In the Sequel to my Amazon Best Seller, The Signs of Our Times: 12 Biblical Reasons Why This Could Be the Generation of the Rapture, I revisited many of the signs which I wrote about in the first book. I took the first two chapters of EVEN MORE Signs of Our Times to give updates on them, because there had been so many new developments. In the first chapter, I covered Anti-Semitism, Christian Persecution, Terrorism, the Enemies of Israel, Signs in the Heavens, Earthquakes, and Extreme Weather. I expanded upon each of these signs. So, if you enjoyed the first book, then I have no doubt you will like my second book as well.

If you have not yet read The Signs of Our Times, I recommend reading it before the Sequel; because it harks back to the first book quite a bit. Whether you have read the first book and not the second, or neither book at all, this week’s preview of Even More Signs of Our Times will give you a taste of what to expect. Enjoy reading these first three pages of the chapter, “The Signs of Our Times Continue”…

Next week, I’ll be bringing you a two-page preview from Chapter Two: “MORE Signs Continue.” In it, I revisit the final four signs of the first book. If you don’t wanna wait to read it, you can grab all of my books today on Amazon by clicking the image below. Or if you aren’t a fan of Amazon, you can also grab the book on Booksamillion, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Target, and many other online retailers globally.

I penned The Signs of Our Times over three years ago, and every sign of that book is still occurring today. So, if you want EVEN MORE examples as to why, dive into Even More Signs of Our Times today! Your faith in the imminent Rapture and Jesus Christ’s return will only grow stronger as you do. God bless y’all, and keep looking up!

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