COMING SOON: My Book – The Signs of Our Times

For a long time, many friends, family, and visitors to this website, have suggested that I write a book. The time just never felt right. For the past 2 ½ years, I have devoted all of my free time to making Biblical Signs In The Headlines the best that it can possibly be. That included creating a website with more than just articles. As many of you know, I started to record Holy Bible audio studies last year, and even created an online store where you can get Biblical Signs gear. For the past few years, even if I wanted to, there was just no time to write a book.

I have always told people that it was something I would love to do when the time was right. I would say, “When God wants me to write a book, His Holy Spirit will guide me to do it, and there will be no way I can say no to His Spirit.” Sure enough, just as the LORD guided me to start this website (which has become far bigger than just the personal blog that I had expected it to be), and just as He led me to start recording Holy Bible studies (which will cover every Book and every Chapter of the Word of God before I’m all said and done), I’m excited to announce to you all that He has inspired me to finally write a book!

He put it on my heart a few weeks ago, and so I began to put an outline together. Everything just seemed perfect. I have no doubt that His Spirit has been orchestrating what has gone into the pages of the book thus far, and will have the final say in what the finished product will be. I don’t even feel right putting my own name on the book as the Author, because the Holy Spirit has been the one writing it.

I’m not saying, by any means, that I’m some “prophet” or that I personally speak for God. I’m His ambassador of course, but I don’t claim to be His mouthpiece. Like Moses, David, the disciples, Saint Paul, and Saint John, I’m simply an imperfect man putting the words on the paper, while it is the Holy Spirit who is truly writing the book. So I give him all of the credit, as should all of you. I’m amazed at how quickly the ideas which God placed on my heart for the book have so quickly come together.

I expected to not finish the book for at least a year, much like I didn’t expect this website to have any more than 1,000 viewers after a few years. Yet, just as God flooded this website with believers from across the world (over 1,000,000 of you in just over 2 years), so too He is inspiring me to write this book far quicker than I intended. I have already, in just over a week’s time, completed HALF of the book! If I keep on track at this pace, I expect the book should be officially published and released by THIS SUMMER!

I’m so excited about this book, and I hope that all of you are too. To give you an idea of what the book is all about, it is currently entitled “THE SIGNS OF OUR TIMES: 12 Biblical Reasons Why This Could Be The Generation of The Rapture”. So, you can already tell by the title, the book will be very similar to the articles which I write here on Biblical Signs ITH. The 12 Signs, I will highlight, are what I believe to be the biggest signs of our generation which point to the coming Rapture, and imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I have already had people inquiring about the book, who have asked me – “what about this?”, or “what about that?”, and “this is surely included right?!” Everyone seems to have their own ideas of signs in this world that they focus on, and I can’t cover them all in this book. If I covered every single latter-day sign in our Holy Bible, then the book would be just as thick as the Bible! And I would much rather have you all spending the majority of your time in God’s Word, and not in my book or anyone else’s.

My book is simply meant to be a teaching tool for believers, and non-believers alike, in order to help you all better understand and recognize the “Signs of Our Times”. The 12 that I will focus on are mostly those which Jesus Christ gave to His disciples in the Gospels. I also felt led by the Spirit to include a few signs which point out the sad state of our backslidden society today, such as abortion, LGBT “Pride”, hostility toward God’s Word, and falling away from the Faith. If you enjoy, and are edified by, the articles you read on this website, then I believe that you will love the book.

I myself love how it is turning out. As I proofread it, I get so excited about being able to put this informative book into the hands of believers across the world. Lord willing, I will be able to THIS SUMMER. Also, at this juncture, I am intending to release it independently. I have spoken to some publishers, and others who have written many books, and for my first book that appears to be the most affordable route to go.

There will be some costs to getting it out there, and I have already been asked by friends if they can help fund this project. I have told them, and just wanted to let all of you know, there is a way you can contribute to the cause. You can help me get the book out to the public soon, smoothly, affordably, and successfully by making a donation of any amount. Again, I don’t plan the release for at least a month, but for sure by the end of the Summer. You can simply scroll to the bottom of this website and click on the “Make a Donation” link.

I appreciate all of you who ever have, do, or ever will help financially with this website. It has come a long way from the simple blog it began as in 2015, and I believe it will continue to get better each and every new year, thanks be to God. I wanted to give all of you faithful readers of this website a preview of the Book, so here is what the layout looks like –

And here is a sneak peek of the book, an excerpt from Chapter One –

I know it’s not much, but hopefully you get the idea that this book is going to preach exactly what the Holy Bible says about all of the signs. For Christians who treat the Word of God like a smorgasbord – picking and choosing what they want, and don’t want, to believe – this book is probably not for you. For the believers who want the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth of God concerning the generation in which we live today – this book is for YOU.

Follow Biblical Signs ITH on Social Media for progress updates on the book, and for a release month and date in the near future. I’m beyond excited as I write more of this book each day, and cannot wait to get it into the hands of all of you! Pray the LORD makes this book everything that He wants it to be, with everything that He wants in it, and that I can get it to everyone He wants to have it! As always, thank you for all of your interest, fellowship, and support friends. God bless.

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