TOLD YOU SO: CDC Study Finds 85% of Coronavirus Patients “Always” Wore Masks

“You shall serve the LORD your God, and He shall take sickness away from the midst of you.” – Exodus 23:25

A report released in September by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has proved all that I’ve said about the inefficacy of face masks to combat COVID-19 to be true. The U.S. study, conducted in July, found that 71% of “case patients” who contracted the virus and fell ill “always” wore a mask. 14% of the patients said they had worn a mask “often.” On top of that, less than 4% of Coronavirus patients stated they “never” wore a mask.

So, do the math. The vast majority of Covid patients wore a face mask habitually. Less than 5% were people like me – those who do not believe the liberal media hype and obsession with masks. My State of Michigan could be used as a case study to prove my point as well. Back in July, my tyrant governor of Michigan, Adolf Whitmer, passed one of the strictest Mask Mandates in the country.

Her executive order required all businesses in the state to REFUSE service to people not wearing masks. Violation of her order carried a $500 fine on individuals, a $7,000 fine on business owners, and possibly a misdemeanor charge. She also encouraged her followers to harass and report those not wearing face masks in public. This led to the “wear a damn mask” hysterics in the middle of grocery store aisles by her gestapo, which sometimes escalated into physical fights and even murder. After all the division and hate for fellow citizens that she created among the Michigan population, Coronavirus cases have still risen by the same percentage as states without Mask Mandates.

The Michigan Supreme Court recently ruled, as I’ve said all along, that her mandates infringed on the personal liberties of Michiganders, and that every executive order she has passed since April 30th was unconstitutional. Just as I was shouting, “HalleluYah,” dictator Whitmer put all of her unlawful orders back into place through her unelected director of the MDHHS (Michigan Department of Health and Human Services).

That director is also a Democrat, and a former member of the Obama administration. So, if the highest court in the state said that she doesn’t have the power to pass such unconstitutional mandates, why in the world would some unelected partisan hack be able to pass them? He doesn’t have the power, and that’s why I’ve told my fellow Michiganders to UNMASK.

I have opposed the face masks from the start, because I believe they are a tool being used by the Godless powers that be in this nation to groom us for the Mark of the Beast in the future. The masks, like the future mark, are all about control. They want to see how many freedoms they can take away from you before you resist.

Sadly, because of the fear and hysteria that the left-wing lamestream media has stoked in the citizens of this nation (over a virus with a 99% survival rate), many of my fellow Americans have been willing to surrender any and every freedom in exchange for promised safety. Well, obviously Whitmer and the rest failed to guarantee that safety through the mandatory masks. They obviously don’t work and have instead made more people sick, according to the CDC study.

And to all the Karens playing the mask gestapo: You have surrendered your right to say #MyBodyMyChoice. You can’t have it both ways. If you think you can tell me what to do with my body because of YOUR beliefs, then I can tell you what to do with your body because of MY beliefs.

So, to all who say, “Wear a damn mask! It’s not about YOU. It’s about people around you!”, my response is “Don’t have a damn abortion! It’s not about YOU. It’s about the person inside of you!”

Governor Whitmer and all of the Pro-Choice Dems, who are forcing others to “Mask up – or else,” are gonna regret the Mask Mandates when the next abortion debate arises! Mark my words, there will be no debate!

I’ve been warning since July that face masks would do more harm to public health than good, and that it was not wise for Americans to be habitually covering up the only two parts of the body that we BREATHE THROUGH. I made an entire episode of my Signs of Our Times series about it, and you can watch it below.

You may be asking, if you haven’t heard my arguments against masks the past 4 months, how are masks so harmful to your health? For starters, they decrease oxygen intake, they increase carbon dioxide intake, and they cause you to breathe back in harmful toxins that your body releases when you exhale. But my biggest reason for being against face masks is that they depress your immune system.

Your immune system is strengthened when your body comes in contact with toxins and viruses, because God created it to fight them off. When you cover the airways on your body, and do not allow yourself to come in contact with everyday toxins, your immune system basically takes a vacation. You send it the message that you don’t need it because you’re depending on the mask. Hence, once you do come in contact with a harmful disease like Covid, your immune system has been paralyzed and you become much more susceptible to contracting dangerous viruses. That is why, through the pandemic, I have done my best to avoid mask-wearing. I have done what I do every year and that is…

#1 – Cover my life, body, loved ones, and home, in the blood of Christ Jesus. God’s Word says that if we do so, then He will keep all plagues and life-threatening disease from us. In my experience, He has kept His Word!

#2 – I drink a lot of Vitamin C, and try to eat foods high in Vitamin D. (Both of these have been known to boost immune health).

#3 – I have taken Echinacea for over a decade and, praise the Lord, I have not been laid up with a serious sickness in all of that time.

#4 – When in cold/flu/virus season, I keep my distance from those who exhibit signs of sickness and I wash my hands regularly. I practice common sense!

I believe that if we would all make FAITH our face mask, and naturally boost our immune system through supplements like I have mentioned, then Coronavirus would not touch us. But as long as faithless Democrats continue to push worldly remedies to the virus, like the masks, Covid will keep hanging around.

Besides the top problems that I’ve listed already with habitual mask-wearing, mask wearers can also experience headaches, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, dizziness, lightheadedness, anxiety, “maskne,” brain fog, and difficulty concentrating when worn for extended periods of time. Also, viral particles move through face masks with relative ease. Studies show that about 97% pass through cloth masks (what most Americans are currently wearing), 45% of particles pass through surgical masks, and 5% through N95 masks.

Even though the recent study by the CDC has proved my stance against mandatory masks right, the Dems and the liberal media will continue to label me and anyone questioning their grooming tactics as spreaders of “misinformation.”

If you search “masks” on Google, Facebook, or Twitter, the top results will always be pushing the liberal opinions on them. You will never find my opinion, or the opinion of conservative doctors or scientists, in the top 50 results. You will only see, read, and hear the narrative that the left wants you to hear. Whatever narrative furthers their agenda is what they will feed you. The question is… will you continue to buy what they’re selling? Or will you take the information I’ve given you today and actually think for yourself? Do your own homework, and stop letting the lamestream media indoctrinate you.

Wake up America. Masks off!

“He (Jesus Christ) was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes WE ARE HEALED.” – Isaiah 53:5


  1. It seems there are fewer and fewer non-maskers lately, I feel somewhat alone when I’m out and about. Thanks for this statement cuz it encourages me to continue to take the stand I’ve decided to take. The common sense is gone from my fellow Americans and I am discouraged as to our future. I am born again and firmly believe my Lord and Savior Jesus is in control….. always!

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