BENHAM BROS: The Best Gift A Man Can Give His Wife

Husbands – the more attracted you are to God the more attractive you will be to your wife!  God created her like this so it will keep you moving toward Him.  That’s why the best gift we can give our wives is for us to pursue God with our whole hearts. 

When we pursue God two things happen – He will reveal Himself to us and we will be transformed into the man He wants us to become – the man our wives desperately need us to become. 

A prime example of this is the life of Daniel. 

In Daniel 10:2-7 we see Daniel having just fasted for 3 weeks, mourning for the captivity of his people and how rebellious they were toward God, and repenting of his own sin as well. For three solid weeks he ate nothing and did not “do himself up” with lotions, etc. He looked like an absolute mess. This revealed how much Daniel’s heart burned for the things of God. 

He loved God so much, and recognized that God governed in the affairs of man, that he was willing to forgo all food and entertainment to intercede on behalf of God’s people. Daniel was pursuing God by the things he did – his mind and heart were captivated by the Lord. From the time he spent reading the Scripture to the countless hours he spent in prayer – he was going after God with every ounce of his being. 

So how did God respond to this? First, he called Daniel “highly esteemed” on several occasions. God admitted that Daniel was one of His favorites, like John in the New Testament times. He was highly favored because of the humility of his heart. Second, God revealed things to Daniel that He didn’t reveal to anyone else. 

When God showed up to Daniel none of Daniel’s friends could see Him – they could only hear Him and it terrified them. God had given Daniel eyes to see, so even though he was terrified as well he knew the object of that fear – it was God. His friends couldn’t see God and therefore they couldn’t see the object of their fear, so they ran. When you pursue God He gives you eyes to see – you will see Him when nobody else does. 

We need to pursue God like Daniel pursued Him – if we want to see God for Who He truly is, if we want eyes to see and ears to hear, if we want to think and act like Jesus, then we need to GO AFTER HIM with all our heart! Men, we need to pursue God like we pursued our wives when we were dating – they captivated us, our every thought and desire. They were our delight. Everything we did was with them in mind. This is how we are to pursue God – our heart, mind, strength going after Him with all we have. 

The more we pursue Him, the more He will reveal Himself to us. The more He reveals Himself to us, the more like Him we will become and the more attracted to us our wives will be. Becoming more like Jesus is the absolute best gift our wives could ever have! 

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