The Most ANTI-Israel President Of ALL-Time


I have had many ignorant people ask me, “HOW is Barack Obama ANTI-Israel?”, as if they don’t want to believe it. I give them many reasons, but always say that I wish I had a list of EVERYTHING he’s done against the Jewish State throughout his presidency, because if people followed all of his deplorable actions like I have, he’d have been impeached years ago. He certainly would not have been re-elected.

So, I scoured the internet, and though some like Ben Shapiro and Commentary Magazine have compiled nice lists, they weren’t anywhere near the number of anti-Israel acts Obama has committed since his inauguration nearly 7 years ago. I thought, if I desire a list like this so much, others I’m sure would love the solid proof of Obama being the MOST Anti-Israel president EVER.

Well, I’ve done it, and compiled a list covering EVERY Year, even EVERY Month of Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency, and in no surprise to me, EVERY single one contained an act AGAINST Israel. To all those who ask for PROOF of Obama’s hostility towards God’s Chosen Nation, HERE YOU GO…


JANUARY: Two days after his inauguration, President Obama placed his FIRST phone call to a foreign leader to PALESTINIAN Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas. Also in this month, Obama publicly HAILED an Anti-Israel Arab Plan.

FEBRUARY: Obama appoints new U.S. Intel Chief who says “Support of Israel is NOT in the interest of USA”.

MARCH: The Obama Administration REVERSES policy of not joining the United Nations Human Rights Council which is blatantly ANTI-Israel

APRIL: Obama appoints ANTI-Israel, Islamic Terror Group sympathizer Arif Alikhan as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development at the Department of HOMELAND SECURITY.

MAY: Obama arrogantly orders Israeli P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu to stop building on Israeli Land which Palestinians desire for their “future state” in order to move forward with Peace Talks. Netanyahu announces a freeze in construction to comply. The Palestinians REFUSE to negotiate. Obama then BLAMES Israel for not making more “bold gestures for peace”.

JUNE: Obama tells world in televised speech from Egypt that Israel was only created based on “Jewish suffering in the Holocaust”. He then made the disgusting controversial remark that “Palestinians have been SIMILARLY victimized by the Jews.”

JULY: Obama threatens to put “daylight” between the U.S. and Israel. He tells Jewish leaders, “Look at the past 8 years. During those 8 years, there was NO SPACE between us and Israel, and what did WE get from that?” That same month, Obama tells CNN that the United States would “absolutely NOT” give Israel permission to defend their Nation by striking Iran’s nuclear facilities.

AUGUST: Obama under fire for awarding Presidential Medal of Freedom to controversial ANTI-SEMITIC former UN official, Mary Robinson, who was staunchly ANTI-Israel.

SEPTEMBER: Obama tells the United Nations that “America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli SETTLEMENTS.” Settlements are what Palestinians refer to as Israeli Land that they desire for their “future state”. These “settlements” so just so happen to be Israel’s most Holy Ancient Biblical Homeland. Also, at the UN, Obama offered no criticism of the Palestinians and their campaign of terror against Israelis.

OCTOBER: Obama signaled his support for J Street Group’s pro-Palestinian and ANTI-Israel agendas when he sent his National-Security Advisor James Jones to deliver the Keynote address at a J Street Conference.

NOVEMBER: Obama appoints outspoken ANTI-Israel former senator, Chuck Hagel, to serve as co-chairman of the president’s Intelligence ADVISORY Board.

DECEMBER: Senior Israeli Leaders reveal that they fear Obama is too “weak” on the Iranian Regime and sanctions.


JANUARY: Obama Administration threatens to WITHHOLD Aid from Israel.

FEBRUARY: Obama Administration expressed its extreme DISPLEASURE with Israel’s inclusion of the Cave of the Patriarchs and Rachel’s Tomb (Both Ancient Biblical Jewish Sites) in the “Jewish Heritage Sites”, because Obama has promised this Jewish Land to the Palestinians.

MARCH: Obama continues his threatening rhetoric toward Israel about what he dubs “settlements”, and sends Vice President Joe Biden to Israel, where Biden rips into the Israelis for building bathrooms in Jerusalem, the eternal Jewish Capital. Obama then ordered Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to call P.M. Netanyahu, in which she reportedly YELLED at him, saying he had “harmed the bilateral relationship between America and Israel”. When Netanyahu visited the White House a week and a half later, Obama drew harsh criticism from even fellow Democrats when he humiliated the Israeli Prime Minister. It was reported that Netanyahu was left to stew in a White House meeting room, after being presented with a list of 13 demands from Obama, for over an hour after Obama abruptly walked out of tense talks to have dinner with his family. Obama then breached American Policy and made our visiting Ally leave via a side door.

