THE WAIT IS OVER: The New Book, Even More Signs of Our Times, Is Here

The wait is finally over… the sequel to The Signs of Our Times officially releases today! Even More Signs of Our Times is now available in both paperback and ebook formats. Also, next month, the audiobook will be released. The narrator who recorded my first book is currently working on the second.

The audiobook for The Signs of Our Times will be available for sale this weekend on Audible, Amazon, and itunes, after a short delay due to high volume of books entering the market. Plus, also releasing today with my second book, is The Signs of Our Times Collection. The book contains both of my books condensed into one, and is also available in both paperback and ebook formats.

My first book was the “wake-up call” that the Church today so desperately needs. In my new book, the alarm sounds even louder. It is high time for for believers to awake from their slumber, to stop being friends of “the world,” and to start living for the LORD.

The 40+ signs that I’ve recorded in my books will leave no doubt in your mind that we are indeed THE generation that will meet Christ in the clouds. If you are not yet a believer in the Rapture of the faithful, after reading my new book (along with the previous book)… YOU WILL BE.

In the previous book, I wrote about Anti-Semitism – Christian Persecution – Terrorism – The Fig Tree – Jerusalem – The Enemies of Israel – Signs in the Heavens – Earthquakes and Extreme Weather – Abortion – LGBT “Pride” – Falling Away from the Faith – Faithless Generation.

In the new book, you will read about Mass Shootings – Racism – Historic Wildfires – Pestilences – Wars and Rumours of Wars – The “2nd Timothy 3” Generation – False Prophets – Demonic Indoctrination – Widespread Blasphemy – Sin Abounding and Love Growing Cold… and more!

Facebook and Twitter have, as expected, already been doing all that they can to shadowban and suppress my new book leading up to its release; so I expect them to continue. They definitely don’t want you reading it. If you buy the book, or have bought the previous one, please share and spread the word across social media. Also, please leave a review on Amazon or wherever you purchase it from.

If you’re interested in autographed copies of any of my books, or need to buy copies in bulk for your church or friends and family, shoot me an email at for more information. These books need to be in the hands of every believer (and especially non-believer) today. I say that not because I wrote them; but because the Holy Spirit did! I just put His words on paper and addressed whatever He led me to address.

Finally, tonight, I did a Release Day Q&A on Facebook Live! I rarely do them, so if you’ve ever wanted to know more about me or my books – check it out by clicking the image below 👇

Go get the book if you haven’t already today, and thanks so much for all of your interest and support!

Get any or all of my books here 👇

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