Satanic Worship On The Rise In America


The first “Church of Lucifer” in Texas opened it’s doors to worshippers of Satan on Halloween eve in a small town outside of Houston. Under Barack Hussein Obama, for the first time in this Judeo-Christian Nation’s history, not only is public worship of the Devil being accepted, but it’s becoming COMMONPLACE in America. Just a few months ago, in my home State of Michigan, the Satanic temple of Detroit unveiled a large statue of the demon Baphomet to pay their homage to the Devil. Last year, Satanic monuments were erected at the STATE CAPITOLS of Michigan and Oklahoma. The Michigan monument was displayed during the week of Christmas no less, as a purposeful slap in the Face of our Holy Lord in the Season we celebrated His Birth. America is literally going to HELL in a handbasket.

In the Biblical Books of 2nd Thessalonians and Revelation, we are told that Satan would have a grand hour of power over the earth in the latter days leading up to Christ’s Return, and that he would be WORSHIPPED, and will eventually incarnate the AntiChrist. The Holy Bible is clear that in the “Last Days”, society will depart from The LORD God Almighty, and be led astray by fables, witchcraft, sorcery, false gods, athiesm and doctrines of DEMONS.

For years, Satan has been luring believers away from God with occultic movements such as New Age, Islam, Black Magic, Witchcraft (Wicca), Astrology, Buddhism, Hinduism, Alien-obsession, and of course Atheism. We have now reached a point in America where he no longer needs to deceptively pull people away from God through other “religions”. The current generation has been so inundated and brainwashed by Godless leaders, school professors, perverse media, drugs, and demonic teachings, that the old Devil can now walk right in undisguised and welcome new children into his family.

We are living in an age where most major colleges are infested with athiestic, agnostic, FAR-Left, liberal professors who don’t just question God, but they ATTACK Him, MOCK the Holy Bible, and alienate and publicly disgrace ANY students who disagree or hold strong belief in God’s Word of Truth; Go to any secular college today, and tell a Professor that you believe in God as CREATOR, or that Jesus Christ was born of a VIRGIN or that he was RESURRECTED from the dead, or that the Holy Bible is the UNERRING Word of Almighty God, and above all, try to tell them that JESUS is coming BACK. These ignorant God-hating teachers will shout you down and laugh you to scorn.

Also, it is disgusting, but sadly no surprise, that even SATANIC MASSES are being held on college Campuses like at Harvard University last year. The HYPOCRISY of these Universities knows no bounds! They BAN from their campuses any and everything having to do with Jesus Christ, GOD The Father or the Holy Bible. YET, at the same time, they militantly PUSH teachings of Islam or foreign “religions” and even allow SATANIC worship. They are so unapologetically “CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL” and “ANTICHRISTS”. The powers that be in this once great God-fearing nation don’t even try anymore to hide their allegiance to the Devil, because they have pulled the people so far away from God, that they no longer need to. They are intentionally driving this Country and especially America’s youth straight TO HELL.

So much of the population has been brainwashed by this Godless government, that they actually DEFEND Satanic worship in America, saying it’s “freedom of speech” or “freedom of religion”. It’s far from it! If our founders would have known that these lines in the Constitution (which meant to defend the Christians, Jews, Churches and Synagogues of the future, as Judaism and Christianity were the ONLY “religions” of early America), were being used to promote, justify and legalize the worship of our God’s most notorious ENEMY, our forefathers would have BURNED the document down to ashes.

So, as Satan’s power is growing, and more and more Americans are embracing him or allowing his kingdom to make great advances, either out of hatred of God or just plain ignorance, what are we Holy Bible-believing Christians and Jews to do?? We are to SPEAK OUT and SPEAK LOUD against all of this Satanic garbage arising around us. We must firmly CONDEMN IT, along with all of the demonic influences infiltrating the USA and the world today. If it truly is Satan’s Hour of history, we won’t be able to stop him, for that will be our Lord JESUS’ job when He comes back down. Though we CAN do our part by snatching some out of Satan’s grasp and leading them BACK to our Holy Lord, thus saving them from the fires of Hell.

The Holy Bible prophesied, nearly 2,000 years ago, that “the Devil will come down to EARTH, knowing he has but a SHORT TIME”, and it is our job now, as God’s children, to give him a HELL OF A HARD TIME while he is here.

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“For some are ALREADY turned aside after SATAN.” ~ 1st Timothy 5:15

“But I say.. you should NOT have fellowship with DEMONS. You CANNOT drink the Cup of The Lord, AND the cup of DEMONS: you CANNOT be partakers of The Lord’s Table, AND of the table of DEMONS.” ~ 1st Corinthians 10:20-21

“DO NOT give place to the DEVIL.” ~ Ephesians 4:27

“Now the Holy SPIRIT speaks expressly, that in the LATTER DAYS some shall DEPART from the Faith, giving HEED to seducing spirits, and doctrines of DEMONS.” ~ 1st Timothy 4:1

“.. May they recover themselves OUT OF the snare of the DEVIL, who are taken CAPTIVE by him at his will.” ~ 2nd Timothy 2:26

“.. WOE to the inhabiters of the EARTH and of the sea! for the DEVIL IS COME DOWN unto you, having great wrath, because he KNOWS that he has but a SHORT TIME.” ~ Revelation 12:12

“BABYLON the great (America) is fallen, is FALLEN, and is become the habitation of DEMONS, and the hold of every FOUL spirit, and a cage of every UNCLEAN and HATEFUL bird.” ~ Revelation 18:2

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