APRIL: Obama REFUSES to prevent the Washington Summit on Nuclear Proliferation from becoming a Muslim referendum on the “evils” of Israel.

MAY: Obama Administration publishes U.S. National Security Strategy in which ANTI-Israel and Islamic propaganda wording is used, such as “The United States seeks to end the OCCUPATION that began in “1967”. We will continue to work to advance negotiations that address “JERUSALEM” (Israel’s God-given Capital which Obama has promised to the Palestinians for their “future state”)”.

JUNE: An anonymous “US Defense source” leaks that Israel cut a deal with the Saudis to use their airspace to strike Iran. Because of this top-secret leak by the Obama Administration, Israel’s deal is scuttled.

JULY: Obama arrogantly remarks to Israeli News Station that Israel would not strike Iran without “U.S. PERMISSION.”

AUGUST: Obama Administration announces U.S. brokered resumption of “Peace Negotiations” between Israel and Palestine for September, which under Obama’s Plan would “DIVIDE the Land of Israel”.

SEPTEMBER: Obama uses United Nations Speech to continue to push Israel to freeze all construction on their Biblical Homeland which Obama has promised to the Palestinians for their “future state”.

OCTOBER: Security sources from Palestine, Egypt and Jordan, said they heard from the Obama administration an outline of a series of moves to PRESSURE ISRAEL after U.S. Midterm Elections.

NOVEMBER: Obama publicly criticizes and condemns Israeli construction on their Holy Land which Obama wants to give to the Palestinians for their “future state”.

DECEMBER: Obama Administration joins chorus of Nations slamming Israel for building on their God-given Land, which the Palestinians desire for their own.


JANUARY: Obama announces he will NOT VETO “Anti-Israel” Resolution at the United Nations.

FEBRUARY: Obama PROMOTES “Anti-Israel” Statement at United Nations Security Council.

MARCH: Samantha Power, Special Assistant to Obama and Senior Director of Multilateral Affairs on the Staff of the NSC, is the Obama Administration’s “Rising Star” and of course, has a history of being particularly “ANTI-Israel”.

APRIL: Obama Ambassador and Fundraiser, Howard Gutman, says ISRAEL is to blame for anti-Semitism in Muslims.

MAY: The State Department labels Israel’s Eternal Capital, JERUSALEM, as “not a part” of Israel. Later this month, Obama demanded that Israel make concessions to the Palestinians based on the PRE-1967 borders, which Israelis call the “Auschwitz borders” thanks to their indefensibility, and which of course would TAKE AWAY Jerusalem from the Jewish State, which they recaptured during the Muslim aggression against them in 1967.

JUNE: Obama Administration supports “Anti-Israel” Resolution at United Nations.

JULY: In a Border dispute, Obama Administration sides WITH Hezbollah Terror Group in Lebanon OVER Israel.

AUGUST: Obama BULLIES Israel to offer apology to Turkey over killed Turkish terrorists in Mavi Marmara attack on Israeli soldiers. He does NOT ask Turks to apologize to Israel.

SEPTEMBER: Comments surface from Obama’s former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, saying White House considers Israel an “ungrateful ally”.

OCTOBER: Obama warns Israel is becoming “increasingly isolated” and must “take risks” (give up Their Holy LAND) to achieve “peace.

NOVEMBER: Obama and French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, are caught on open mic disparaging Israeli P.M. Netanyahu, with Sarkozy saying, “I can’t stand him, he’s a liar,” and Obama replying, “You’re tired of him? What about me? I have to DEAL WITH HIM every day,” implying he’d rather NOT.

DECEMBER: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sees the need to criticize Israel publicly, saying Israel is moving in the “opposite direction” of democracy. She went on to say that orthodox Jews in Israel reminded her of people in extremist regimes, adding that they seemed “more suited to IRAN than Israel.“


JANUARY: Palestinian Leaders tell Press that Obama told them to “be patient”, because he would be better able to “help them” AFTER he gets re-elected.

FEBRUARY: Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta tells the Washington Post that the Obama Administration’s goal for 2012 was to DELAY any potential Israeli strike on Iran’s Nuclear Facilities.

MARCH: NBC News, Foreign Policy and Bloomberg News Organizations all somehow gain classified information about Iran from “senior Obama administration officials” which in turn, once again, scuttles any Israeli strike.

APRIL: Obama SLAPS ISRAEL IN THE FACE numerous times, first by his State Department publicly declaring that they do NOT recognize JERUSALEM, Israel’s Eternal Capital as “Property” of Israel. The month also saw the Obama Administration continuing to CONDEMN Israel for building on THEIR God-Given Land, and Obama appointed the staunch Anti-Israel RADICAL Samantha Powers, who’s called for the U.S. to INVADE ISRAEL, to his new ‘Genocide Panel’.

