YOUTUBE SERIES DEBUTS: Watch “The Signs of Our Times” Every Week

You asked for it… I heard you.

For years, visitors to this website and readers of my books have suggested that I record videos about the subjects I write about. I have always wanted to, but have never been able to find the time to do so. Trying to run this website, while also writing my books the past few years has been a full-time job. Now that I have completed the “Signs of Our Times” book series and am able to devote more time to writing fresh new articles here, I also have found the time needed to make a weekly video.

And the first episode has just debuted on YouTube!

THE SIGNS OF OUR TIMES” is going to be a weekly episodic series containing the type of content that many of you have come to enjoy since the inception of Biblical Signs in the Headlines. You can expect to see a weekly Bible Prophecy news recap, in which I will share my thoughts on the biggest stories of the week. I will also be including book previews for those who have not read them yet. The book previews will usually be tied in to one of the week’s news headlines.

Finally, I will end each episode with a Holy Bible Study. I intend to cover one Chapter of the Bible each episode, but sometimes – as with the first episode – some Chapters have a little too much information to cover, and so Chapter studies may be divided over the course of a few weeks.

In the premiere episode, which you can view on YouTube now, I talk about the previous week’s “World War 3” fears and also about Transgenderism. The Bible Study is of Genesis – Chapter One. I intend, Lord willing, to study every single Chapter and verse of the Word of God throughout the course of this series. I will also do my best to share the episodes here on the website for anyone who is not accustomed to YouTube.

If you are a regular user of YouTube, please subscribe to my new channel and spread the word to your Bible-believing friends and family. You can find me by searching “Michael Sawdy” on Youtube. From there, you will find a Playlist for the new series, so you can find every new episode or watch past episodes easily.

The episodes will be broken up into 2 separate videos each week – one for the news and book preview, and the second for the Bible Study. As I said, I will try to share the episodes right here; so now sit back and enjoy this debut episode –

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