COLLEGES PURGING CHRISTIANITY: Secular Universities Kicking Out Christians In Name Of “Inclusiveness”

Harvard College has placed the University’s largest Christian student group, “Harvard College Faith and Action” on administrative probation for simply adhering to their Christian beliefs. The Office of Student Life has disciplined the group because they had “pressured a female member to resign for dating a woman”. So, to be clear… a “Christian” group, whose members believe the “Christian” Holy Bible, rightly asked a member (claiming to be “Christian”) to resign for living in unrepentant SIN. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this picture.

Harvard’s leadership is slapping their founders in the face. Believe it or not, this anti-Christian College was originally established as a Christian University in 1636 to train clergy, and is named after a Christian minister. If he were alive today, John Harvard himself would be telling the lesbian student to resign because of her willful disregard for the teachings of our Faith. He would be placing the Office of Student Life on probation. Unfortunately, men like him are no longer in leadership positions at the once prestigious Christian institution.

Instead, the University has turned into a far-left liberal cesspool, priding themselves on “tolerance” and “diversity”, yet being extremely intolerant of adherents to the Faith of its founders. I like how Andrew T. Walker of the Weekly Standard described the complete 180 which Harvard has taken from its inception – “The shift at the University is so radical that while just a few decades ago it took some courage to be openly gay at Harvard, these days it takes a great deal of courage to be openly CHRISTIAN”.

He hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, Harvard is not the only American College persecuting Christians for their deeply held Biblical beliefs. Well known Universities such as Vanderbilt, California State, Iowa, Wayne State University, and Bowdoin have also been targeting Christian groups for probation, suspension, and even expulsion. Vanderbilt’s “Tolerance Policy” has forced most Christian Groups from off of its Campus altogether.

One of the University’s largest Christian student organizations recently announced that it will be breaking ties with the school. The group, “Vanderbilt Catholic”, says that it is unable to comply with the new “nondiscrimination” policy of the College, which prohibits student groups from maintaining belief or faith-based qualifications for leadership positions. In a nutshell, the Vanderbilt policy says that an atheist can be a leader of a Christian group, a nazi could be the leader of a Jewish group, or a KKK member could be the leader of a Black culture group.

You can see why Christian groups, or any other group for that matter would not be able to comply. Yet, of course, the CHRISTIAN groups are the only ones under the gun by Vanderbilt. The University is not allowing nazis to join Jewish groups, white supremacists to join African American groups, or chauvinists to join feminist groups. But the school is all for letting an LGBT activist, atheist, or even Satanist become the leader of a Christian group.

Father John Baker, the chaplain of the 500-member Catholic group said, “the Administration is FORCING Christian groups to open leadership positions to ALL students, regardless of whether or not they practice the faith or even know ANYTHING about it”. The Vanderbilt Policy states: “Registered student organizations must be open to ALL students as members and must permit ALL members to seek leadership posts”.

Vanderbilt Catholic’s leadership has explained that their group does allow any student to become a member, but requires that those in leadership share the group’s core beliefs. As of this month, Vanderbilt has made clear that any student group wishing to remain affiliated with the University during the next school year is required to sign an agreement “to abide by the new nondiscrimination policy and submit group bylaws that ensure inclusion of ANY student wishing to become a member or leader”.

Like many of the school’s Christian groups, Vanderbilt Catholic could not comply with the new policy. A recent letter to its members says, “We are a faith-based organization… We cannot sign the affirmation form and remain [a registered student organization] because to do so would be to lie to the university and to ourselves about who we are as an organization”. By not signing the affirmation form, Vanderbilt Catholic and other Christian groups “relinquish their official status with the school and lose the use of school facilities for meetings”.

The Christian Legal Society, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Beta Upsilon Chi, and Graduate Student Fellowship also recently announced that they too will be leaving campus. One way or another, it seems that the “tolerance police” at Vanderbilt are getting what they want. They either force Christian students to deny their faith and allow non-Christians to lead their groups, or they force the Christian groups off Campus altogether. Sounds to me like an all-out Christian PURGE at Vanderbilt.

There is another Christian purge taking place in the California State University system. The College has taken steps to “de-recognize” InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a Christian Ministry organization which has had a longstanding presence at the University. Well now, why would a College in one of America’s most liberal States ever want to cut ties with a Christian group? Hmm… Much like Vanderbilt, the CSU “non-discrimination” Policy forces groups to allow any student to be their leader, regardless of their faith or beliefs.

When ICF refused, they got de-recognized by the University. How “INCLUSIVE” of you liberals in California! The group’s chapter at Wayne State University in my home State of Michigan was also de-recognized over a similar Policy. A spokesman for ICF explained what being “de-recognized” actually entails – “Loss of recognition means we lose 3 things: free access to rooms (this will cost our chapters $13k-30k/year to reserve room)”.