MAY: The largest U.S. led Military Exercise in the Middle East in a decade involved nearly 20 Nations but for once, ISRAEL was NOT invited. Obama’s appointed General said, “the MESSAGE that I want to send through this exercise is that we have developed the RIGHT ‘partners’ throughout the region and across the world.” Wouldn’t our GREATEST ALLY in the Region be a “right partner”?!

JUNE: The Obama Administration, while Israel was under attack by hundreds of Hamas rockets, continuously felt the need to issue calls, not for support of our Ally during their troubling time, but for Israel to STOP building on their Holy Land which the Palestinians desire as their own. It was also revealed that the Administration, this year, held HUNDREDS of White House meetings with the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ (whose stated GOAL is the destruction of ISRAEL), not to mention, at least 5 meetings in this Month alone with a STAUNCH Anti-Israel, anti-Semite.

JULY: When pressed by the Media to clarify Obama’s stance on Israel’s Capital, White House Spokesman, Jay Carney, REFUSES to name JERUSALEM as the Capital of Israel, though it is and ALWAYS has been!

AUGUST: In a meeting with an Obama Administration official, Israeli P.M. Netanyahu showed his displeasure with the sitting president as he SHOUTED at the “smug” representative, “Obama is NOT effectively pressuring IRAN to stop building the bomb, but Obama is PRESSURING US to NOT pre-emptively strike the Islamic Regime!”

SEPTEMBER: Obama REFUSES to meet with ANY Israeli leaders in their visits to the U.S., but MADE TIME to meet with the ENEMY of America and Israel, Egypt’s “Muslim Brotherhood” President, Mohammed Morsi.

OCTOBER: When interviewed on 60 Minutes, Obama disrespectfully referred to Israeli P.M. Netanyahu as “NOISE” which he “BLOCKS OUT”.

NOVEMBER: Obama wipes out all pro-Israel and Jerusalem language from democratic platform, quickly adds it back in after media uproar to avoid backlash from Jewish Democrats before election.

DECEMBER: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at the Saban Forum on US-Israel Relations, where she says that Israelis have a “lack of empathy” for Palestinians, and that the Israelis need to “demonstrate that they do understand the pain of an ‘oppressed’ people in their minds.”

JANUARY: Reports surface from Obama officials that Obama would make Israeli P.M. pay for siding with his opponent in 2012 Election, and many quotes given by the officials and in public by Obama himself about the Jewish State were combative, such as “Israel doesn’t know what’s good for it” to “Israel doesn’t know what it’s best interests are”.

FEBRUARY: An “ANTI-Israel” former Senator, Chuck Hagel, appointed by Obama as Secretary of Defense.

MARCH: Obama forces P.M. Netanyahu to call Islamist Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey to apologize for Israel’s actions to stop terrorists on a flotilla 2 years ago. Erdogan is extremely anti-Semitic and not surprisingly, has been dubbed by Obama, his “closest friend” on the world stage. That’s not a surprise!

APRIL: Obama Administration begins forcefully PRESSURING ISRAEL to restart Israel-Palestine ‘Peace’ Process, in which Israel is required to give up more of It’s God-given Land for so-called “peace”.

MAY: Obama sends Secretary of State to Israel to pressure Israelis to accept Obama “Peace Plan”.

JUNE: The Obama administration leaks more sensitive information regarding Israeli Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile sites. Weeks later, US sources tell CNN that Israel attacked a Syrian installation full of Russian-provided missiles. The same month, “American intelligence analysts” tell the New York Times that Israeli strikes had not been effective. All of that information was “classified”.

JULY: For first time in years, S.O.S. John Kerry, with the help of International pressure on Jewish State, officially restarts “Peace Talks” between Israel and Palestine.

AUGUST: John Kerry, calls God’s Biblical Holy Cities “ILLEGITIMATE” as he PRESSURES ISRAEL to stop building in their God-given Land. Also this month, Obama nominates the “ANTI-Israel” Samantha Power as his Ambassador to the United Nations.

SEPTEMBER: Obama publicly sends “blessings” to new Islamic “ANTI-Israel” president of IRAN, the Jewish State’s most hostile murderous ENEMY.

OCTOBER: Obama pushes for sanctions on the Islamic Terror State of IRAN to be scaled BACK, to Israel’s dismay.

NOVEMBER: Obama Administration gangs up on Israel, namely John Kerry and Susan Rice publicly chide Israel for continuing to build on THEIR Own Land, because Obama desires to GIVE IT to the Palestinians, reportedly BY FORCE if necessary.

DECEMBER: Obama Administration staffer reveals John Kerry’s plan to “ATTACK” Israeli P.M. Netanyahu in new Year to FORCE him to finally SUBMIT Israeli Land to the Islamists in Palestine.


