DISGRACEFUL Journalism: CNN Host Suggests America “Ban ALL JEWS” Instead of Muslims


Ashleigh Banfield, the far-left liberal CNN host left her guest and Jews across America stunned when she attempted to draw a comparison between Jewish and Muslim “terrorists”. In a pro-Islam, borderline anti-semitic rant, Banfield claimed that some Jews were “JUST AS BAD” as the America-hating Muslims, and in her opinion, committed just as much terrorism in America as the Muslims. It’s laughable, as her guest quickly recognized, but it’s also extremely disgusting that she gets away with pushing such filthy lies to a large television audience. She said that we should consider “BANNING ALL JEWS” from America, instead of the Muslims, and she said all of this during the Jewish Feast of Hanukkah no less. CNN has yet to apologize for her comparison or remarks.

In her argument, in favour of Muslims and against the Jews, she said that John Pistole, a “real venerable” former TSA chief, testified of over a dozen acts of terror by Jews in America from 1980-1985. She had to go back over 30 years ago to find an instance considered Jewish “terrorism”. These “alleged” terror cases were not committed in the Name of the God of Judaism, and had no “religious” motive behind them. While ALL Islamic terror attacks committed by Muslims are done specifically IN THE NAME of Allah, the god of Islam and ALWAYS have religious motive. Her source Pistole, by the way, is the TSA chief whose TSA missed 99% of fake bombs slipped through airport security. Federal Air Marshals hated him because he was an anti-Semite who risked their lives by focusing on “terrorist Jews”, while ignoring the Islamic terror threat.. the REAL threat.

Banfield completely ignored the facts, in order that she could paint anyone singling out “Muslims as terrorists” as “Islamophobic”. The FACTS are that there have been at least 20 known Islamic Terror plots against America since 2000. There have been at least 10 successful Islamic Terror Attacks against America over the same period of time. How many JEWISH Terror plots or attacks have there been against America since 2000? A resounding ZERO. Banfield also ignores the startling statistics which make Islam and Terrorism exclusive to eachother. Over 270 MILLION people have been murdered at the hands of followers of the “peaceful religion” known as Islam. Most recently, there have been 28,000 Terror attacks globally, in the NAME of Islam, since 9/11/2001. The so-called small “fringe” or “handful” of Muslims, as the liberals refer to them as, are estimated to be between 20-25% of the muslim population. That’s between 200-300 MILLION Islamists globally who seek to murder Christians, Jews, all unbelievers, and apostate muslims. Yet Banfield believes that JEWS pose a greater security threat to America than the Muslims. Bunk!

President Obama and many others in his lamestream far-left liberal media, are also making the false comparison between Holocaust-era Jews and modern Muslims. They imply that Muslims today, specifically the refugees, are being treated in America exactly like the persecuted Jewry in Nazi-Germany. They should be utterly ashamed and disgraced for attempting to draw even the slightest comparison. There was not one threat of Jewish terrorists infiltrating the United States or Germany or ANY nation during the Holocaust, let alone EVER. The same cannot be said about Islamic terrorists. They currently pose the greatest national security threat to America and EVERY nation on earth. Jewish refugees of the Holocaust had nowhere else to go. Muslim refugees DO. There was no Jewish State or Israel to flee to in the 1940s. Today, there are dozens of Islamic states, and Muslim-majority countries.

The Muslim refugees are known to hold anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and anti-Western views. The Jewish refugees did NOT. According to Pew research, a majority of Muslims in America and worldwide endorse SHARIA LAW as the ideal legal code for society, which is in direct opposition to Judeo-Christian values and the Constitution of the USA. They favor harsh punishments, the worst of which is DEATH, for non-believers and those that violate the tenets of Islam. While the KKK, and other Nazi-inspired supremacist groups in the U.S. commit anti-Semitic attacks, the majority of attacks directed against Jews are committed by the Muslim immigrant population. Also, to say that the muslims are facing greating perils than even current Jews living in America is another inaccurate assumption. The number of Jews in America and globally are dwindling, while Muslim populations across the world are skyrocketing. Muslims are the fastest growing group in the world.

