SAY IT AIN’T SO MR. PRESIDENT: Trump’s “Peace Plan” For Israel Could Explain Severe Weather Outbreak

Today I awoke to extremely severe weather in my Home State of Michigan. As of this afternoon, more than 300,000 Metro Detroiters are without power. I’m sure that number will be much higher across the State once the storms have passed. Michigan is far from alone, as New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio are also enduring the severe weather outbreak.

Now, I’m sure most would say, it’s Spring and with Spring comes severe storms. Normally, you’d probably be right, but while the severe weather was raging outside of my home this afternoon I read some alarming headlines about Trump and Israel. I’m now not so convinced that this is just a random severe storm system.

I believe the headlines and the severe weather could very well be connected. Over the past few days, there have been about 500 reports of severe weather received by the National Weather Service across the United States. The Trump “Peace Plan” articles which I read were all published yesterday afternoon, as the devastating weather was ramping up.

As I’ve written about through many articles in the past, anytime the United States makes announcements, or details are leaked, about Israel giving up some of its Holiest Land for supposed peace with the Palestinians, America receives coinciding judgments from the LORD. These judgments generally occur within 7 days, and sometimes even 24-48 hours of such announcements if God is greatly displeased.

I believe it is no coincidence that much of America’s “Heartland” is being slammed by severe storms during the same time period of apparent leaked details of Trump’s upcoming “Peace Plan” for Israel and the Palestinians. Israel is Almighty God’s “Heartland”. Couple this extreme weather with the volcano eruption and 6.9 earthquake in Hawaii, and it appears, as with past “Land for Peace” announcements, there are obvious parallels we should not ignore.

I entitled this article “Say It Ain’t So Mr. President” because for the past 6 months I have praised the President for his pro-Israel actions. Particularly, I have written many favorable articles about Trump due to his historic recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Eternal Capital, and for following through on his promise to move America’s Embassy in Israel to the Holiest City on earth.

Unfortunately, if these recent reports I’ve read are true, he may be backsliding in the wrong direction. I pray that the rumours and “leaks” floating around Israeli media are truly “fake news”. The articles which I read all stated that during Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman’s visit to Washington last week, Trump Administration officials told him that Israel will be asked to withdraw from four neighborhoods in East Jerusalem to make way for a future “Palestinian State”.

The division of the Holy City was supposedly only part of the larger Peace Plan which the Trump Administration has been working on. According to the reports, the U.S. officials told Liberman that they would “EXPECT” Israel to accept the Plan, once presented, despite the obvious painful concessions. From what I could decipher from the reports, the United States is attempting to bribe Israel to make the concessions to the Palestinians.

In return for Israel’s agreement to the Peace Plan, the Administration promises its full military backing of Israel in the event of war with Iran or Syria. So, what happens if Israel doesn’t accept the Trump Plan? Will the U.S. withdraw support for the Jewish State in future wars? This alarming news comes just 10 days before the American Embassy will be officially opened in Jerusalem on May 14th, Israel’s 70th Anniversary of rebirth.

It was announced last month that the full “Trump Peace Plan” will be unveiled shortly after the Embassy move. What makes me think that the reports and leaks may sadly be true is the fact Trump is waiting until after the 70th Anniversary celebration to announce his Plan. If it was favorable to the Jewish State, why would he not announce it now if it is ready for unveiling? I’m extremely concerned with what is going on behind the scenes in the White House right now.

Other reports about the President’s upcoming “Peace Plan” state that he will also call for Israel to hand over 40% of Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians, ON TOP OF parts of Jerusalem. Some reports even indicate that the Old City of Jerusalem will be “internationalized”! That sounds like something that the United Nations has been calling for, and it would so not sit well with Almighty God.

Lord Jesus prophesied that in the Last Days leading up to His Return to earth, Jerusalem would be “surrounded by armies”. Could Trump’s Plan fulfill that latter day prophecy? Will international armies be policing the walls of the Old City?? I don’t even want to consider that scary thought in my head.

According to the supposed leaks, under the Trump Plan, Jerusalem’s Old City would be recognized as “international territory”. Wouldn’t that, in essence, make Trump’s “Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel” declaration null and void? I do not like the things I’m reading about Trump’s Plan one bit, and if America’s recent severe storms are an indicator, God hates what He hears.

As of today, throughout this severe weather outbreak, nearly 40 tornadoes have been confirmed by the National Weather Service in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Early yesterday, an EF1 tornado tore a one-mile path north of Ozark, Missouri, damaging roofs, destroying buildings, and downing trees.