JANUARY: Obama Administration official says president declared 2014 his Year to “ATTACK and CORNER” Israel to do HIS bidding, and to agree to his “Peace Plan” from Hell.

FEBRUARY: John Kerry THREATENS a Global BOYCOTT of America’s Greatest Ally if Israel DOESN’T agree to Obama’s “Peace Plan” with the Palestinians.

MARCH: OBAMA HINTS THAT HE WILL NO LONGER DEFEND ISRAEL if ‘Peace Talks’ with Palestine fail: As the Prime Minister of Israel was en route to U.S. for annual AIPAC Conference and to meet with Obama to discuss Iran, Obama was NOT giving our greatest Ally a warm welcome, but instead gave an interview which was ANTI-ISRAEL and pro-Palestine, CONDEMNING and CRITICIZING Israel every chance he could while defending and “praising” anti-semitic Palestinian leader Abbas. Obama said in the interview:

“There comes a point where you CAN’T manage this (Peace Talks) anymore, and then you start having to make very DIFFICULT CHOICES.”

“Failure to come to an agreement with the Palestinians will make it extremely DIFFICULT for the US to DEFEND ISRAEL from painful REPERCUSSIONS in the international community.”

APRIL: Obama and John Kerry both publicly degrade, unfairly alienate and disrespect Israel over stalled “Peace Talks” with Islamic Terror State Palestine.

MAY: Obama’s handpicked American Negotiator, Martin Indyk, the supposed ‘unbiased’ broker in the Israel-Palestine Peace Talks, was CAUGHT spewing nasty ANTI-ISRAEL rhetoric in public. Officially now, ALL high-ranking members of Obama’s Administration, including the president himself, have BLAMED ISRAEL for collapse of Peace Talks, while calling the BIGGEST breach of negotiations, made by PALESTINE last Month, simply “unhelpful”; Palestine forged a Unity Government with Palestinian TERROR Group, HAMAS, who openly calls for Muslims to wage WAR against Israel and KILL all the Jews.

JUNE: Three Jewish teenagers are kidnapped, including an American, and murdered by Hamas. The Obama administration immediately calls on Israel for RESTRAINT, and says he will continue to work with a Palestinian unity government including HAMAS. Throughout the ensuing War with Hamas, in which the terrorists in Gaza fired 5,000 rockets at Israeli civilians, and used their own Palestinian people as HUMAN SHIELDS, the Obama administration still only criticized the way ISRAEL fought the war.

JULY: Obama orders FAA to make an unprecedented decision to BAN all air travel to the Nation of Israel in order to unilaterally launch an economic BOYCOTT on the Jewish State, after his Administration’s attempted strongarming of Israel, led by John Kerry, to HALT their offensive against Hamas terrorists failed.

AUGUST: Obama STOPS weapons shipments to Israel. During the battle with Hamas, Israel asked the Defense Department for a shipment of hellfire missiles. Obama PERSONALLY stepped in and BLOCKED the shipments.

SEPTEMBER: The Wall Street Journal reports that Barack Obama “has become ‘ENRAGED’ at the Israeli government, both for it’s actions and for it’s treatment of his chief diplomat, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry”.

OCTOBER: Jeffrey Goldberg, court Jew for the Obama administration, releases an article in The Atlantic quoting Obama officials calling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “CHICKENSHIT.” In the same month, Obama publicly takes ANTI-SEMITIC, anti-Israel stance by using ISLAMIST Nazi-like Propaganda and Hamas TERRORIST terminology against the Jewish State.

NOVEMBER: Israeli cabinet members warn that Obama THREATENED Prime Minister Netanyahu that the U.S. may opt NOT to oppose future hostile UN Security Council votes, unless Israel ACCEDES to his Administration’s demands.

DECEMBER: Obama becomes the very FIRST U.S. president in HISTORY to ever suggest INTENTIONALLY harming our Greatest Ally ISRAEL, as Obama reportedly weighs SANCTIONS against Israel.


JANUARY: In unprecedented move, Obama deploys his campaign team to Israel, in effort to UNSEAT Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israeli Elections.

FEBRUARY: Obama OUTRAGED at Congressional Invite for Israel Prime Minister to address U.S. Congress, without his “approval”. The speech was meant to make Israel’s case to the American people against Obama’s extremely BAD DEAL with Nuclear Iran. Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu upon his visit. Obama says “Netanyahu will pay a price” for visit.

MARCH: Despite Obama’s efforts to defeat him, Netanyahu WINS re-election. Obama, unlike other world leaders waited TWO DAYS to call and congratulate him. When he did call, he reportedly SCOLDED Netanyahu over Palestine.