Muslim refugees today are fleeing national violence by OTHER muslims in Islamic nations. The Jews of the Holocaust were attempting to flee persecution from numerous diverse peoples, religions and nations, not just Hitler’s Germany. It’s also important to note that ISLAMISTS were some of Adolf Hitler’s greatest allies in his quest to exterminate the Jews. Today, a majority of the Muslim population still holds Nazi-like anti-Semitic views and beliefs, because the Quran teaches them to hate the Jew. Islam’s so-called “prophet” once watched as many as 600 Jews being BEHEADED in Medina in ONE DAY. The Quran, penned by Muhammed, instructs muslims to “SLAY THE JEW” and “KILL THE JEW” wherever you find them.

During the Holocaust, 6 MILLION Jews were murdered by Hitler’s Nazi regime and their allies. From 1941 to 1945, the Jewish people were systematically killed in the largest genocide in history. Approximately one million Jewish children were among those murdered. No matter how bad things get in the current Muslim civil wars in the Middle East, these staggering numbers will never be matched. Jewish victims were transported by freight trains to specially built extermination (concentration) camps where they were systematically burned alive in gas chambers. Of the 9 million Jews who resided in Europe before the Holocaust, approximately TWO THIRDS of them were murdered for simply being JEWISH. Muslims today are NOT facing the same threats or fate simply for being MUSLIMS.

Americans, specifically Christians and Jews, do not oppose the Muslim refugees because of their race, but instead because of their ideology, their “religion”. The religion which has always been at odds with and threatened both of our Faiths, not to mention Western civilization as a whole. Recent reports reveal Christianity could become EXTINCT from Iraq by 2020, and from ALL Islamic Nations within just 10 years. The Middle East Christians are also under siege by Islamic terrorists in Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Islamic Gulf States, Africa and Asia. The ONLY safe haven for Christians in the Middle East, and where they are thriving, is of course in the JEWISH State of Israel.

The Jews are NOT and have never been the “problem”. Christians are NOT and have never been the “problem” either. The fact is, and has been for well over 1,000 years, that Muslims who adhere strictly to Islam and the Quran ARE THE PROBLEM. It’s not politically correct. I’ll be called an Islamophobe, racist, a bigot, and a hater by Ashleigh Banfield and the rest who are like her. Their willful ignorance is dangerous for the future of America, and their unrealistic views and opinions of Islam are going to destroy this Country. Because the same “poor, peaceful muslim refugees” they defend and are advocating for, will be the first to stab them in the back, LITERALLY.

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“And JESUS said, YOU worship what you KNOW NOT: we KNOW what WE worship: for SALVATION is of the JEWS.” ~ John 4:22

“JESUS said.. AS the days of Noah WERE, so shall ALSO the {days} of MY Coming BE..” ~ Matthew 24:37

“(In Noah’s days) the earth was FILLED WITH violence (TERRORISM).” ~ Genesis 6:11

“.. And I saw the souls of them that were BEHEADED for the Witness of JESUS, and for the WORD OF GOD..” ~ Revelation 20:4

“And when He had opened the fifth seal, I saw UNDER THE ALTAR the souls of THEM that were SLAIN for the WORD OF GOD (Holy Bible)..” ~ Revelation 6:9

“JESUS said.. The time COMES, that whosoever KILLS you (Jews and Christians) will THINK that he (Islamist) does GOD service. And THESE things will THEY (Islamists) do unto YOU, because they have NOT KNOWN The Father, NOR ME.” ~ John 16:2-3

“Thus saith The LORD of hosts; In THOSE days it SHALL come to pass, that ten men shall.. out of all languages of the nations, TAKE HOLD of the garment of him that is A JEW, saying, We will go WITH YOU: for we have heard that GOD IS WITH YOU.” ~ Zechariah 8:23

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