground –

“Palestinian TERRORISTS In Gaza Killed By Israeli Military, While Hundreds of Palestinian RIOTERS Were Injured Attempting To INVADE Israel

Now that is the TRUTH. Anything else is truly FAKE NEWS.

“.. SATAN stood up AGAINST Israel.” ~ 1st Chronicles 21:1

“They have said, Come, and let us cut them (Jews) off from being a Nation; that the Name of ISRAEL may be no more in remembrance.. they (Palestinians) will be confounded and troubled FOREVER; yea, they will be put to shame, and PERISH.” ~ Psalm 83

“Thus says The LORD, What have you to do with ME.. O coasts of PALESTINE? Will you render Me a recompence? And if you recompense Me, swiftly and speedily will I return YOUR recompence upon your OWN head.” ~ Joel 3:4

“Thus saith The Lord GOD; Because the Philistines (PALESTINIANS) have dealt by REVENGE, and have taken vengeance with a DESPITEFUL heart, to destroy Israel for the old HATRED; Therefore thus saith The Lord GOD; Behold, I will stretch out My Hand upon the Philistines (Palestinians).. and DESTROY the remnant of the sea coast. And I will execute great VENGEANCE upon them with FURIOUS rebukes; and they shall know that I Am The LORD, when I shall lay My Vengeance upon THEM.” ~ Ezekiel 25:15-17

“The REMNANT of the Philistines (Palestinians) shall PERISH, saith The LORD God.” ~ Amos 1:8

“Thus saith The LORD.. I will CONTEND with them that contend with ISRAEL.” ~ Isaiah 49:25

“I will BLESS those who bless Israel, and CURSE THOSE who curse Israel, saith the LORD” ~ Genesis 12:3 & Numbers 24:9

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