ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: 9 Months Of Palestinian Terror Leave 34 Israelis Dead


As of July 1st, at least 34 Israelis have been murdered, and over 300 injured by Palestinian terrorists. Actually, I should say, Palestinian CITIZENS. Because surprisingly, virtually none of the attacks were carried out by the well known terror group Hamas, but instead by average Palestinian people. Hamas is definitely responsible for starting the wave of terror by putting out the initial calls for the murder of Israelis, but they themselves have mostly not gotten their hands dirty. They have simply sat back and watched the Palestinian citizens do their bidding. This should dispel the widely accepted myth that Palestinians in Gaza are the “poor defenseless victim” of Israel. Many in the liberal media have long claimed that Israel treats Palestine harshly. Though Israel has NOT, the Jewish State certainly has every right to! Because the Palestinians have shown in the past 9 months that they are nothing but MURDEROUS terrorist scum. They should be treated as such.

For years, Jew-hating Palestinian propagandists on social media have floated images of dead children and women daily (all exposed to really be victims of Syria’s civil war), and they falsely promote the images of the dead as victims of Israel. They constantly try to portray Israelis as a murderous people. While in reality, it is the Palestinians themselves which are THE murderous people. It’s time to put a stop to their lies once and for all. The best way to expose the lies and falsehoods of the Palestinians is to present the FACTS on the ground, which the anti-Israel lamestream media chooses to ignore.


The facts are, in the past 9 months, there have been at least 250 terror attacks by Palestinians against Israeli civilians. There have been around 150 stabbings, at least 50 Shootings, about 30 Car Rammings, and 1 Suicide Bombing. The wave of terror attacks began on September 14th of last year, and has still yet to cease. In September, one Israeli was murdered. In October, 8 lost their lives. In November, 9 more were dead. In December, 2 were brutally killed. In January, 2 more. In February, 3. In March, one more. In April, 22 were injured. In May, 10 more injured. Last month, 5 more were murdered at the cold-blooded hands of the Palestinians. This first day of July, already one Israeli has been murdered today. At least 34 Israelis are DEAD, as young as 13 years old, simply because they were JEWS.

Last October’s terror attack perpetrated by Hamas was really the spark that set the Palestinian people off on their killing spree of Jews. Five members of the Hamas terror group murdered a young couple, Eitam and Naama Henkin, inside of their car, and even in front of their 4 children in the back seat. This kind of heartless attack seemed to resonate with the Palestinian people as a whole, because the attacks that would follow were even more unthinkable and cruel.


A Palestinian jihadist repeatedly stabbed and killed a 21-year-old Israeli woman named Hadar Buchris at a bus stop, simply because she was Jewish. A PREGNANT Israeli woman was stabbed within hours of another woman, Dafna Meir, losing her life at the hands of a terrorist. Meir, a 38 year old mother of 4, was stabbed numerous times by a Palestinian at the entry of her home. Her 17-year-old daughter had to witness the murder.

Most recently, just yesterday, 13 year old Hallel Yaffa Ariel, was asleep in her home when a 17-year-old Palestinian broke into the house and murdered her, staining her room with blood. The terrorist’s family, as well as Palestinian Authority official media, have labeled the terrorist who murdered the young girl, a “martyr.” This event alone shows who the GOOD guys are, and who the extremely BAD guys are. Israelis are beyond any doubt the Good guys. While, any people who celebrate the murder of little girls and pregnant women, or slaying couples in front of their young children, are most definitely the BAD guys. If you disagree with my conclusion, then you have no moral compass whatsoever.


Since Israel’s Rebirth in 1948, there have been nearly 1,300 terror attacks, a majority of them committed by the Palestinians. The attacks have left over 3,500 Israelis dead, 1,700 since the year 2,000 alone, and around 12,000 injured. Nearly 150 Israelis have been killed by Palestinians in the past 2 years. This blatant, violent and murderous anti-semitism needs to END. Palestine has gotten away with this for years, because the mainstream media buys into their lies and propaganda and then feeds it to Americans and the International community. If you are as fed up as I have been with the Palestinians, then together let’s expose them for the filthy murderers that they truly are. SHARE this article far and wide, and never stop sharing it! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. May God bless, protect and defend ISRAEL forever.

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“They (Palestinians) have said, Come, and let us cut them (Jews) off from being a Nation; that the Name of ISRAEL may be NO MORE in remembrance.. they (Palestinians) will be CONFOUNDED and troubled FOREVER; yea, they will be put to shame, and PERISH.” ~ Psalm 83

“Thus says The LORD, What have YOU to do with ME.. O coasts of PALESTINE? Will you render ME a recompence? And IF you recompense Me, SWIFTLY and speedily will I return YOUR recompence upon your OWN head.” ~ Joel 3:4

“Thus saith The Lord GOD; Because the Philistines (PALESTINIANS) have dealt by REVENGE, and have taken vengeance with a DESPITEFUL heart, to destroy Israel for the old HATRED; Therefore thus saith The Lord GOD; Behold, I will stretch out My Hand UPON the Philistines (Palestinians).. and DESTROY the remnant of the sea coast. And I will execute great VENGEANCE upon them with FURIOUS rebukes; and they shall KNOW that I Am The LORD, when I shall lay MY Vengeance upon THEM.” ~ Ezekiel 25:15-17

“The REMNANT of the Philistines (Palestinians/Hamas) shall PERISH, saith The LORD God.” ~ Amos 1:8

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