BENHAM BROS: Standing Strong in the Spiritual Gap

(Via – This February, we are releasing our newest book, entitled “Bold and Broken: Becoming the bridge between heaven and earth.” We’re excited about its release, not because we’re adding another book to our bookshelf but because we see such a need today for Christians to stand strong in the spiritual gap that exists between God and the people He’s created.

But we didn’t want to simply write another “stand strong” book – we wanted to write a book that shows what believers become when they do stand strong. We become that vital connection between heaven and earth – we become a bridge between God and His creation.

This is because we live in a time when the fundamental truths undergirding civil society are being redefined at breakneck speed. Many people are doing what is right in their own eyes. The result is not the freedom and connection people long for, but frustration and disconnection that leave them feeling empty inside.

If there were ever a time for Christians to step up and stand in the gap, bringing hope to the hopeless, now is that time.

This is where you come in!

We – the people God created in His image and made whole through Christ – are part of His sovereign plan to make this connection, to fill the spiritual gap that exists because of sin. Of course, Jesus was the ultimate connection through His death on the cross – but now He uses us to continue the connection. He works through us to do His work.

When we stand in the gap for others, we connect them to God – on earth as it is in heaven – just as Jesus taught us to pray. But this isn’t for the faint of heart. There’s a very real enemy who wants nothing more than to leave that gaping hole just like it is, and he knows exactly how to target us to keep us out of it.

It takes boldness to connect others to God. But boldness alone won’t get the job done. Boldness apart from brokenness makes a bully. You can stand with courage, but without compassion, you’ll only widen the gap.

At the same time, brokenness apart from boldness makes a bystander. You can be the most compassionate person on the planet, but without courage, the result is the same widening gap.

When you’re bold and broken you become a bridge – one connecting heaven to earth in supernatural ways. When you stand in the gap courageously for God with a heart of compassion for others, you become the answer to Christ’s prayer – on earth as it is in heaven.

Over the next few weeks we’ll give you glimpses of what it looks like to stand in the gap and become that bridge in real, practical ways. We’ll dive into the characteristics that illustrate that sacred and joy-filled calling of manifesting God’s will on earth. We’ll share a few stories of ordinary men and women who had moments when they became an indispensable connection between God and people.

You will probably find yourself in some of these stories because they might be just like yours – moments when divine connection happened and moments when … well, maybe not so much. As you read we pray you’ll be encouraged and equipped to stand in the gap, too. And when you do, you’ll experience the joy from knowing with certainty you’re right where God wants you to be – a bridge connecting heaven to earth.

The time to stand in the gap is NOW! People are suffering. Cultures are caving. The gap is wider than ever. And God is calling YOU. Will you stand? Will you be that bridge between heaven and earth?

Over the next several weeks we’ll be talking about how to do just that.

So stay tuned – our journey is just beginning…

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