He continued, “We also lose access to student activities programs, including the new student fairs where we meet most students. We also lose standing when we engage faculty, students and administrators”. I pray that all of these groups facing persecution on College Campuses will stand strong, because every loss of earthly benefits for Christ’s sake equals great gain in Heaven.

While I read dozens upon dozens of stories like these every month, I think the few examples I’ve chosen for this article get the point across. I did want to highlight one more anti-Christian incident though, concerning a Christian student at the University of Pennsylvania. A Professor at the school actually kicked a student out of class because they voiced Biblical beliefs. The student, Lake Ingle, told Dr. Allison Downie that “biologists agree that there are only two genders”.

On top of being kicked out of class for disagreeing with the anti-Biblical teachings of his Professor, Dr. Downie went on to have him PERMANENTLY banned from her class. She has also demanded a written apology for his “behavior which has significantly damaged the learning environment”. Wow. So much for “diverse” viewpoints in College. This is insanity.

All of America’s secular Universities today claim to be inflexibly strict on “discrimination”, yet every month I read countless news stories about anti-semitism, and hostile treatment of Christians on Campuses. This, again, puts on full display the utter hypocrisy of liberals. They champion tolerance, equality, diversity, and non-discrimination EXCEPT when it comes to Christians and Jews.

If this isn’t one of the biggest signs pointing to Christ’s return and the “Last Days” which the Holy Bible prophesied about, then I don’t know what is. The only two groups of people on planet earth today known as God’s Chosen, are HATED the world over. Biblical beliefs are not “tolerated” by liberals. They justify discriminating against us, on the grounds that we believers are “discriminatory” first. They justify being bigoted against us because, to them, our beliefs are “bigoted”.

The exact same “values” which they champion, they violate every single one on a daily basis. In their eyes, it’s ok to be intolerant, judgmental, hateful, discriminatory, and bigoted, as long as it’s against Jesus freaks, Jews, and Holy Bible thumpers. I read liberal social media posts, tweets, and articles all of the time which say that we believers “should not exist”. They truly believe that those of us who fear God, and who live by HIS Word and Moral System, are preventing the rest of the world from achieving their “utopia”.

For once, they’re actually right about something. We ARE preventing them from realizing their utopia, and thank God that we are. Because their “perfect” society and world would resemble Sodom and Gomorrah. It would be a society without GOD. It would be literally Hell on earth. Everyone would be doing what was right in their OWN eyes.

There would be no more “right and wrong”. Anything would go in a world without God. Today, if you turn on your tv, pick up a newspaper, or simply venture out of your home, you can see how quickly the world around us is deteriorating into their desired utopia. The hostile secular world continues to force God out of their minds and the public square.

There is persecution of Christians and Jews across the world.

There is a vitriolic, vulgar, and even violent hostility towards the Holy Bible.

Homosexual relationships are becoming more common and flagrant.

Children are allowed to become crossdressers and transexuals.

Once considered “X-rated” films are breaking the Box Office at movie theaters.

Sex, drugs, and every abomination under the sun is more prevalent than ever before in history through the mainstream media.

False god worship has spread like wildfire across the world.

I could list so many more reasons, but I think you get the picture. Now, it is obvious that most believers today are far from doing their job to stem the tide, but just imagine what the world would look like if we weren’t here at all?! Preventing America from becoming more like Sodom than it already is begins with you and I. We must always speak the Truth in love, even if we’re met with hate whenever we do.

“For MANY walk, of whom I have told you OFTEN, and now tell you even WEEPING, that they are the ENEMIES of the Cross of CHRIST.” ~ Philippians 3:18

“JESUS said, Remember the word that I said unto you, The SERVANT is not greater than his LORD. If they have PERSECUTED ME, they will also persecute YOU..” ~ John 15:20

“JESUS said, Blessed are they which are PERSECUTED for Righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. Blessed are you, when men shall REVILE you, and PERSECUTE you, and shall say ALL manner of EVIL against you falsely, for My Sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for GREAT is your REWARD in Heaven: for so they persecuted the PROPHETS which were before you.” ~ Matthew 5:10-12

“JESUS said, The world HATES ME, because I TESTIFY of it, that the works thereof are EVIL.” ~ John 7:7

“If the WORLD hate you, you know that it HATED ME before it hated you. If you were OF the world, the world would love his own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you OUT OF the world, therefore the world HATES YOU.” ~ John 15:18-19

“(They are) HATERS OF GOD….” ~ Romans 1:30

“And they shall TURN AWAY their ears from the TRUTH, and shall be TURNED unto FABLES.” ~ 2nd Timothy 4:4

“TRAIN UP CHILDREN in the way they should go: and when they are old, they will not depart from it.” ~ Proverbs 22:6

“All the nations that FORGET GOD shall be turned into HELL.” ~ Psalm 9:17

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