Also yesterday, as these Trump “Peace Plan” reports were breaking, another EF1 tornado damaged trees and property near Meg, Arkansas. Severe storms downed trees, and damaged homes, in New York and Iowa. At least 2 tornadoes struck Iowa yesterday. Strong winds blew over a semi-truck in Ohio, and downed many trees and powerlines as far North as my State of Michigan.

This severe weather is expected to continue throughout the night, and I do not believe that it is any coincidence. Go back and read my articles about Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and their connections to Trump pushing Israel to give up “Land for Peace” to the Palestinians. Read the article I wrote leading up to those judgments of God upon America, and Israel’s connection to the Eclipse of the Century last year.

The reason why God’s Wrath flares up when nations attempt to divide His Holy Land of Israel is because no one has the right or authority to be giving HIS LAND away. He has stated in the Holy Bible that the Land of Israel is HIS. It doesn’t even belong to the Israelis. It belongs solely to God Himself, and He Himself chose to gift the Land to His chosen people, the Jews. Because the Land belongs to Him alone, He can choose to give it to whomever He will, and He promised the Land to the Israelites.

Therefore, no one else, and I mean NO ONE on God’s green earth can give that Holy Land to any other people or nations. It is not Donald Trump’s Land to give, it is not the United Nations’ Land to give, it’s not Germany’s Land, not France’s Land, not Russia’s Land, not the Catholic Church’s Land, and it is not Palestine’s Land to take… IT IS GOD’S LAND. He deeded the Land to Israel through an ETERNAL Covenant, and for an EVERLASTING Possession.

Look those two words up in the dictionary friends, “Eternal” and “Everlasting” mean FOREVER. That doesn’t mean until the year 2018, or the year 2020, or until the conflict between Israel and Palestine has reached a boiling point, it means F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I pray that the Christian leaders who have audience with the President would inform him of these age-old Biblical Truths.

NOT ONE IOTA of the Holy Land of Israel belongs to the Palestinians. The Israelis are not “occupying” any Land, rather they are exactly where God has always determined them to be. In God’s Eyes, Biblically and historically, those living in modern-day Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and other Islamic lands are all “occupying” Land that God says belongs to ISRAEL.

So, if anyone needs to give up any “Land for Peace”, it should be all of the Islamic nations giving Israel the Biblical land that rightfully belongs to the Jews. The prophet Joel specifically said that the nations of the world will be JUDGED for “dividing” God’s Holy Land of Israel, specifically JERUSALEM:

“Thus saith The LORD; I will also gather ALL NATIONS, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat (Judgment), and will JUDGE them there on behalf of MY people and on behalf of My Heritage ISRAEL.. for the nations have DIVIDED MY LAND.” – Joel 3:2

“Thus saith the LORD, In that day will I make JERUSALEM a burdensome stone for all people: ALL that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces (DIVIDED)…” – Zechariah 12:3

No other nation but Israel has the authority to claim every centimeter of Jerusalem as their Capital. No one who examines the history and facts surrounding Jerusalem can say with a clear conscience that the Palestinians have any claim to the Holy Land. There is not one shred of evidence on planet earth to support that. The Land Deeds and Biblical Claims to the Holy Land for Israel, and the Jewish people, can be found throughout the Holy Bible:

Numbers 34:1-15/Deuteronomy 19:8/Ezekiel 47:13-20/Judges 20:1/1st Samuel 3:20/2nd Samuel 3:10, 17:11, 24:2,15/1st Kings 4:25/1st Chronicles 21:2/2nd Chronicles 30:5

It has always and will forever be Israel’s Land ALONE. Because GOD said so. Now, would someone please tell our President that before it’s too late?!? Because if everything, or ANYTHING, which I’ve written about Trump’s “Peace Plan” is true… JUDGMENT IS COMING. Mark my words.

“The Lord God of Israel has given rest unto His people (the Jews), that they may dwell in Jerusalem FOREVER.” ~ 1st Chronicles 23:25

“Thus saith the LORD, I will bring the children of ISRAEL, and they shall dwell in the midst of JERUSALEM: and they shall be My people, and I will be THEIR God, in truth and in righteousness.” ~ Zechariah 8:8

“… Jerusalem shall be Holy, and there shall NO STRANGERS pass through her any more.” ~ Joel 3:16-17

“JESUS said, when you shall see JERUSALEM compassed with armies, then KNOW that the desolation thereof is near. For THESE be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be FULFILLED.” ~ Luke 21:20 & 22

“Thus saith The LORD.. I will CONTEND with them that contend with ISRAEL.” ~ Isaiah 49:25

“As you (nations) have done unto ISRAEL, it shall be done unto YOU (nations).” ~ Obadiah 1:15

“I will BLESS those who bless ISRAEL, and CURSE those who curse Israel, saith the LORD” ~ Genesis 12:3 & Numbers 24:9

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