BENHAM BROS: “Sex Ed Sit Out” – Let’s Take A Stand For Our Kids

(Via – “If it’s not OK for special interest groups like the NRA to be buying classroom time to push their agenda, then how is it OK for HRC monies to be buying schools off to teach gender-bending ideology and anal sex tutorials?”

This is what Elizabeth Johnston, our friend and “The Activist Mommy,” said last week as she exposed how Planned Parenthood, NARAL and the Human Rights Campaign are behind a new “sex-ed” initiative in North Carolina called Sexual Health Initiative for Teens, or SHIFT.

Concerned Women for America described it this way: “The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction is allocating almost $400,000 from Title V federal grant taxpayer money intended for ‘abstinence’ education and instead, funding SHIFT (Sexual Health Initiative for Teens) North Carolina’s LGBTQ campaign! These tax dollars will be used to train teachers and promote LGBTQ guides targeting older teens on social media to push their Teen Playbook website, which provides ‘guide to safer, sexier choices,’ including the graphic teaching on how to use condoms.”

Now, we’ve seen some of these “safer, sexier choices.” They include “a sex-positive view of BDSM” (uh, that means bondage, dominance, sadomasochism, in case you were wondering) and the mechanics of anal and oral sex, how to masturbate and to question your gender.

Have we really gotten to this point, America? Teaching a sex-positive view of BDSM?! To our kids?!

All this, of course, is under the guise of – you guessed it – anti-bullying.

But the only bullies here are the teachers, administrators and undisclosed organizers (Planned Parenthood, NARAL, HRC) forcing their agenda on the minds of our children.

And you can guarantee students who choose to sit out will get some sort of “civilized bullying” in the form of pressure or persecution from the teachers and administrators who are drinking the sexual revolution’s Kool-Aid.

This stuff should cause great concern, but it shouldn’t stop there. It should motivate you to Christ-like action by speaking the truth in love and using your influence to stop this type of perversion of the developing hearts and minds of our next generation.

A few months ago, we wrote about men dressing in drag and reading trans books to small children in public libraries across America. Now we’re writing about initiatives to indoctrinate our kids into BDSM, masturbation and gender questioning.

At some point, we all have to say enough and stand in the gap to speak up. We must utilize every ounce of our influence to stand against this type of moral perversion. How many children need to be deceptively stimulated by these teachings and then hooked into a lifestyle of sexual bondage for the rest of their lives before we speak up?

Pastors in Charlotte – please use your platforms to stand against this. I know we all want to let people know what we are for more than what we’re against, but there comes a time when evil entrenches itself in a society and begins to capture the most vulnerable among us that it requires bold, loving action against it.

Thank God believers before us didn’t sit silent (Martin Luther King in America, Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Germany, William Wilberforce in England and William Carey in India, just to name a few). These brave believers stood against evil at the expense of their own reputations and even their lives.

In North Carolina, we can still get involved by encouraging the kids we know in the public schools to sit out. There’s a movement called #SexEdSitOut that has thousands already committed. For more information, visit

Unfortunately, many kids in California aren’t allowed to sit out. After lawmakers passed the “California Healthy Youth Act” in 2015 (another nice name to simply push the sexual revolution), Orange County is now forcing its kids to participate.

Page 51 from its “toolkit” states: “What if you don’t have time or money to buy sex toys? Cucumbers, carrots, and bananas (with the peel) make great d-ldos. Just remember to use a condom!”

We’re telling you: If people don’t speak up now, our kids will suffer greatly.

Pastors, teachers, business owners, moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas – stand up and speak! Sex is a gift from God and is meant to be enjoyed in the safety of marriage. This is the only truth that will protect and preserve family, the building block of society.

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