BENHAM BROS: Christians, Get Into The Ditches And Help Save Lives

(Via – It’s one thing to be against abortion. It’s another thing to be pro-life. Jesus taught in the parable of the Good Samaritan (in Luke 10), that when someone has been robbed, beaten and left for dead in a ditch, those who love Him are to stop what they’re doing and get in the ditch to help – not simply walk by on the other side. 

Even if, while walking on the other side, you’re disturbed by what you see and willing to petition local governing leaders about it or hold a rally for them or something, it’s those who actually get in the ditch, help meet the needs of those affected and pull them out of the ditch who are the ones who truly love their neighbors. 

So too today, while we seek to work with our governing leaders to eliminate (not regulate) the ditch of abortion, and while we try to bring awareness to the ditch through rallies, sermons and other campaigns, our primary goal as pro-life Christians must be to get in the ditch – at some level – and help those who have been robbed, beaten and left for dead. 

This is what Cities4Life and Love Life Charlotte are doing in our city today, and it’s amazing to watch! 

Below is a video of one story – among many – that captures the very essence of Christ’s teaching in today’s context. 

The video is about the Wiggins Family. This couple, along with their two small children, showed up to our city’s busiest abortion clinic early one morning. They were pregnant with their third and felt they could not afford another child. 

They were broke and had nothing, literally – so they thought abortion was their only choice. 

They felt hopeless. 

Until they arrived at the abortion clinic and met a Good Samaritan. 

As soon as they pulled up to the entrance, one of the Cities4Life sidewalk counselors said she was there to help and began ministering to them by offering tangible solutions for their needs. 

The Wiggins were blown away. For the first time in a long time, they felt hope. 

We’ll let the video tell the rest of the story, but the bottom line is that they chose life for their third child that day, and the folks at Cities4Life and Love Life Charlotte immediately set them up with housing, got them another car (that worked), and bought them gift cards to the grocery store. They even made a Thanksgiving meal and set them up with a Christmas tree and gifts for the kids – in addition to giving them a mentor who is currently walking alongside them in this new chapter of life. 

And a couple other things, too: They gave their hearts to Jesus and chose to get married! 

Now that is what it means to be pro-life! 

You can hear it directly from them in this short video: 


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