APRIL: President Obama CAPITULATES to the Islamic Terror-State of Iran through an unbelievably BAD DEAL. He once again, BETRAYED our Greatest Ally Israel, endangering their security while entering into a covenant with Israel’s greatest ENEMY.

MAY: Obama’s UN Ambassador, Samantha Power, acknowledged that the Obama administration intends to ABANDON the US’s 50 year policy of SUPPORTING Israel at the United Nations. After going through the tired motions of pledging support for Israel, “when it matters,” Power REFUSED to rule out the possibility that the U.S. would support ANTI-Israel resolutions in the UN Security Council to limit Israeli Sovereignty and control over the Holy Land, which the Palestinians desire for their “future state” which Obama has strived to bring them.

JUNE: Obama THREATENS to withdraw U.S. support for Israel at UN if Israel DOESN’T renew “Peace Talks” with Islamic Terror-State Palestine. Also this month, in Landmark Decision, Obama’s liberal-dominated Supreme Court Ruled AGAINST the Holy Bible and GOD Almighty, and sided with Obama by DENYING JERUSALEM as not just the Capital, but as “Property” of Israel.

JULY: Obama Administration announces it will NOT ENFORCE Anti-BDS Laws (targetting Countries who boycott Israel), State Department spokesman, John Kirby, said, because by covering both Israel and the “Israeli-controlled territories,” these provisions contradict “longstanding U.S. policy towards the OCCUPIED territories, including with regard to SETTLEMENT activity.” (Once again showing that the Obama Administration does not believe God’s Word, but rather desires Israel’s God-given Land be GIVEN to the Palestinians). “The U.S. government,” Kirby added, “has never defended or supported Israeli settlements and activity associated with them and, by extension, does not pursue policies or activities that would LEGITIMIZE them.” This Administration is so extremely ANTI-Israel!!!

AUGUST: Obama battles PRO-Israel groups like AIPAC, works WITH Anti-Israel groups, in order to garner much-needed support for extremely unpopular BAD DEAL with Islamic Terror-State IRAN.

SEPTEMBER: As Palestinians RIOT on Israel’s Temple Mount during Jewish Holy Days, targeting soldiers for stabbing attacks, and stoning Jewish worshippers, Obama SILENT. When he finally does issue statements, they morally equivalate Israel and the animalistic muslim rioters, “condemning all sides” and urging “restraint” from Israel.

OCTOBER: After over a month of attacks on Israelis by Palestinian terrorists wielding knives, machetes, axes, firebombs, meat cleavers and even using vehicles to run Israeli citizens over, leaving 10 Israelis dead, Obama Administration AGAIN morally equivalates Israel and Palestine. The Obama Administration ACCUSED ISRAEL of using “excessive force” against Palestinian TERRORISTS, going so far as to say the Israelis are guilty of terrorist activities THEMSELVES! Obama’s State Department spokesman, John Kirby, said, “I would say certainly individuals on BOTH sides of this divide are – have proven capable of and in OUR VIEW (Obama’s) guilty of acts of TERROR”. Just like Obama to make the Palestinians somehow the “victims”, even when the whole world can see beyond a shadow of a doubt the past month, they are the cold-blooded murderous aggressors. Yet and still, Obama can’t let an “Israeli-Palestinian” News Cycle go by without bashing Israel and trying to paint our Greatest Ally as the “bad guy”.

NOVEMBER: Obama voices approval of ANTI-Israel EU Plan to remove “Made in ISRAEL” from products manufactured in the Jewish State’s God-given Biblical Cities, namely Judea and the Capital of Israel JERUSALEM. Obama desires this Jewish Holy Land to be given to the Islamists in Palestine through his “Land for peace” Plan. The Holy Bible prophesies that the Division of Israeli Land by the AntiChrist will bring God’s WRATH upon the nations, and will spark Armageddon.

DECEMBER: President Obama appoints Islamic Terrorist sympathizer, Robert Malley, as new ISIS czar. Malley was dumped from Obama’s 2008 campaign when news surfaced that he had many friendly meetings with members of Palestinian terror group, HAMAS. Malley was, get this, Obama’s “Foreign Policy Adviser” in 2007-08. That explains ALOT about Obama’s anti-Israel presidency. Malley has also advocated for the U.S. to form closer ties with Iran, Syria, Palestine, and the terror organizations Hamas and Hezbollah. I guess Obama thought that after 7 years, everyone would forget about Robert Malley. No mr. President, we haven’t. And appointing him puts the exclamation point on another year of anti-Israel actions by the Obama Administration.


