I Officially Endorse TED CRUZ For President Of The USA


Many of you who know me personally know that I’m not into politics, and if I do write about Politicians it is for good reason. I have taken a bold stance against Barack Hussein Obama for the past 7 years because I believe he is a Biblically-hostile, anti-Israel antiChrist, if not THE AntiChrist. I believe Hillary Clinton would be Obama 2.0. I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat. I’m not an Independent. I’M A CHRISTIAN. And whenever I vote, I carefully vet all of the candidates and their platforms, and I stand with the candidate whom I believe best shares my values and Biblical convictions. I’m also a realist, and recognize that some candidates I support do not have the best chance of winning the general election. My friends the Benham Brothers recently made the wise basketball analogy when making their presidential endorsement ~ “You’ve got to give the ball to the guy who is best positioned to take the shot.” That is why, though I’m extremely supportive of Mike Huckabee, and also like Dr. Ben Carson, I’ve decided that the Christian Conservative with the best opportunity to take the shot and win the Election is Senator TED CRUZ.

Cruz and I agree on seemingly every issue. He is a strong defender of the Christian Faith, of Israel and the Jewish people, and of America’s Judeo-Christian Heritage. He is staunchly pro-life, anti-Obama, against Gay Marriage and Islam, a leading voice for the persecuted Christians in Muslim nations, as well as for Christian liberty here in the homeland. As to why I’m not endorsing the frontrunner Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush or some of the other popular candidates, read my article from last December entitled “Grading the Presidential Candidates: Who Should Christians Vote For?”. In that article, Ted Cruz received my highest grade, an A+. He received the highest grade because he best represented and shared my Biblical beliefs, convictions and values. It’s no wonder that the Christian brothers I most admire in the public eye today, the “Duck Commander” Phil Robertson and Jason and David, the Benhams, have also come out to endorse Cruz.

Phil, the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch of the Robertson family, had this to say about Ted ~ “My qualifications for President of the United States are rather narrow. Is he or she Godly, does he or she love us, can he or she do the job. And finally, would they kill a duck and put them in a pot and make a good duck gumbo. I’ve looked at the candidates, Ted Cruz is my man, he fits the bill. He’s Godly, he loves us, he’s the man for the job, and he will go duck hunting, because today we’re going. Ted Cruz is my man. I’m voting for him. Cruz, the reason we’re going to vote for you, all of us, is because you’re one of us my man. That’s why we’re voting for you. It’s now or never. We’re gonna lose our beloved country unless there’s a turn around and I think this is it.”

The Benhams said ~ “No one leader can make America great again, only God can do that. Ted Cruz has the humility to understand this truth. At this crossroads in American history, we need a President that acts from the inside out, one who relies on principles not polls, and is grounded in the Constitution, not cultural trends. From protecting religious liberty and preserving family values to rejecting big government and rebuking the ‘establishment,’ Ted Cruz is the convictional leader we desperately need in America today.”

I give a resounding AMEN to both endorsements. Cruz has also received endorsements from many other Pastors and strong Conservative voices such as Tony Perkins and Dana Loesch. I’m happy to announce that I’m in good company, and honoured to stand with my brothers and sisters, as I OFFICIALLY ENDORSE TED CRUZ for President of the United States of America.


Cruz will restore and preserve Christian liberty, the broken relationship with our greatest ally Israel, as well as defend life, marriage, and the family. He has the record to prove it. On the subject of abortion, Ted has said, once he is elected president, he will instruct his Attorney General to investigate Planned Parenthood on DAY ONE. I believe him, as in the Senate, he has led the fight to take away taxpayer dollars from Planned Parenthood. He is widely known for his staunch “pro-life” stance.

On the subject of Gay Marriage, Ted has unapologetically never wavered in his stance that “Marriage is a sacrament between one man and one woman, it has strengthened societies for millennia, and we must uphold the truth of marriage.” Concerning Religious Liberty, and the secular, liberal, and government attacks on Christians throughout Obama’s presidency, Cruz has said, “On DAY ONE, a President Cruz will instruct the Department of Justice, the IRS, and every other federal agency that the persecution of Christians ends TODAY.” Again, I believe him. Just look at his record ~

* Ted introduced measures to protect Faith organizations in DC from being forced to provide abortion services to their employees and to support, and even fund, activities that directly violate their Faith.

