BENHAM BROS: 1 Ingenious Secret of The Left Churches Can’t Ignore

(Via – Although the sexual revolution is perverse to the core, one thing we can all learn from it is the incredible power of unity.

Church leaders should take note of how the Human Rights Campaign – the leading organization in this revolution – simplifies its message, galvanizes its base and mobilizes its army. It’s genius, even though it’s eroding America’s moral fabric.

Because unity is powerful, especially when it’s for a good purpose. The book of Psalms says it’s “good and precious in God’s sight when brother’s dwell together in unity,” and the prayer of Jesus for his disciples was that they be “one even as He and the Father are one.”

Without unity very little is accomplished – spiritually, socially, politically or anything.

So how is it that radical organizations across our nation – all coming from a myriad of angles and backgrounds – can magnetize together in a cohesive unity to destroy traditional values, while thousands of churches can hardly unite over anything?

The answer is mission.

Yes, mission. You see, unity is not the goal of the HRC; accomplishing the mission is. Its mission is the moral and political transformation of America. As a result of this mission, it has unprecedented unity among its ranks. It doesn’t have to focus on unity. It’s simply a byproduct of being on mission.

Now back at the evangelical church. It’s a picture of disunity. In some cities, we have churches covering the four corners of every street, and yet we barely talk to each other – let alone unite around a common mission.

Growing up preacher’s kids and in the “church world” for 40 years, we see the church focusing on unity as a goal instead of it being the result of a mission to be salt and light in the earth.

It’s time to wake up and make some changes.

Unity will come when believers lose themselves in a greater mission to share the good news of Jesus, speak the truth in love, stand against the devil’s schemes and sustain the broken and weary.

The Marines are a good example of this type of missional unity. They are brothers on mission – they’re in the battle. It’s not because they coordinate ice cream socials and coffee dates. The mission of battle (eliminate bad, advance good) unites them in a common bond that is impossible to destroy. It’s just flat-out good stuff.

But it’s when they’re in the fight – not at the bar – that unity is accomplished.

The Bible records two men that shared this kind of missional unity. According to 1 Samuel 18, David and Jonathan were “one in spirit,” which is exactly what Jesus prayed his disciples would be in John 17. And there’s a good reason why.

They were both engaged in God’s battles. They would’ve been great Marines.

When Israel was fleeing before their enemies, Jonathan, the king’s son, climbed up a cliff and killed 20 Philistines with his armor bearer, when no one else would fight. Not long after, David was watching Israel flee again before a Philistine giant while the army ran and hid. Yet he stepped up and dropped the dude like a bag of rocks.

When Jonathan saw David standing in front of his father, King Saul, with the head of Goliath in his hand, the Bible says, “the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as himself.” He recognized a warrior, and his heart was knit in unity with him. It wasn’t because they had coffee together, or played a round of golf, or served on a committee together. It’s because they were on mission for God, fighting His battles.

The unity surrounding the sexual revolution is powerful, yet it lacks the Spirit of God. Can you imagine if the Christian church became united again to fight God’s battles on earth? We wouldn’t have to try so hard for unity – it would simply come, because we lost ourselves again in the mission of God, making disciples of all nations.

So if you’re a believer and you sense the same lack of unity in the church as we do, let’s simply engage like Jonathan and David in the spiritual battles that rage in this land – and watch unity come in the wake!

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