JANUARY: Obama Administration joins European Union in an Israel BOYCOTT. The U.S. is now requiring all goods produced in Judea and Samaria to be labeled “West Bank”. The products will not be accepted for sale in the United States if they are labeled as “Made in Israel” or “Product of Israel”. Obama desires the Jewish Holy Land (Judea, Samaria, and even JERUSALEM) to be given to the Palestinians through his “Land for peace” Plan. The term “West Bank” was created by world leaders to replace the names of Israel’s ancient God-given Cities in an effort to deny the Jewish State’s Biblical Claim to the Holy Land.

FEBRUARY: The White House announced it’s opposition to a specific “pro-Israel” portion of the new bipartisan trade bill that would strengthen the US-Israel economic relationship. The Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015, which the White House says it “mostly” supports, overwhelmingly passed on a bipartisan vote. The portion of the bill which aims to enhance the economic ties with Israel is the ONLY part of the legislation which drew criticism from the Obama administration, which has announced that it will NOT SUPPORT these new provisions. These provisions of the bill direct the U.S. government to not only strengthen it’s ties with Israel but to boost efforts to combat international boycotts of the Jewish state. This once again highlights Obama’s anti-Israel bias.

MARCH: The Wall Street Journal reports that the Obama Administration is weighing a highly controversial move to back an anti-Israel United Nations Resolution which would IMPOSE a “two-state” Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal. The White House says it is considering changing the long standing U.S. opposition to using the United Nations Security Council as the vehicle to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The UN resolution would most likely demand that Israel freeze construction in it’s Ancient God-given Cities of Judea and Samaria, and GIVE East Jerusalem, which is Israel’s Eternal Holy Capital, to the Palestinians. The UN move would be more than welcome by the Palestinian Authority (PA), which has long pushed for the intervention by the anti-Israel United Nations to IMPOSE a Peace Deal, as the international body has long shown itself as much more sympathetic to the Palestinian cause than with Israel. In 2013, Obama promised the Palestinians that he would make Jerusalem theirs before his presidency was through, and this just may be the despicable way that he attempts to keep that promise. If Obama and the UN succeed in dividing God’s Holy Land of Israel, the Holy Bible prophesies that ARMAGEDDON would soon follow. (JOEL 3:2)

APRIL: Vice President Joe Biden rebuked after saying publicly that “Israel causes the Administration overwhelming frustration.” Also, a State Department report draws media attention, which says that our Greatest Ally Israel is guilty of human rights violations. On top of that, the Obama Administration says it does NOT consider the Golan Heights part of Israel, just ONE day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanYahu vowed that the Golan “will forever remain under Israeli sovereignty.” Finally, 83 of 100 US Senators signed a bipartisan letter calling for Obama to quickly reach an agreement on the new Defense Aid package for Israel. They did so after Obama lowballed the Israelis with a package half the size of that which the Senate proposes. Entering the month of May, Obama has still not reached the agreement with Israel, nor has he signed off on the amount of aid which the Senate has called for.

MAY: Former aide to President Obama, Dennis Ross, publicly revealed that the Obama Administration made a “conscious decision” in keeping “distance” between the United States and Israel, in order to strengthen relations with Arab nations. At a Jerusalem Post Conference, he said that the Obama White House feels that “Israel is more of a problem than it is a partner”, and “if you distance yourself from Israel, you’ll gain with the Arabs.”

Also this month, it was announced that the U.S., the E.U., the U.N., and Russia are working together on a “major policy report” related to Israel. The report, likely to be released early next month, is said to focus heavily on Israeli construction in Israel’s God-given Biblical Cities of Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem. According to diplomats, the report by the Quartet will be more critical of the Jewish State than in the past, as the Obama Administration is reportedly pushing for harsher language against Israel. One Administration official said that the report was Obama’s way of putting Israel “on notice” that his patience was “wearing “.

JUNE: Obama is looking to END subsidizing Israel’s defense sector, according to U.S. and Israeli sources. A former White House official said that, in 2010, Obama told his staff that Israel should be able to find their own money for Iron Dome. Iron Dome is Israel’s most important military defense, as it shoots down and intercepts the thousands of rockets fired upon the Jewish State by Palestinian terror groups like Hamas.

Also, it was revealed earlier this month by former Secretary of Defense (2011-13), Leon Panetta, that Obama questioned Israel’s QME (Qualitative Military Edge), an American Policy that dates back 50 years. QME ensures that our greatest Ally, in such a small parcel of Land, and surrounded by hostile enemies on every side MUST ALWAYS possess the military edge over those enemies. In one meeting about a Saudi Arabian-American weapons deal, Panetta said that Obama angrily asked him why the U.S. maintains Israel’s qualitative military edge. He obviously would choose NOT TO if he could.