* Ted rallied national support for Houston pastors who were subpoenaed by the City of Houston’s Lesbian Mayor and forced to turn in their sermons.

* Ted stood with Kim Davis in defense of her right to refuse issuing gay marriage licenses in order to live in accordance with her Faith.

* Ted defended Hobby Lobby against Obamacare’s contraception mandate.

* Ted introduced measures in Congress to protect service members’ right to worship.

* Ted helped keep the Cross standing at the Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial.

* Ted helped preserve the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance at the U.S. Supreme Court.

* Ted successfully defended the constitutionality of the Texas “Ten Commandments” monument, winning a 5-4 landmark decision before the U.S. Supreme Court.

* Ted successfully defended the words “under God” in the Texas Pledge of Allegiance and in Texas schools.


Ted is a TRUE Conservative. He opposes “Common Core” in schools, which indoctrinates America’s children with many “positive” teachings of Islam, while teaching lies about Christianity and Judaism. Cruz is a strong opponent of the abortion peddling Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Cruz opposes the legalization of marijuana. Cruz proposes the abolition of the IRS and the implementation of a flat tax “where the average American can fill out taxes on a postcard.” Cruz does not believe in “manmade climate change” or “global warming”. Ted was named “2013 Conservative Man of the Year” by conservative publications Townhall, TheBlaze, FrontPage Magazine and The American Spectator.

Finally, one of the biggest reasons I’m endorsing Ted Cruz, is because aside from Mike Huckabee, I believe Ted Cruz is the most proven and authentic “pro-Israel” candidate. Ted has said, “Instead of a president who boycotts Prime Minister Netanyahu, imagine a president who stands unapologetically with Israel.” AMEN. I would love nothing more than to see that, and I believe Cruz would. A Cruz administration will on DAY ONE recognize Jerusalem as the Eternal undivided CAPITAL of Israel and the US Embassy will be moved there. Cruz has said, once he is President, Israel will always have everything it needs to defend itself. He also has said, that his Administration would immediately reassess US policy towards the Palestinian Authority. NOT ONE PENNY of American tax dollars would go to an organization that incites hatred against Jews and seeks to partner with the terrorist group Hamas. He has also said that he would move to defund the UNITED NATIONS if it continues it’s anti-Israel bias and would withdraw federal funding from EVERY American university that boycotts Israel. Amen and AMEN.


Perhaps, his boldest, most fearless stand for Israel came at a Conference of Middle East Christian leaders, when he declared, “Christians have NO greater Ally than Israel,”. The arab crowd members began to BOO, and some shouted, “Stop it!”. In response, he expressed disappointment that anti-Semitism had “reared its ugly head” at the conference and said, “If you do NOT stand with ISRAEL and the Jews, then I will NOT stand with YOU”, as he abruptly walked off the stage. This moment was why he has long been one of my top choices for the Presidency, and now why he has ultimately become THE CHOICE.

If Christians or Jews are wondering who our BEST option for the next leader of this Judeo-Christian Nation is, in my humble opinion, look no further than TED CRUZ. For decades Christian Conservatives have been searching for the next Ronald Reagan, and I believe he has finally arrived. Ted has said, “I will always tell the truth, and do what I said I would do.” If that’s something refreshing that you would like to hear from a President and leader of the free world, then join me in supporting Ted Cruz for the next President of the USA.


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“.. You shall provide out of all the people ABLE men, such as FEAR GOD, men of TRUTH, hating covetousness; and place SUCH men over the people, to be RULERS of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens.” ~ Exodus 18:21

“You shall set him king over you, whom The LORD your God shall choose: one from AMONG your brethren (Bible-believers) shall you set KING over you: you may NOT set a stranger (unbeliever, muslim, atheist, etc.) over you, which is NOT your brother.” ~ Deuteronomy 17:15

“BLESSED is the Nation whose God is THE LORD…” ~ Psalm 33:12


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