“It’s Like SODOM AND GOMORRAH”: In Less Than Two Weeks, Two Massive EARTHQUAKES Devastate Mexico

“It’s like Sodom and Gomorrah, like God is angry at us”… These were the words of Jorge Diaz, a Mexican government employee, after the second powerful earthquake in 12 days devastated Mexico. On September 7th, the most powerful quake to strike Mexico in a century, an 8.1 magnitude, destroyed thousands of homes and was felt by tens of millions of people. It left nearly 100 Mexicans dead.

Yesterday’s 7.1 magnitude earthquake, though striking 100 miles from Mexico City, destroyed at least 45 structures in the country’s Capital. The latest quake struck on the 32nd anniversary of Mexico’s 1985 quake that left more than 10,000 people dead. 12 hours after Tuesday’s disaster, Mexico’s death toll stands at over 200, and is expected to rise. Widespread damage was reported in Morelos, Puebla and in Mexico State.

The massive 8.1 quake was not the headline news that it should have been. This is because it struck at the same time that Hurricanes Harvey & Irma were blanketing mainstream media news coverage. The epicenters of the two powerful quakes were more than 400 miles apart. The 7.1 temblor was not only strong, but also very shallow.

It struck at a depth of only 33 miles. Anything below 70 miles is considered a shallow quake, and thus can cause the most damage. A looming threat caused by these quakes are gas leaks. Gas leaks have been reported across Mexico’s hardest hit areas, and some have already sparked deadly fires. Powerful earthquakes across the globe, increasing in number, intensity and size, are one of the signs Lord Jesus gave signaling His imminent Return.

For about a decade, global earthquakes appear to have become more common, more powerful, and much more devastating. Couple this sign with the 4 Blood Moons of the Shemitah and Jubilee Years, the 5777 Supermoons and Eclipses “of the Century”, and the recent record-shattering hurricanes, and we are no doubt living in Prophetically-significant times. I’m sure many reading this may ask, “Why Mexico?” Well, I did some digging, and I think I may have found the answer…

Virtually all Holy Bible believers should be familiar with Genesis 12:3, in which God says that He will “BLESS those who bless the Jewish people”, and He will “CURSE those who curse them”. Upon my research, I discovered that a 2017 ADL (Anti-Defamation League) Poll reveals that ANTI-SEMITIC attitudes have risen sharply in Mexico over the past three years. ADL’s Global 100 Index Survey in Mexico found that anti-Semitic attitudes have increased by over 10 points, compared to a similar poll in 2014.

This year, a total of 35% of Mexico’s adult population (approximately 31 million people) harbors “anti-Jew” attitudes, up from 25% three years ago. Is that the reason that God chose to bring judgment on Mexico? Quite possibly. Then again, it could be something even worse that I haven’t discovered yet. Irregardless, it seems that the entire WORLD has departed from the God of the Holy Bible, and that His Judgments are falling everywhere.

I found it very interesting that yesterday’s powerful quake was centered in San Juan Raboso. “San Juan” is translated into English as SAINT JOHN. Yes, that famous disciple who penned the Book of REVELATION. These recent massive earthquakes in Mexico are sparking new, but all too familiar, fears in a neighboring American State. California has been long due for its next “BIG ONE”. I wrote about this subject late last year in my article “AFTERSHOCKS”. With the quakes in nearby Mexico getting more powerful, shallower, and more frequent, it doesn’t take a geologist to know that Cali’s DAY IS COMING.

Mexico’s monster 8.1 quake produced 4-times more energy than the powerful 1906 San Francisco 7.8 earthquake, which claimed 3,000 lives, and sparked a fire that left the city in ruins. The most recent “monster quake” for Southern California was in 1857, and was also a 7.8 magnitude. Even California’s violent and shallow 1994 Northridge Quake was just a magnitude 6.7. What then would an 8.0 magnitude, or greater, earthquake mean for Southern California?

Well, geologists all seem to agree that a magnitude 8.0+ earthquake would rupture the San Andreas fault from the Salton Sea (near the Mexican border) all the way to Monterey County. The fault would rupture through the heavily-populated counties of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino. A recent study concluded that, someday soon, the 800 mile long fault could “unzip all at once” unleashing a devastating historic catastrophe.

Top geological experts all believe that the fault is “WAY OVERDUE” for a massive earthquake. Many judgments have been falling upon America since the Solar Eclipse of the Century. I said that I believed that the Eclipse was God’s Warning to America’s leadership to STOP pushing for the “division of Israel’s Holy Land” in a future “Peace Deal” with the Palestinians. I said that God would judge and “DIVIDE” America if President Trump does not stop pushing “Land-for-Peace” negotiations.

In just the span of a few weeks, following the Eclipse, America has already received two historic judgments of God (Hurricanes Harvey & Irma) that had undeniable connections to Trump, Israel, and God’s Holy Land. So, will a literal “DIVISION” of America’s land be Judgment #3 from the LORD? If so, it appears that California is THE prime candidate. Buckle up kids, because I believe that the judgments of Almighty God have only just begun.

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“Jesus said, There will be POWERFUL earthquakes in diverse places.” ~ Luke 21:11/Matthew 24:7/Mark 13:8

“The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is MOVED exceedingly. The earth shall REEL to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be HEAVY upon it; and it shall FALL, and not rise again.” ~ Isaiah 24:19-20

“This know also, that in the LAST DAYS perilous times shall COME.” ~ 2nd Timothy 3:1

“JESUS said.. upon the earth shall be distress of nations, with perplexity… Men’s hearts failing them for FEAR, and for looking after those things which are COMING on the earth.. And then shall they SEE ME COMING in a cloud with Power and great Glory. And when THESE things begin to come to pass, then LOOK UP, and lift up your heads; for your redemption DRAWS NEAR.” ~ Luke 21:25-28

“JESUS said, Can you not discern the SIGNS of the times?” ~ Matthew 16:3

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