Finally, there is a startling report circulating that Obama intends to leave office with one more big stab in Israel’s back. According to Obama Administration insiders, a United Nations Security Council Resolution will surface this November (following the Presidential Election), “condemning Israel for not doing enough to create a Palestinian State” or for “not withdrawing from Land that the Palestinians desire as their own”. At that point, the Obama Administration will be the first American Administration to NOT VETO an anti-Israel U.N. resolution. Administration officials have said that Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the UN, will be directed by the President to not exercise the American veto.

Obama will not worry about how this would affect Hillary Clinton’s election prospects because the resolution would follow the November election. So Obama’s 8 years of the most anti-Israel presidency of ALL-TIME will wrap up with a UN vote AGAINST the Jewish State, which for the first time EVER, the president of the United States would not veto. Sadly, it would leave Israel dangerously isolated internationally, and Obama would not be held accountable because his term would be over. God PROTECT Israel.

JULY: A bipartisan investigation in the U.S. Congress concluded that Obama’s State Department had indeed paid hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars last year to build a campaign in Israel to OUST Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Israeli Parliamentary Elections. Thank God that Obama did not succeed with his treacherous plans.

This Month, Obama launched another verbal attack on Israel as well. Reacting to an announcement of new housing units being built in Israel’s Capital, Jerusalem, Obama’s Administration accused Israel of “seizing Palestinian land.” Anyone who owns a Holy Bible will recognize how utterly false and backwards Obama’s statement is. He could only make such a remark if he has no knowledge of the Bible, which I’ve said for years HE DOES NOT. He gets angry when Israel builds in Jerusalem, because Obama’s muslim buddies in Palestine want Jerusalem for their future capital (because they know the Holy City is Israel’s treasured ancient God-given Land). The Holy Bible prophesies, that when Jerusalem is divided, God’s Wrath will come down on any nations that have a part in the division process.

Also this Month, Obama told Israel there will be NO increase in their aid this year or in a new 10-year memorandum of understanding (MOU). On top of that, a long-standing offshore procurement (OSP) agreement that allows Israel to purchase a large percentage of it’s defense equipment from Israeli companies may get NIXED completely. Despite the increase in advanced weaponry for Hezbollah and Hamas terror groups by Iran (thanks to the 150 BILLION they were gifted by Obama in Nuke Deal), Obama is refusing to bolster aid to Israel. Meanwhile, Islamic Nations, like Jordan for example, are receiving up to 50% INCREASES in U.S. aid under President Obama.

AUGUST: A Yahoo News Headline this month read “Obama to Israel: Our Tax Dollars Won’t Go to Your Defense Contractors”. The U.S. and Israel are in the process of completing a 10-year Arms Deal, but the Obama Administration is pushing to scrap a coveted provision that allows Israel to bolster it’s crucial Defense Industry. If the president is successful, the removal of the clause would inflict real lasting pain on the Jewish State’s growing security sector.

Also this month, it was revealed that Obama had indeed paid a $400 Million dollar ransom to the Terror-State of Iran, on top of the $1.7 Billion that America already had paid out, which the Iranian regime has funneled into it’s military. Iran’s military primarily focuses on terrorist operations against Israel, and Jews across the globe. Iran, because of Obama’s incredibly bad nuclear deal with the Islamic regime, now enjoys increased military protection and aid from Russia. Putin’s warplanes are now stationed in Syria, which emboldens Iran to threaten Israel all the more.

Finally, to close the month, Obama once again strongly condemned Israel’s plans to build on their God-given Land. His administration criticized the Israeli construction plan for about 500 new homes in Samaria (which Obama refers to as part of the “West Bank” in order to deny Israel’s Biblical claim to the Holy Land). His White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, told reporters ~ “We are deeply concerned by the Government of Israel’s announcement to advance plans for over 500 new settlement units in the West Bank.” While Obama is “deeply concerned” about Israeli construction on their own Land, The LORD God of our Holy Bible tells Israel to literally, “Build, build, build!” Read the Prophetic Books of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. What Obama is doing is clearly opposing God’s Will for His Chosen people. Opposing The LORD never ever ends well!

SEPTEMBER: At his final speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Obama said that Israel “would be better off if it did not permanently OCCUPY and settle Palestinian land”. The man who represents the nation which is Israel’s Greatest Ally globally, in one sentence, grossly delegitimized the Jewish State. He also opened the door for “open season on Israel” speeches by the other world leaders at the Assembly. When the leader of America, whom Israel views as their closest friend on the world stage, takes shots at Israel and peddles lies about them to a global audience, that gave every other leader the green light to follow suit. They certainly did. What a disgrace this president has been to the United States of America, and what a disaster he has been for Israel. He has been a best friend to America’s enemies, and a hostile enemy to our greatest allies.

Also, the White House press office struck out “Israel” as the country in which Jerusalem is located when distributing a transcript of Obama’s remarks at the funeral of former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres. Despicable.

