REVIEWS ARE IN: What People Are Saying About “The COMING Signs of Our Times”

I’m excited to finally share the reviews for my new book, The COMING Signs of Our Times: A Guide for Those Who Are Left Behind in the Generation of Tribulation. Thanks be to God, there are nothing but positive 5-star reviews thus far on Amazon.

For anyone who has not yet bought the book, hopefully these reviews will inspire you to grab a copy. Currently, the book is available in paperback and kindle formats; but the audiobook will be hitting Amazon and iTunes before the New Year!

All future reviews will also be posted in this article. So, if you purchased the book and have not yet left a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, or Booksamillion, please do so! You’ll see your review here soon.

Amazon ranks books, not just on sales, but on reviews as well. If you leave a review, you’ll help to keep my book ranked high enough where others have a better chance of seeing it.

Here are the reviews up until now –

I will also be sharing reviews for my other new book, The Signs of Our Times TRILOGY, here as well. For the reviews of my previous books, just search the word “REVIEWS” on this website to bring up those past articles. Here are the reviews for the Trilogy: Three Books in One –

Thanks to all of you, just like all of my previous books, the new books have both been #1 New Release Best Sellers on Amazon –

If you want to purchase copies of any of my books in bulk for your Church, family, or friends, then contact me at I offer close to a 50% off discount for buying in bulk. Thanks for the great reviews and continued support. Keep looking up!

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