BENHAM BROS: The No. 1 Killer Of All Things Good

(Via – John Maxwell once said, “When you are full of pride on the inside, it makes you stiff, stubborn, and creates strife with others.”

That’s putting it lightly, because pride is a killer of all things good. It doesn’t simply create strife with others, but it ruins life for others, including the one walking in it.

Connor McGregor is finally getting a taste of this tough reality today. If only he had spent some time with John Maxwell last week before landing himself in jail for smashing a bus window in a blind rage just hours after UFC 223’s press conference in Brooklyn.

Actually, he needs quite a bit more than a meeting with Maxwell – he needs to meet Jesus.

The bottom line is Connor attacked a bus carrying several UFC fighters, smashing a window and injuring three fighters inside. He lost his temper when he heard his long-time rival, Khabib Nurmagomedov (who was on the bus), had messed with one of his training partners earlier in the day.

The rest is history as videos across the Internet show an out-of-control McGregor (and 10 dudes with him) pounding on the bus, smashing a window and finally fleeing the scene to get away. One video showed Connor whooping in pride as he ran off, as if he had just done something brave.

His pride got the best of him. He felt he was above the law and could do what he wanted just because he was angry with someone. Now he’s about to pay for it.

He ended up turning himself in and was hit with 10 misdemeanor charges and two felonies. Yet that’s only the tip of the iceberg for him, as lawsuits beyond comprehension are likely to come his way.

The biggest issue of all, though, is not what will happen to him as a result of his actions but the damage he caused to others.

Several athletes were removed from UFC 223’s fight card, which was a huge blow for these fighters who’ve trained years for this moment. And the damage to the bus company, the bad press for Barclay’s Center, the massive blow to UFC’s pay-per-view earnings – you name it, McGregor’s pride ruined a lot of things for a lot of people.

Dana White, who owns UFC, said, “This is the most disgusting thing that has ever happened in the history of the company.”

Our hearts break for the guy because he clearly doesn’t have anyone around him telling him the truth (or perhaps he’s just not listening) as to how prideful he really is and how it will ultimately lead to his downfall.

Proverbs 18:13 says, “Before his downfall a man’s heart is proud, but humility comes before honor.”

Connor McGregor needs a serious dose of humility, and he’s getting it now from the law in New York City – at least on the outside. But what he really needs is humility on the inside, from the heart.

We all need this. It’s easy to point the finger at McGregor right now, because he’s hugely guilty here. But it’s more difficult to see pride and anger in our own lives. Sometimes it’s hard to see how we’ve hurt others as a result of our actions, but it’s important we pause to reflect.

So here are a couple verses that help us deal with it in our own lives:

“A quick-tempered man acts foolishly, and a man of evil devices is hated.” – Proverbs 14:17

“Sensible people control their temper; they earn respect by overlooking wrongs.” – Proverbs 19:11

Pride is a destroyer of all things good. We pray Connor McGregor realizes this and humbles himself before the Lord and then before all those he’s hurt. It’s never too late to say, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” And it’s always a good time to analyze our own lives and make adjustments as God leads.

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