BENHAM BROS: The 3 Stages of Radical Sexual Revolution

(Via – The three stages of today’s radical sexual revolution are as follows: Marginalize, demonize and criminalize.

First, the proponents of this revolution seek to marginalize those who hold to biblical (or traditional) moral standards. “You’re out of touch!” “You’re on the wrong side of history!”

From marginalization, then comes demonization. “Bigot!” “Hater!”

The final stage is criminalization. “Get the baker!” “Down with the florist!”

The ceiling continues to become the floor as this radical agenda targets anyone who stands in their way. We’ve said repeatedly that this agenda went from acceptance, to appreciation, to celebration, and now to forced participation. There will never be enough ground given until the beliefs of those who hold to biblical moral values are criminalized to the fullest extent of the law.

Last week’s actions against the Colorado cake baker, Jack Phillips, prove our point – because he is under attack once again. But if you’re waiting for the media to give you the facts, even they have joined the revolution, refusing to report the whole story and instead twisting the headlines.

Check out these stories from last week:

ABC News: Colorado baker who refused to make cake for gays sues again

The Washington Post: Baker claims religious persecution again – this time after denying cake for transgender woman

Time: Baker Who Refused to Make a Gay Wedding Cake Sues Colorado Again Over a Gender Transition Celebration

You’d think, based on these headlines, Jack Phillips was the agitator, suing his state for not allowing him to reject cakes for gay couples. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Earlier in the year he won a 7-2 Supreme Court Decision after being accused of discrimination by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for refusing to design a cake for a same sex wedding. The media didn’t report at the time how he willingly offered any of his other cakes to the couple, and that he simply said he would not custom design one – or utilize his artistic expression – to celebrate an event that ran against his conscience. He did the same for a Halloween cake request as well – but that didn’t fit the media’s narrative, so that inconvenient fact was left out.

Anyway, on the same day of his victory at the Supreme Court he was targeted once again – this time with even more veracity, which is why the headlines are circulating about him again.

David French at National Review summarized it best:

“… A lawyer named Autumn Scardina called Masterpiece Cakeshop and asked Masterpiece Cakeshop to create a custom cake with ‘a blue exterior and a pink interior’ – a cake ‘design’ that, according to the lawyer, reflected ‘the fact that [the lawyer] transitioned from male-to-female and that [the lawyer] had come out as transgender.’”

French continued, “Lest anyone wonder whether this request was made in good faith, consider that this same person apparently made a number of requests to Masterpiece Cakeshop. In September 2017, a caller asked Phillips to design a birthday cake for Satan that would feature an image of Satan smoking marijuana. The name ‘Scardina’ appeared on the caller identification. A few days earlier, a person had emailed Jack asking for a cake with a similar theme – except featuring ‘an upside-down cross, under the head of Lucifer.’ This same emailer reminded Phillips that ‘religion is a protected class.’”

Then French reported, “On the very day that Phillips won his case at the Supreme Court, a person emailed with yet another deliberately offensive design request: ‘I’m thinking a three-tiered white cake. Cheesecake frosting. And the topper should be a large figure of Satan, licking a 9″ black Dildo. I would like the dildo to be an actual working model, that can be turned on before we unveil the cake. I can provide it for you if you don’t have the means to procure one yourself.’”

Are you kidding?! It nauseates us to even cut/paste that!

Of course, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission has sided with the attacker making these bogus requests, claiming Phillips continues to discriminate against these “customers.”

There is absolutely no question the sexual revolution is in full criminalization mode today. And the proponents of it want Jack Phillips – and any other person who refuses to bow to this agenda – out of business and/or in jail.

The real issue here is not the realization of the true colors of this revolution – we’ve known their destructive agenda for a long time (because we know who it is that is truly behind it: the one who robs, kills, and destroys).

The real issue is whether or not Americans will stand with Jack Phillips against this brutal and vicious attack … and by default, stand with countless other Americans that will be criminalized in the future.

The time has come for everyone to get informed and be a voice. If this revolution – propped up and supported by the mainstream media – continues unchecked, there will be no freedom of conscience left for anyone.

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