OCTOBER: The Wall Street Journal reported back in March that sources close to the president revealed that he was weighing options on how he could betray America’s greatest Ally. This week that report resurfaced in the news, but now with greater details. Obama is considering many possible steps, concerning the Jewish State, that he may take this December before the next president is inaugurated. One option would be for him to unilaterally recognize a “Palestinian State”.

Other options which the president is said to be considering, would be supporting a United Nations Security Council resolution defining the terms for the creation of “Palestine”, or a resolution targeting what the UN calls “Jewish settlements”. The Obama administration could either vote in favor of one of these anti-Israel resolutions, or allow one of the measures to pass by not vetoing it.

Should Obama choose not to go a UN route, another option that he is weighing would be to deliver a Rose Garden speech outlining his vision of the parameters of an Israeli-Palestinian agreement, and threatening to sanction any U.S. citizens who do business with Israel’s “settlements”.

NOVEMBER: Following the surprise victory of President-elect Donald Trump and Republicans on Election night, the rumours of the Obama Administration acting unilaterally against Israel before Obama leaves office have gained steam. Many who are close to the administration have revealed that Obama is weighing many options to block Trump from protecting Israel at the United Nations.

Martin Indyk, Obama’s former envoy to negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, recently said that “the administration has been escalating its rhetoric in opposition to West Bank ‘settlement’ activity.” He went on the say, “At a certain point, the administration may well decide that Israel needs to face CONSEQUENCES for what Obama sees as an effort by the Jewish State to reject his two-state solution.”

Dennis Ross, former Middle East adviser to Obama, said two months ago that “if Trump wins, then Obama would be more inclined to go for a Security Council resolution AGAINST ISRAEL to try to do something that binds, and creates standards for the future that the next president could NOT UNDO.” Now that Trump has won, all eyes are on the anti-Israel U.S. president in his last 2 months of power.”

Also this month, the Obama administration heaped severe criticism and scathing rebukes against Israel over a “Regulation Bill,” which would legalize Israeli outposts in what the Palestinians and Obama refer to as “occupied land”. This so-called occupied land includes Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital of the Jewish State, which Almighty God says belongs solely to Israel FOREVER. So all of Obama’s criticism and rebukes are not really aimed at Israel, but rather, at The LORD God. That will not end well for the outgoing president.

DECEMBER: In the final full month of his presidency, Obama took one last parting shot at the Jewish State, in what is considered his most anti-Israel action to date. On the eve of Hanukkah, Obama ABANDONED Israel at the United Nations.

It was reported back in March that sources close to the president revealed that he was weighing options on how he could betray America’s greatest Ally one final time before leaving Office. One of the options which the president was considering was supporting a United Nations Security Council resolution which would define the terms for the creation of “Palestine”, or a resolution targeting what the UN calls “Jewish settlements”. Obama would either vote in favor of one of these anti-Israel resolutions, or allow one of the measures to pass by not vetoing it. Obama did exactly that.

The Obama administration allowed the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution that harshly condemned Israeli “settlement” construction, and stated that the land should be given to Palestine for their future “State”. Obama broke longstanding U.S. policy by not using America’s veto power. He truly cemented his legacy as the MOST anti-Israel president of ALL-TIME.


There you have it. EVERY MONTH of his presidency for 8 long years, Obama has been hostile and aggressive toward God’s Chosen Nation ISRAEL. There is no one who could argue that he’s not “Anti-Israel” after this presentation. I believe that he is an antichrist, given his demonic hatred of the Jewish State.

Christians and Jews must PRAY for Israel everyday because of their many threats globally, and especially because of Barack Hussein Obama, the MOST Anti-Israel president of ALL-TIME. We cannot wait till November 2016. We must seriously push for his impeachment NOW.

“CURSED is he who CURSES Israel!” ~ Numbers 24:9/Genesis 12:3

“As you (nations) have done unto ISRAEL, the same shall be done unto YOU (nations).” ~ Obadiah 1:15

“.. SATAN stood up AGAINST Israel.” ~ 1st Chronicles 21:1


  1. Excellent research and effort. Obama continues to put a hate on Israel and in fact he’s doubled down in his last term as president. His infamous Iran nuclear deal will go down in history as the worst deal since Chamberlain signed a peace deal with Hitler.

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    1. Unbelivabel that one man , can have so much hate towards people he does not know , and how dare he thinks that he can order another country what to do and how dare he thinks he can impose his evil desires to give the promise land to his Muslims friends, cause so much pain and hurt to people of the book, people that are creative, intelligent, hard workers, and that have done so much for humanity, it goes to show the world that hate and satanic thoughts are present all time and that G-d is Israel Shield.!!! thanks G-d a million times for his greatness and caring for the state of Israel.!!!

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